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  14. Is it possible and save to integrate mindmap into Linux terminal ? --some suggestions and ideas from the outside of IT world

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  16. What is this two-columned selection dialog called?

  17. Task vs object focused IA and navigation
  18. Do iOS / WP users recognize the Android share icon?

  19. Which share icon is most appropriate for web?

  20. DD/MM/YYYY - do people know what that means?

  21. Is a categorised suggestion box a good idea?

  22. Can comments decrease content creation in fear of not receiving enough social feedback or acknowledgment?
  23. How do you choose a font for extremely limited space, i.e. will fit the most READABLE text in the smallest space?
  24. Layers in editor for multiple images

  25. Two actions, one requires selection and the other does not. Should I keep separate behaviors or make it uniform?

  26. How do you keep research participants in a small pool anonymous?

  27. best way to depict up to 17 different entities in a calendar (week view)

  28. How to tell the user what their options are when they forget their password and there is not the option to reset it through the web or email?
  29. Category filter using checkbox, tag or most popular?

  30. Download template preview

  31. Mobile friendly master detail data entering

  32. What is best practice for designing form error messages?

  33. Can I combine login and signup with a single button?

  34. Creating a new row above or below a selected table row

  35. Late, or early shortcut keys in an app?
  36. Contact form in a webpage footer is effective?
  37. Best practice for informing users of upcoming features
  38. Consolidating Inputs/Tags

  39. Why is music production software UI so skeuomorphic?

  40. How to rate symmetry
  41. Icon organization

  42. Is it always necessary to have table column headings?

  43. How can I improve add entry tab?
  44. Best practice to communicate the existence of different tiers of access /membership on a Shopify website

  45. How do you define typography styles in your designs?
  46. What is the best practice for aligning table content for text/number mix?
  47. Which is better to show "Label (optional)" vs "Label (not required)"?
  48. Tap, Tap, Tap or Keyboard Entry
  49. Bounce rates and very low conversion rates

  50. Give before you get policy

  51. Disclosure Arrows vs Buttons in List View
  52. UX and UI design tutorials

  53. Why do websites still display 404 pages instead of just another error page?

  54. How do I ask my users if I can mine cryptocurrency on their browser?
  55. Confusing checkboxes and radio buttons

  56. Order of radio button options and default option
  57. Best way to display errors to users who encounter an internal server error

  58. Best error message to display when too many users logging onto web system
  59. Best way to show a subset of fields base on use case
  60. Accordions on iOS, and Android
  61. Toolbar position relative to active menu item

  62. How do we convey a web page or app for different age groups?
  63. How do I indicate that fields are mandatory in Windows Desktop UI?

  64. Wizard style navigation or alternatives
  65. How should users type in a formatted time or duration field? (Data entry into duration field)
  66. Responsive web app, bottom tabs for secondary navigation or primary actions?
  67. Does calling users ignorant really increase readership?
  68. Maximum number of Color-Codes
  69. Multiple select for multiple groups
  70. Difference between Uppercase button and lowercase button?
  71. UI assign item to multiple targets
  72. Should a collapsed secondary nav open on click of an item in the primary nav?

  73. How can I convince others that text over background images is a bad idea?

  74. Two Click actions on mobile screen

  75. Two factor authentication in a single form
  76. How to integrate 'land aknowlegment' notices into website

  77. What would you call a UX entity for which only one instance can exist?

  78. Looking for a tool that creates a sitemap from any website with screenshots
  79. Best approach to implement a user survey

  80. Using tags on the products page

  81. Intercepted forms

  82. Linking a parent section link straight to child section

  83. What some alternative ways to present tabular data instead of the standard table in the UI?

  84. Move ControlBox (Close button , Minimize button, Maximize button)

  85. How to handle a data table with row selection and infinite scroll?

  86. Form that contains select / multiselect field with possibility to add new element with its details to those fields
  87. "Add attachment/file" button for a mobile app?

  88. Logical colors for a wireframe

  89. Should a responsive website have the same breakpoints for every page or can they be different for each page?
  90. Designing Limited Choices with Independent Options

  91. Filter page search logic

  92. Difference between vertical spacing system and baseline grid

  93. What is the best way to show Quiz result for a specific question?
  94. Explain button function on mobile app

  95. Gestalt grouping principles and subgroups
  96. Two factor authentication: expiry of sent text message
  97. Products in a users cart that goes out of stock

  98. Is it good UX practice to expand the tab on demand?

  99. How to represent 5 different options for user while doing signup?

  100. Any recommendations on horizontal scrolling on tablets/mobile apps?