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  14. My system hangs after I power off linux
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  16. Can't install Golang on Solaris via pkg - release/evaluation dependancy
  17. some other process automatically locks /var/lib/dpkg/lock for few minutes when restarting my system.

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  19. Trying to remove spaces before and after a string along with the string and replaced with a single space within a file
  20. Remote file server for printing

  21. device-mapper: reload ioctl on cache1 failed: Device or resource busy

  22. "standard" single-command alternative for `mkdir -p BASE/a/b/c && cp -a -t BASE/a/b/c /a/b/c/d`?

  23. Xargs command works on linux but not on mac

  24. What is the easiest way to add a string on the beginning of every line of the file from the command line?

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  30. how do I build a chromium dist (preferably zip) for linix?

  31. Excluding values

  32. Why isn't Android's Captive Portal detection triggering a browser window?
  33. At desktop of Ubuntu but no icons, no response

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  37. Encrypting and compressing

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  41. Is there a way to execute perl from a webpage
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  44. Kernel stacktrace read help

  45. set language for non-unicode programs in linux
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  47. Globbing shell variable names

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  79. Joining two files based on two key columns awk

  80. Is there any difference for installing Linux OS on desktop Vs Workstation?

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  82. Dual boot with backup image
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  96. With what can I do a SHA3SUM?
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  99. Maintian multiple functioning rsync copies of a ubuntu linux system in grub2

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