1. Could you please return tags pertaining to the question when the api's "answers on user" endpoint is called?

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  11. API key limit increase support

  12. Provide a streaming API instead of forcing API users to poll

  13. Add Twitter accounts on the /sites route?

  14. Provide a way to get display name via access token
  15. Provide a way to reset - not invalidate - API tokens
  16. How to sort /questions/featured by bounty_closes_date
  17. Share short link to comment

  18. How to get total visited days and consecutives of an user?

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  23. Looking for Bookmarklet to Create a Question
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  35. Please add tags to answers
  36. Provide a method to search for sites

  37. Get tags from question through an answer

  38. Please provide a way to download SEDE data via an API
  39. Please provide a way to get Post Edits, filtered by user
  40. When API site goes offline, please return a JSON , instead of Stack Overflow alike offline HTML page

  41. Marking inbox items as read in api v2.2
  42. Please add the `tagged` parameter to /answers, /users, etc
  43. DatePicker in StackExchange API document page should have year next & previous button also

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  56. Add the 'people reached' count to the API?

  57. Is it possible to have no sorting - to just show results in order of inputted IDs?

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  66. Add a special page where developers can reset throttle timeouts
  67. After a throttle violation, could the error message include the time when the block will be lifted?

  68. Can we have some debug endpoints for testing corner cases?
  69. Request: Mark inbox items as read, now that API 2.2 is here

  70. Can we get a sandbox please?

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  92. api.stackoverflow/0.8/questions now gives answers as well by default?

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  94. Abstract paged results to enable cleaner libraries

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  96. questions response missing fields
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  98. please add a key fields to stackauth results
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  100. Include creator in tag_synonym