1. Are Visual Programming Interfaces effective for non-tech users?

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  7. I am now finding some research to provide the argument below "Comparing to Realistic icon, Simple icon can speed up user's recognition of the icon "

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  15. Is there a benefit from driving on one side of the road, while sitting in the other side of the car?

  16. Why are normal water coolers so low?
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  24. Representing a network delay in fetching the status of a network object
  25. ALL CAPS fonts for industrial use

  26. Visual consistency of in content headings and headings in/under tabs structure
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  32. A/B testing usability [determine test group size]
  33. When is the best time to validate an Input Field in a form?

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  35. Is there any scientifically proven way to get criteria or factors, why a user accepts a software?

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  48. Tutorials to explain UI

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  50. Refine usability and experience in repetitive mandatory task
  51. Which is better for a web-based CMS UI taking Miller's / Hick's Laws (cognitive load) into account?
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  84. A Project has many Sites. Both Projects and Sites can be viewed and edited. What's a good experience for this that doesn't overwhelm the user?

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