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  1. Do I need an Australian visa if I have a British visa?

  2. How to Apply for an Instant ETA Tourist Visa
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  4. Getting back to Heathrow for an early flight

  5. Can we make it to see the Statue of Liberty with a 8-hour layover at JFK?
  6. my friend from Texas wants to go on holiday to the uk but has no passport, will she need to make one or not?
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  8. Is there a direct train from Bucharest to Istanbul?

  9. SCHENGEN VISA: Itinerary change, not going to the country that granted my visa

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  11. baggage through checkin

  12. How to transit at Frankfurt airport

  13. Can I join a connecting flight from 2nd Airport?

  14. How long does the Gate-to-Gate airport transfer service in Frankfurt take?
  15. Is it realistic to manage a connection of 1 hour at CDG airport?

  16. What are the differences between Barcelona Pass vs Barcelona Card vs Barcelona City Pass?

  17. eTA for Canada with possible green card number changes

  18. Visa for Turkey
  19. Do US citizens need a visa for Turkey?
  20. How can I extend my Schengen seafarer's visa?

  21. From Portugal or Spain to the United States by cargo ship
  22. Is it true that with a Seaman's book you travel cheap?

  23. What is a Seaman's book, and can it really replace a passport?

  24. seafarer transiting through dubai

  25. I will live on a boat while in the US. What's my "US street address" for the customs declaration form?
  26. Clerical mistake in UK visa application: pen-and-ink correction vs. electronically editing the PDF
  27. Am I a British citizen overseas or just a UK British citizen?

  28. Sleeping bus laws in Europe?

  29. Taking fennel tea bags into Canada
  30. How do airports differentiate supplements from drugs?

  31. US visa previously denied. How do I explain this on a UK visa application?
  32. Who to complain to about the speed of airport security at Frankfurt?
  33. How many countries are there in the world to travel to?

  34. Traveling with a previous non-expired passport
  35. Albania traffic requirements

  36. What do I put under savings column in UK visa application form? My bank savings or pension savings or both?

  37. Submarine Cable Landing Point in Cornwall

  38. Is the tap water in Rio De Janeiro safe to drink?

  39. How do I know if my Australian ETA was approved?

  40. Disconnected during booking process - flight gone?
  41. Departure flight cancelled. Can I ask for a refund of next flights including return flights?

  42. Bank statement for UK visa
  43. Do I require transit visa for Kuwait

  44. Help for Air Canada Fare Calculation Example
  45. Macedonia- visa on arrival for Indians holding US multiple entry visa
  46. First point of entry on U.K visa
  47. Russia - staying at friend's place with tourist visa
  48. Indian passport threading coming off

  49. London Heathrow: airside transit Terminal 4 to Terminal 3
  50. Withdrawing money from Korean bank account in Las Vegas ATM's
  51. Two transits in Schengen area
  52. Do the governments of United Kingdom and Singapore share immigration data?

  53. Mushroom grilled sandwich in Budapest

  54. Travelling round Europe and staying long-term
  55. What kind of visa do I need for a partially paid internship in Spain?
  56. How do I insist that American hotels accept my employer's credit card for payment, instead of asking for personal credit card upon check-in?

  57. Re-entering UK on a visitor visa
  58. How can I avoid or minimize jet lag?
  59. Do all German airports lack free wifi?
  60. What is Dune Bashing?
  61. What is the purpose of this cloth in hotel?

  62. United Airlines domestic travel noise cancelling headphones carry on
  63. How to remove my name and passport from a black list?
  64. Medical test and travel insurance for UK visas
  65. Hubby lost his (UK) passport in Germany yesterday and we are due to fly to the USA on Tuesday. Can he get a visa to go with his ETD?

  66. How can I get a visa going to Korea?
  67. Can I avoid the Air Asia processing fee by buying a ticket in person?
  68. Bus tours from Los Angeles to Grand Canyon without side trips

  69. German Student Residence application with Belgium Residence Permit
  70. Why would TWO border checks be performed for the same bus upon entering Switzerland?

  71. Single ticket from EDI to Leuchars (St Andrews)?
  72. Transit visa required in Malaysia?

  73. Start cheek kissing on the left/right side

  74. How should I answer the questions in the "Employment and Income" section of a UK visa application?

  75. I have a Schengen visa valid for longer than my allowed duration of stay. Can I ignore the duration and overstay?
  76. What happens if I overstay in the Schengen area for 1 day but my visa is still valid?

  77. Is English used for administration in Georgia?
  78. What car-sharing options exist in Vancouver for foreign license holders?
  79. Do Carry-On-Size Duffel Bags Exist?

  80. Should I fill the visa application online for Ukraine or get an invitation first?

  81. Schengen visa from Turkey on Pakistani Passport
  82. How can I avoid Airbnb's sneaky 3% foreign currency fee?

  83. Expired Filipino passport with non-expired Kuwait visa -- can I still use the visa?
  84. Visa refusal. Planning to reapply

  85. Uk visa Refusal

  86. Why does Ryanair check non-EU passengers' visas on intra-Schengen and domestic flights?

  87. Standby ticket is cancelled on Lufthansa. Is there a compensation?
  88. Travel to USA from another country and return to home country on a Business Visa B1

  89. When I click pay now at ESTA the page information disappeared. What now?

  90. ESTA and B1/B2 visa refusals for UK citizen

  91. Emails and conference calls while in the USA under ESTA (B-1 Waiver)
  92. Where on earth is this image from the backgrounds in Windows?
  93. Changing unusual foreign currencies in London

  94. Why is onboard/inflight shopping still a thing?
  95. What's different about the December 4 US Supreme Court ruling to allow the full travel ban to go into effect?

  96. Business or tourist visa
  97. Schengen Type C Business Visa used as tourist VISA

  98. Married to an Italian citizen, but I need to go to Germany alone, do I need a visa?

  99. Will US boyfriend have issue visiting me in UK for 3 months?
  100. Can you buy duty free alcohol at Hong Kong International Airport for travel to Australia?