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  1. Power martingales for change detection: M goes to zero?

  2. Determine the symmetrical bounds to capture a certain area under a bell curve
  3. Understand "standardize" for data preprocessing

  4. What is difference of Difference in Difference(DiD) and A/B Testing?

  5. What's the difference between variance scaling initializer and xavier initializer?
  6. What's the difference between Dice score and ZSI?
  7. Histogram for a compound poisson process
  8. group fixed-effects, not individual-fixed effects using plm in R

  9. Why is the mini batch gradient descent's cost function graph noisy?

  10. correlation coefficient in linear regression

  11. Choosing informative priors for Bayesian ordered logistic regression

  12. How to bound a probability with Chernoff's inequality?

  13. Expression for the unconditional variance in the EGARCH model
  14. What is the Likelihood of a 2 Parameter Pareto with known a?

  15. Are these methods suitable for predicting a numeric value?

  16. MFCCs and MoG-HMMs for speech recognition

  17. May I use t-test for hypothesis, if my sample's n=22, s=1000, and population's s=1600(n=60)? Or it doesn't make sense?

  18. At each step of a limiting infinite process, put 10 balls in an urn and remove one at random. How many balls are left?

  19. How centering can ease interpretation of the intercept of a linear model

  20. How do you find causal relationships in data?

  21. Are the terms Hypothesis Space and Parameter Space Interchangeable?

  22. Statistical approach to compare the calibration between models
  23. Frequentist Predictive Distribution for a Cauchy variate

  24. How to decide whether a new feature is effective in improving the model?

  25. different result using Multilayer perceptron model using SPSS

  26. Conveying uncertainty in accuracy measurements for machine learning models

  27. ANOVA / t-test to compare the errors of different models

  28. What is no ' information rate ' algorithm?

  29. Strong consistency of modified mean

  30. How do I compute the partial F statistic?
  31. EM clustering, initial cluster position
  32. Persistence and choice between vanilla GARCH and component-GARCH

  33. Multinomial logit (multinom function) in R outputs arbitrary predictions

  34. When to use Gaussian mixture model?

  35. In R, classification of categorical and continuous variable together in the same dataset

  36. Mathematically Describing PCA chained with Logistic Regression

  37. Kruskal Wallis for binary data
  38. INARFIMA (integer-valued autoregressive fractionally integerated moving average), where is the error?

  39. proving consistency for a sequence of Bernoulli random variables
  40. Is SMA dimension reduction (and, if not, what is it?)
  41. Relative hazard ratio curve?

  42. Control for time trend in difference-in-differences?

  43. Small Sample Size

  44. model for regression when independent variable is auto-correlated

  45. dice simulation in R

  46. Error incurred by missing important variables in a regression model

  47. Show that Sufficient statistic is complete

  48. Find marginal distribution of $K$-variate Dirichlet

  49. SVM: non-linear versus linear models
  50. How to use an ARMA model to make predictions?
  51. Different bayesian networks got the same predicton in bnlearn
  52. Why doesn't this method correctly find the expected value of a continuous random variable?

  53. KNN posterior probabilities
  54. How to deal with large number of times series?
  55. correlation and independence: common mistake?

  56. I have a question regarding the eRm package for applying the Rasch algorithm, specifically the RSM() function for polytomous data
  57. Is there an R package for MCMC estimation of Generalized Method of Moments?

  58. Algorithms for automatic model selection
  59. Estimate the number of points scored by a team in baseball
  60. How to fit implicit polynomial functions to data points (so as to minimize least square distance)?

  61. Origin and spelling of (multi)collinear/colinear
  62. Most valued books/manuals to learn multivariable analysis in R with social perspective

  63. Testing a linear hypothesis for a discrete distribution
  64. Adding labels to ggplots2 in R

  65. number of draws from standard Poisson process before mean and variance converge to 1?

  66. Elementary Question on Graphical Models

  67. Is there a formula for omitted variable bias for multiple variables?
  68. Need help in understanding the terms in OLS

  69. Pooling Maximum Likelihood of two logits

  70. significance test for differences

  71. Showing $\frac{2X}{1-X^2}$ is standard Cauchy when $X$ is standard Cauchy

  72. How to condition on the result of a test?
  73. Estimating $R^2$ when some coefficients are forced (i.e., restricted coefficients)

  74. Estimate parameter using MLE method

  75. Results vary between XGBoost and Logistic regression

  76. How to design a complex machine learning system where individual classifiers can be retrained without modifying rest of the system?
  77. Implementing Balanced Random Forest (BRF) in R using RandomForests
  78. Problems running PCA with varimax rotation in R

  79. Terminology question; Cross-sectional study and logistic regression - "predictors" or "correlates"?

  80. Regression with Age Ranges

  81. Interpretation of PCA eigenvectors

  82. To find all the unique characters in voculabary
  83. Stress values of an nMDS analysis and p-values of ordisurf()
  84. Differential privacy with multiple queries - what is the behavior?
  85. K nearest neighbors with nested cross validation

  86. Is 'it' what is called data distribution modelling?

  87. If I am convinced that a series is mostly trend+season, what is it I should check about the residuals?
  88. Maximum likelihood estimation of a Dirichlet distribution multivariate parameters
  89. Comparing OLS, Ridge and LASSO Regression models for y with 10 variables and 30 rows in R
  90. RMS package outputs interpretation for glmer

  91. Bayesian modeling of 2x2 factorial design. Am I doing it right?

  92. Testing correlation between a Boolean and integer variable

  93. How does one check for normality of binned sampled data
  94. Adding the values of a poisson process over an observation time
  95. $f(U_1|U_1>U_2)$ where $U_1$ and $U_2$ are independent uniform variables
  96. Comparing subsets of data

  97. object detection loss function YOLO
  98. A problem on estimability of parameters

  99. Ordered probit model prediction: why highest probabilities and not number of thresholds exceeded?

  100. Interpreting Validation and Training loss