1. Is there a program that will monitor for new startup/autorun programs and alert me as they are installed?

  2. Free open source paint program for Windows
  3. Gamepad/joystick turbo mode software

  4. Mesh Editing C++ Library For Visual Studio
  5. Software to easily transfer windows between mobile/desktop/laptop

  6. HTML editor where I can edit its code and its output
  7. Windows video editing software to add color rectangles to particular frames
  8. "Process Hacker 2" equivalent for Linux?

  9. Emulate an external monitor using VNC

  10. Basic video editing and DVD creation software for Windows?

  11. Capture Screencast hiddenly?
  12. Freeform canvas and multiuser note taking for OS X and Windows

  13. Chrome extension to save the content in a form

  14. Video editor for Windows that can insert images or audio at arbitrary points
  15. Web Governance Alternatives to Site Improve

  16. Scanner Software to integrate with windows explorer
  17. wifi hotspot program for windows using eg USB wifi dongle

  18. Desktop Management for Windows 7?

  19. I need automated file transfer software for Windows
  20. Far Manager plugin that support quickly jumping to directories
  21. TFS Client for windows
  22. Countdown, Timer & Alarm Clock software with very specific features
  23. MBox Viewer for large files

  24. English etymology dictionary usable on Windows
  25. Eclipse plugin to auto-upload a file to an SFTP server on save

  26. Software to quickly change WiFi power
  27. Share sticky notes on multiple computers

  28. Windows process supervisor / supervisord with web interface
  29. Program searching and visualising all simple paths between two vertices in undirected graph
  30. Open source and free Windows SSH server
  31. USB Audio streaming Windows to Windows

  32. Simple quiz related software

  33. Non-E-Mail-focused Address Book
  34. Miracast receiver software for Windows

  35. PDF to movie converter
  36. Recommended software to remove duplicated photos
  37. Voice notifications for Google Calendar on Windows

  38. PDF reader that saves sessions
  39. Media player for Windows that can stream from a SFTP server

  40. FTP backup software
  41. Chat message repeater for Windows

  42. rdp clients on windows with command line support

  43. Software to distinguish music from spoken text

  44. Alternative to G-MScreen in Windows

  45. Statuses for files and folders
  46. Most early AIM-like chat program?

  47. Parental control on Windows 10 for restricting computer usage

  48. Animated video overlays for educational videos

  49. Simple 2D Animation software for infographics-like animations
  50. PCB design software alternative to Upverter?
  51. Automated mysql table duplication between servers, via SQL

  52. Organizing household objects
  53. Tool to help the Helpdesk

  54. Software inventory / asset management software

  55. ToDo manager with dependencies and events

  56. Software that allows to create and practice Multiple Choice Questions tests for personal use
  57. What virtual desktop software can catch programs into their desktop?

  58. Dropbox-similar software that runs on Windows XP

  59. Free offline alternative to Toodledo for Windows
  60. Free software for selecting and combining pages from multiple PDFs into a single PDF
  61. Commercially supported alternatives to Microsoft Exchange
  62. Gratis bulk email sender software to use on Windows 7?

  63. Program to create and "embed" subtitles to a movie
  64. Even larger Windows mouse pointer
  65. Free Mission Control-like Windows app
  66. On-screen keyboard that opens when a text box is selected
  67. Uudeview cli in Windows – alternative?
  68. In house FAQ/knowledge base that can work offline
  69. Accessing the WTV Recording Metadata without Windows Media Center

  70. Software for taking video from camera at 1 FPS
  71. Binary file reader and editor

  72. Adjust screen brightness (hardware) based on context
  73. Personal proxy server software that filters DNS response and protects against DNS rebinding attacks on Windows?
  74. Laugh track removal software
  75. File analyzer and sorter
  76. A program (or other solution?) to summarize historical events and sort by type, location, and time
  77. File transfer software, linux, windows and apple

  78. Windows Tool for automatic regular screenshots
  79. Trace a beam within the interior of a 3D model

  80. English thesaurus program for Windows
  81. Toddler painting app/game for Windows
  82. How to get a single view of all my calendars?

  83. CRM style project management software
  84. Serial console to send hex-bytes (COM port)

  85. Is there any software to disconnect the lan or wi-fi network connection when you stop using a specific application?
  86. http file uploader for Windows

  87. Overlay Video Player on Hotkey for Windows

  88. Free Google Forms alternative that works offline
  89. Automatic anti-undeleter service program for Windows?

  90. Windows download manager with a Web GUI for playing videos

  91. Quickly check network latency
  92. SSL socket Server tool for windows

  93. Git server solution using file permissions

  94. Tool for executing custom command in a network
  95. Alternative to Whereisit? (For Mac)
  96. Pack files with preserving file creation time in Windows?
  97. indentation-based outliner? (for windows XP)

  98. cartesian coordinate generator, XYZ point data generator,
  99. Opening PDF's including a separate annotations file
  100. System that allows me to create a form that users can fill to assemble Word/Excel files