1. Generate partial Disk Images

  2. Audio Player with True Variable Frequency Playback

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  4. Software to easily transfer windows between mobile/desktop/laptop

  5. Gamepad/joystick turbo mode software
  6. Peoples Dictionary?

  7. Command-line SSH/SCP client command for windows (not cygwin)

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  9. Emulate an external monitor using VNC

  10. Capture Screencast hiddenly?

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  12. Network documentation software

  13. Chrome extension to save the content in a form

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  15. Web Governance Alternatives to Site Improve

  16. Far Manager plugin that support quickly jumping to directories

  17. XMPP client that respects System Certificate Stores
  18. I need automated file transfer software for Windows

  19. Crossplatform encrypted file container alt for TrueCrypt?

  20. Countdown, Timer & Alarm Clock software with very specific features

  21. What installer/software can I use to install multiple applications and services as well as place files in different locations?

  22. MBox Viewer for large files
  23. Eclipse plugin to auto-upload a file to an SFTP server on save
  24. English etymology dictionary usable on Windows

  25. Windows text editor that can encode URL for all the non-ASCII characters

  26. Software to quickly change WiFi power
  27. Looking for a free Windows command-line PDF restrictions remover

  28. Windows process supervisor / supervisord with web interface

  29. Backup software with caching until target available

  30. Program searching and visualising all simple paths between two vertices in undirected graph
  31. Open source and free Windows SSH server
  32. A program to verify checksums (sfv, md5) after double clicking

  33. What is the best software to scan documents in Windows 10?

  34. Miracast receiver software for Windows
  35. PDF to movie converter
  36. Non-E-Mail-focused Address Book
  37. What single-page application (SPA) frameworks can be used for deployment of a file system-based HTML Application (HTA)?
  38. Voice notifications for Google Calendar on Windows
  39. I need software for small library

  40. Use a phone as a mic

  41. PyCharm Edu vs PyCharm CE with EduTools Plugin

  42. An open source SIP client for WIndows that can import contacts and send text messages?

  43. USB Audio streaming Windows to Windows
  44. Media player for Windows that can stream from a SFTP server
  45. Simple quiz related software

  46. Advanced Windows volume mixer

  47. rdp clients on windows with command line support

  48. Delaying print job in Windows

  49. Software to log laptop's power consumption before a crash (Windows)
  50. Parental control on Windows 10 for restricting computer usage

  51. Software to distinguish music from spoken text
  52. Bulk SMS sender with my Short code

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  54. Automated mysql table duplication between servers, via SQL

  55. A remedy for the lack of 1 finger scroll on recent laptops?

  56. Open source deployment manager for windows 10 applications, files and database?

  57. Tool to help the Helpdesk

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  59. Windows recycle bin extension to delete files older than 30 days
  60. GIT Repository Manager
  61. Software inventory / asset management software
  62. Alternative to G-MScreen in Windows
  63. PCB design software alternative to Upverter?

  64. Can anyone identify the software used to generate these illustrations?
  65. Software that allows to create and practice Multiple Choice Questions tests for personal use

  66. Visual Studio-style window management for Windows in general?
  67. What are some offline free alternatives to Toodledo for windows?
  68. Line by Line Source Control Indicator Plugin for Visual Studio

  69. Gratis Android manager for Windows
  70. Free software for creating ISO images from files or discs?
  71. Commercially supported alternatives to Microsoft Exchange
  72. Open source tool to create EPUB files
  73. Gratis bulk email sender software to use on Windows 7?

  74. Accessing the WTV Recording Metadata without Windows Media Center

  75. Software for taking video from camera at 1 FPS
  76. Free Crash Reporting for Xamarin Forms ( UWP, Android, iOS)

  77. In house FAQ/knowledge base that can work offline
  78. Webpage archiver using http-requests/responses replay
  79. Free alternatives to Microsoft Publisher?
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  81. Spritz speed reading with Text-to-Speech (TTS)?

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  84. Personal proxy server software that filters DNS response and protects against DNS rebinding attacks on Windows?

  85. File transfer software, linux, windows and apple
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  87. How to get a single view of all my calendars?

  88. File analyzer and sorter

  89. Windows Tool for automatic regular screenshots

  90. http file uploader for Windows
  91. Overlay Video Player on Hotkey for Windows
  92. Windows download manager with a Web GUI for playing videos
  93. Git server solution using file permissions

  94. A free program to turn a PC into a Chromecast or AirPlay receiver

  95. Program to create and "embed" subtitles to a movie

  96. Free Google Forms alternative that works offline
  97. SSL socket Server tool for windows

  98. Voice alteration/modification software (other than Audacity)

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  100. Automated updates when specific people are featured in the news?