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  1. Is there a celebration in a plane when crossing the Equator line?

  2. Copenhagen Airport to Kalmar Sweden
  3. Applying for a Schengen visa from wrong country due to lack of appointments

  4. Romance scam ? True or false... Need answers

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  6. Hitchhiking through Native American Indian Reservation

  7. What document should I use for RyanAir check in: non-EU passport or Spanish residency card?

  8. How to protect yourself better against knife-crime in London?
  9. Kuwait visa in old passport and would like to apply with my new name passport for UK visa
  10. Scooter on Crete, Greece

  11. Bank statement UK visitor visa

  12. How do I convey that I'm ready to pay my tab in Greece?

  13. Transit visa for roundtrip Atlanta-Toronto-Paris-Toronto-Atlanta

  14. Can my luggage be transferred from my return flight on British Airways to Qatar Airways, while I have two separate tickets?

  15. Uk refusal history

  16. Round-trip transit through Canada: does it double transit visa costs?

  17. ESTA Upload passport (first name confusion)

  18. Any recommendations for accessible accommodation in French Polynesia?

  19. Do I need two transit visas when flying a round-trip from the US to Japan through Canada?

  20. Aren't there road signs that show populations of towns in the UK?
  21. Should I book flights for multiple people together or separately?

  22. I have been rejected twice a year ago for an F1 visa under 214b. Can I get a B2 visa?
  23. Can I carry DIY electronics to a plane?
  24. Foreign storage of a carry-on
  25. U.S./Spanish dual citizen exiting Spain
  26. Problem getting appointment with the Italian online visa booking system
  27. Stamping of non-EU passports with residence permit
  28. Travelling outside the USA while on Optional Practical Training (OPT)

  29. An online map indicating the status of all open and closed international borders
  30. Where can I store my suitcase at Madrid Barajas airport?

  31. Getting a package from the US while travelling through South Europe
  32. Delhi transfer from international terminal to domestic terminal

  33. Where do I apply for Schengen Visa?

  34. About UK Visitor Visa
  35. Minor on visitor visa returning to India from Australia with grandparents

  36. How to organize the documents and write a cover letter for UK Visa?

  37. Is my Type D Spain visa valid for travel to Bulgaria and Macedonia?

  38. Will I have enough time to make my connecting flight in Heathrow to Brussels?
  39. Why was my Schenghen visa application referred?

  40. Validity of train tickets in Germany

  41. Travelling US with mother B1/B2 and myself L2

  42. Can I return a rental car early?

  43. What technique is best for moving two large (23kg) suitcases, reasonably short distances (<1km)?

  44. Child's name not reflected on train ticket (Indian Railways)

  45. Confusion regarding flight reservation/itinerary for Schengen visa
  46. Overnight connection at Delhi airport on separate tickets. Can we enter the secure area early if our bags are checked through?

  47. Siem Reap, Cambodia, for returning visitors

  48. CDG to Bordeaux train options
  49. Transit visa for connecting flights in the UK and Toronto
  50. Public water taps in Palmer AK

  51. Can I move my flight schedule after VFS interview?

  52. Airline/Airport fault that I missed my flight! What precautionary measure I have to take to avoid extra charges?

  53. What are the visa rules for UK conference speakers, at US conferences, who may be getting paid?

  54. Leaving food on a plate in Russia

  55. Why does Paris have two large train stations next to each other? (Gare du Nord, Gare de l'Est)
  56. Maximum visa-free stay in Singapore for UK citizens

  57. 17 to canada and back

  58. USA documentation requirements for minor travelling on their own
  59. Italy's SITA Bus tickets (Campania Region) buying process and questions

  60. Oyster card broken - can I get a refund?

  61. Can I extend my holiday in the US on the Visa Waiver Program?

  62. Scared of not being an EU citizen and visa expires, but I have a work permit
  63. Can I take a folding bicycle (no battery) about 16 inches (weight 7-9 kg) on board without paying extra?

  64. Can I go inside Lebanon during a long transit?
  65. Minor child expired passport
  66. Vlasmarktdreef in april 2018
  67. I have dual Colombia/US citizenship. Travel to Colombia

  68. Health Insurance coverage in UK

  69. South African, moved to New Zealand and committed a serous crime. Can I come back to South Africa?

  70. Can I rent a car in Sevilla and drive to Portugal?

  71. Application for Australian student visa

  72. Scared of not being EU and visa expires, but have work permit

  73. US visa point of contact

  74. Missing questions on a DS-160 form
  75. How old does a child need to be to sit separately from parents when flying?

  76. Travel requirements back to UK for 17-year-old child

  77. Why are there so many nonstop flights from London to Geneva?

  78. Can my non-Australian spouse enter the Australian embassy with me?

  79. How to purchase Japan train tickets online and also Japan scenic itinerary?

  80. Indian citizen: apply for a Schengen visa while in London
  81. Schengen: Large deposits greater than my salary because of Housing loan. How can I portray financial situation accurately?

  82. Why is UK passport control so much stricter than in the Schengen area?
  83. How to pass the time on a six-hour layover with small children (in Frankfurt)?

  84. Polish/Canadian going to Australia through the US
  85. Can I travel to Germany with a criminal record?

  86. Is a Mexican passport needed to fly into Mexico from the United States?

  87. Long-term UK visit visa
  88. Why is the required amount for EU VAT refund so high and it must come from a single shop?

  89. Where is this lake/mountain scene?
  90. Can I claim compensation if I was refused boarding for lack of proper visa?
  91. Driving through Switzerland with German license issued based on license banned in Switzerland

  92. Visa-free travel: no entry or exit stamp given between UK and French border?

  93. Cheapest flight to anywhere at any given time

  94. Go to a Schengen country after 90 days in bilateral agreement country
  95. Arriving in Copenhagen and going to Malmø

  96. Visitor visa refused. Could a family visa be accepted?

  97. Does any website offer price alerts for open jaw (multi-city) flights?

  98. Leaving and entering the UK past Tier 5 visa end date

  99. Credit card travel insurance for Schengen visa
  100. Will Ukraine let me in if they see I've been in Russia first?