1. Should I have handled it differently? I really need thoughts on this!

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  9. Asked several times to let them know about other offers
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  15. Interview was set up through phone, don't have interviewer's email. Is it ok to find their email online to send a follow-up email?

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  23. Tell me something about [X] that I don't know

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  25. Dealing With Illegal Hiring

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  30. Timings for interview
  31. How to bring up salary expectation early to avoid wasting time on multiple interviews
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  33. After being offered a position, is it appropriate to ask who the other candidates were?

  34. How do I respond to requests for feedback from panelist on interview candidate not yet interviewed
  35. Interviewer said to concentrate on personal work and reschedule interview

  36. Any advice on convincing the interviewer that I'm worth the hire despite being underqualified?

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  45. 1 Month barely have done any work (System Engineer)

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  62. Putting experience on resume from a project that used source code without permission
  63. Interviewing someone with personal conflict

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  82. Should I join a company whose website says it's the "No 1 Python development company" in *city*?

  83. Prospective employer "begging" me for a second chance

  84. Is it too much information to tell a hiring manager that part of the reason I'm job searching is to try and make more money to support a sick parent?
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