1. Getting fired for hanging up on customer who was swearing at me
  2. Habit of giving employee works after office hours
  3. I think my promotion is never happening and I'm being used
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  13. As a new employee, what is the proper way to raise concerns that the IT department is being mismanaged at a risk to the company?

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  15. How do deal with being demoralized by a toxic work environment?

  16. Quitting my stressful job but I am in the quarter of a project and still bond in a contract

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  24. New manager directly emailing team from personal email, yet they do not start for 3 months

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  26. A new coworker is working too much and management doesn't understand it's neither normal nor healthy, what can I do?

  27. How can I provide feedback to an employee who is hard working but not quite smart enough?
  28. Why Employer is Angry Because I am about to Resign?

  29. How to maintain a good relationship with boss after declining work on project that conflict with my views/ideology?
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  35. Dealing with combative dev atmosphere and weak management as a consultant

  36. Can I refuse to perform tasks requiring skill that I was not hired for

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  41. How to start managing without the title?

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  43. How to deal with a remote senior manager not answering to emails of new joiner
  44. Correcting boss's English?

  45. Natural disaster victim. Boss took away vacation/PTO on that basis. What do to?

  46. Why do some companies not give minor benefits to employees?

  47. My manger is currently advertising a similar position to mine but offers a higher rate. How do I go about raising this?
  48. I'm the Tech Lead, my boss is the PM. In case of disagreement, how much should I push my point of view?

  49. My boss jokes too often about me not been able to write good code to the point I think it may damage my reputation. Any solution?

  50. Reporting an error to a senior developer?
  51. Dealing with aggressive complaints by the head of different department in our company
  52. What are the major interview differences between hiring a manager versus hiring an employee?

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  54. How to make my fellow club members communicate with me
  55. Quality auditing my superior

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  70. Declining additional tasks
  71. How to introduce better software development practices/processes in the workplace?
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  75. Managing up to an intern

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  77. My boss asked everyone to remove their role explanations from the LinkedIn profile. Is this okay?

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  80. My boss wants me to spy on coworker and probably help him fire her

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  87. What are the list of Office Etiquette which as a beginner must have ?
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  90. Asked to work on a crucial project in a different technical domain
  91. How to win at workflow and influence coworkers

  92. Is it appropriate for my ex-boss to keep assigning work to me, after I switched to a new role and reporting to a new boss

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  95. My boss and CEO are arguing over whether to transfer me and I'm stressed

  96. Working 2 jobs, been taking sick days off one to work other, now need to do it once more but will get written up
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  99. how do I deal with someone who is a productivity bottleneck?

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