1. Determine the symmetrical bounds to capture a certain area under a bell curve

  2. Why doesn't this method correctly find the expected value of a continuous random variable?

  3. Elementary Question on Graphical Models

  4. Showing $\frac{2X}{1-X^2}$ is standard Cauchy when $X$ is standard Cauchy

  5. Is 'it' what is called data distribution modelling?
  6. $f(U_1|U_1>U_2)$ where $U_1$ and $U_2$ are independent uniform variables

  7. Q about closed form of distribution
  8. Residual vs fitted plot interpetation - looks unfamiliar!

  9. Proof for sum of squares formula

  10. Does the difference between two symmetric r.v.'s also have a symmetric distribution?
  11. Increase difference between mean and median

  12. How to simulate the distribution of a diagnostic test

  13. Why will the validation set error underestimate the generalisation error?

  14. What is the moment generating function of the generalized (multivariate) chi-square distribution?

  15. Sampling distribution from two independent Bernoulli populations

  16. Scaling the random variables x and y in P(x>y) by some positive parameter

  17. Conceptual question on random variables with the same cdf

  18. Comparing the performance of two teams measuring many variables once
  19. Using Central Limit Theorem to Prove Claims About Distributions? (Desperate)
  20. Explicit closed form of $\mathbb{E}[v_1^iv_2^j]$ from bivariate normal distribution

  21. Finding the distribution of $2\theta X_i^2$

  22. Obtaining median of a function

  23. How to find the distribution of the ratio of random vectors having two other known distributions?

  24. simulate random variable and transform of random variable
  25. Mismatch between analytical and simulation way for Bayesian estimation of binomial data

  26. Compare a student exam score to the community one based on success rate of questions

  27. Probabilities from Logistic Regression

  28. How to get the MLE in R from a .csv data file?

  29. Why right censoring people for who nothing happened on a Bayesian model for survival analysis?
  30. Generating samples for $p(\theta_{i}|\pmb{x})$ if samples from $p(\phi|\pmb{x})$ are known

  31. Jensen-Shannon Divergence for multiple probability distributions?

  32. When is likelihood also a probability distribution?
  33. Why does student t with one degree of freedom have an undefined expected value if it is symmetric about zero?
  34. Alternative to Chi-squared test to check if categorical distribution in two sets are the same

  35. what distribution should my dataset fitted for?
  36. How does saddlepoint approximation work?

  37. Forecasting/predicting distribution of customer spend
  38. Error term/Innovation process in ARCH/GARCH processes?
  39. Confidence Intervals for Unknown Mean and Unknown Standard Deviation

  40. Expected value and covariance of vector of Bernoullis

  41. What does it mean to sample a data point from or according to a distribution?

  42. What is the CDF of the sum of weighted Bernoulli random variables?
  43. Showing $Z_i$'s are independent if $Z_1=\sum_{i=1}^{n+1}X_i$ and $Z_i=\frac{X_i}{\sum_{j=1}^iX_j}, i\ge2$ when $X_i\sim\text{G}(\alpha,p_i)$

  44. Asymptotic Distribution of the Wald Test Statistic
  45. Logistic transform of multivariate zero-mean Gaussian
  46. How to add and multiply distributions?
  47. Noncentral chi² with a noncentral chi² noncentrality parameter

  48. How can I analytically prove that randomly dividing an amount results in an exponential distribution (of e.g. income and wealth)?

  49. The sum of independent lognormal random variables appears lognormal?

  50. Use case for Anomaly Detection using the multivariate Gaussian distribution
  51. Does the determination of the mean and SD imply the loss of one or two degrees of freedom?

  52. Modelling % cover that do not add up to 100% : GLM distribution families
  53. How to calculate this normal distribution
  54. When (and why) should you take the log of a distribution (of numbers)?
  55. Which distribution to use for modelling items bought from certain categories?
  56. Linear regression without intercept - sampling variance of coefficient
  57. Biased dice problem

  58. Sum of coefficients of multinomial distribution

  59. One data set, two years - Evenly distributed or not.

  60. Moment generating function of the natural sufficient statistics of Gamma distribution

  61. Interpreting the 'goodness-of-fit' in Minitab
  62. $E[e^{cX}]$ where $c < 0$ and $X$ is lognormally distributed
  63. Difference of two i.i.d. lognormal random variables
  64. Quantify Difference/Distance between Lognormal distributions

  65. Is there an analytical solution for the Kullback-Leibler-Divergence with two univariate Lognormal distributions?

  66. Fitting distribution over sample fractions

  67. Does exponential family of distributions have finite expected value?
  68. Does the likelihood function for the Poisson distribution integrate to 1

  69. What are the consequences of removing the tails of a distribution?

  70. Does this graph follow a exponential distribution or a log-normal?

  71. Correlation of the sigmoid function of normal random varaibles

  72. Simple method of forecasting number of guests given current and historical data

  73. KL divergence of multivariate lognormal distributions
  74. Selecting an appropriate sample size on which to undertake monitoring activities
  75. Find PDF and CDF for bivariate distribution in R

  76. Question about comparing pdfs from different probability curves
  77. Linear Regression : Proving least squares model

  78. Compute distribution for count distribution

  79. the turning point test
  80. Distribution statistics
  81. Sampling distribution of sample variance of non-normal iid r.v.s
  82. Help me understand the quantile (inverse CDF) function

  83. Sampling procedure to find distribution of maximal mean
  84. How to quantify correlation stability throughout years for multiple stock indices?
  85. Real Life Examples for Conditional Distributions that are not Unimodal

  86. Finding alpha in pmf $P(X=i) = \frac{\alpha}{2^i}$
  87. Product of Gamma by Beta rv
  88. KL divergence between a gamma distribution and a lognormal distribution?
  89. What's the distribution of $(a-d)^2+4bc$, where $a,b,c,d$ are uniform distributions?

  90. Find the distribution of $ N = \min \left\{k: \prod_{i = 1}^{k}U_i \lt .6\right\}. $

  91. Best way to check implementation of density, distribution function and random generation
  92. Sampling from Skew Normal Distribution
  93. Degrees of freedom for Chi-squared test
  94. Estimating Normal Distribution Probability Using Simulation in R

  95. Calculating the parameters of a Beta distribution using the mean and variance

  96. Distribution that has a range from 0 to 1 and with peak between them?

  97. Conditional Distribution

  98. 1st stats project

  99. Calculating a Normal distribution

  100. Explanation of the Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test with applications in Java