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  1. How to interpret time and individual fixed effects?
  2. Exponential Family with Dispersion Parameter Distributions

  3. TVP-VAR model does not return nice results

  4. Finding probability of a discrete normal-ish distribution
  5. Why doesn't homoskedacticity bias an estimator?

  6. How to derive a modified formula for Total Claim size Negative Binomial distribution

  7. ML regression methods that generalize linear regressions
  8. Rolling one die after another

  9. Marginal densities from joint of beta and gamma

  10. Calculating initial representative objects in Partitioning around medoids algorithm build phase

  11. Aggregating all measurements per x-value in least-square fitting
  12. gives "enter a number in the range 1-5: Error: bad chatbot number
  13. Giving arbitrary weight to training data improves my Nu-SVR predictor. What should I do?

  14. Define the joint pmf of a particle moving randomly on a grid

  15. auto.arima "no suitable ARIMA model found" for measuring dependency between debt and GDP
  16. How to understand heteroscedasticity/homoscedasticity in Matrix form?

  17. Confidence/credibility intervals for a bernoulli trial
  18. Finding the mean of right-censored values
  19. Pipelining of regressors in scikit-learn

  20. Chi Square test in SPSS Exploratory Factor Analysis

  21. Learner level question: Can neural network be applied in this way

  22. Given bivariate data (X, Y), how to determine a cut-off of X that meets some condition of Y?

  23. MLM with 3 Groups

  24. How to aggregate SentiWordNet sentiment for words correctly?
  25. Help on this: Unmarked occupancy error - obsCovData does not have M*obsNum rows
  26. Q-Learning toolbox for MATLAB

  27. Geometric interpretation of W and b in SVM

  28. (SVM) Difference between linear kernel and polynomial kernel of degree 1?

  29. GPUs or ram is more important?

  30. Does it make sense to use Logistic regression with binary outcome and predictor?
  31. AIC, or something else, for GLM using Tweedie distribution?

  32. What does this residuals plot mean?

  33. Is it sensible to fit a KNN model to ordinal variables?

  34. Multilevel modeling: Comparing several outcome variables in R

  35. Is it possible to merge acceptance probability with proposal distribution in Metropolis Hastings algorithm?

  36. Same results using fisher.test under different alternative

  37. Explaining batch normalization in terms of Gaussian processes
  38. Understanding Partial Dependence for Gradient Boosted Regression trees
  39. Comparing data sets with different measurements

  40. AFT model with time varying independent variables

  41. Least squares estimator in a time series $\{Y_t\}$
  42. Which loss function to use for natural language generation in neural networks?

  43. Prediction Confidence Intervals when fitting a GAM model using gam package
  44. Standard error on median for exponential distribution

  45. How to perform a test using R to see if data follows normal distribution
  46. Continuation ratio and Cumulative proportional odds model
  47. poisson regression to calculate reciprocity

  48. Linear Discriminant Analysis with unequal sample sizes
  49. Is strict stationarity a sufficient condition for ergodicity?

  51. Limiting distribution of random variables with different distributions

  52. Cluster Analysis with R - Optimal Clusters kgs
  53. Line of best fit does not look like a good fit. Why?

  54. what statistical test - confidence level p value

  55. AdaBoost algorithm question
  56. Is a Stationary VAR Process with Zero Mean Gaussian Innovations a Gaussian Stationary Process?
  57. Testing the intensity of circadian activity between individuals

  58. What is minibatch discrimination?

  59. Do I have to normalize two values drawn from same dataset

  60. Correlation Indicator Matrix
  61. Survey analysis trouble, looking for references

  62. Parameter estimation without an explicit likelihood function

  63. Is it possible to have xerror increased in a tree using rpart?
  64. Correct interpretation of Kendall's W

  65. mediate() vs lavaan, missing path coefficients, 2SLS does not resolve
  66. Fitting Powerlaw Distribution on Word Count Data
  67. Null and alternative hypothesis in a test using the hypergeometric distribution
  68. Best way to do block randomisation with covariates?

  69. Efficient estimation of conditional means from pdf, CDF, & quantile function supplied numerically
  70. Lack of equivalence between a confidence set and and a statistical test

  71. Estimating multi-component contribution from MR signal

  72. Is my TensorFlow OOP implementation of an LSTM ok?
  73. Is a T-Test a suitable model for this data?

  74. Reference that AR(p) are strictly stationary if and only if it is causal

  75. Optimal function mapping a subset of the real numbers to a discrete set

  76. Best estimate of variation for duplicate data?

  77. Testing Inequality Constrained Hypotheses in SEM with lavaan

  78. Special cases of distributions under different parameterizations
  79. If $X$ and $Y$ are independent Normal variables each with mean zero, then $\frac{XY}{\sqrt{X^2+Y^2}}$ is also a Normal variable

  80. How to generate weights for non-response?

  81. Deriving Wilk's distribution for two normal independent variables

  82. How to choose the model hyperparameter after cross-validation when the model fit indices are really similar?

  83. Difference between deviance residuals and "normal" residuals

  84. Perplexity and cross-entropy normalization
  85. Approach to a multi-view object classfication problem
  86. Erorr appear in R programme about package of circular data

  87. How to propagate uncertainty into the prediction of a neural network?

  88. Fixed standard error and t-value in linear mixed regression

  89. Algorithms for detecting pattern shifts in time series data?

  90. In principal component analysis, is PC a linear combination of input variables or vice versa?

  91. effect estimate without constant variance (r sandwich vcovHC)

  92. Difference between t-values and z -values
  93. Distribution of sales
  94. Modeling beta distributed data using glmmTBM

  95. Normalized Root Mean Square Error (NRMSE) with zero mean of observed value

  96. Is convergence in probability equivalent to "almost surely... something"

  97. Fisher Matrix of best-fit parameters when modelling a time series
  98. How to calculate accuracy of multiple regression model (other than R-squared)?

  99. Should you transform data (not just normalizing) before training a NN?
  100. What correlation coefficient is appropriate for two beta-binomial variables?