1. Loyalty program software/platform

  2. Webapp to convert all dates in an unstructured text to a different timezone

  3. Looking for Online Data Storage Software/Web Application

  4. How can I integrate cloud storage for documents?

  5. Web Based Project Management software with Scrum and Kanban
  6. Javascript Framework for a CRUD web app

  7. Reporting tools for external clients

  8. Free browser based collaboration software

  9. Automatic translation of messages & conversations in Facebook Messenger, Instant Messaging IM and Chat Apps

  10. Software to easily create Wikivoyage banners
  11. Web software that will allow me to build a conditional wizard form?

  12. PDF as flip book on website
  13. Geographic map overview of work assignments
  14. Open source for online test assessment
  15. Wallet / In-app credits library or service

  16. Web-based email client that works with Microsoft Exchange
  17. Program or extension to save Google map
  18. Tool to help the Helpdesk
  19. Manage advertisements on my website
  20. recommendations for a development language?

  21. Creating mailing lists that can be customized with paid/free options

  22. Software that allows to create and practice Multiple Choice Questions tests for personal use

  23. Web-based admin interface for Linux-based embedded systems

  24. Reporting suite for making data available to customers

  25. Boilerplate project for MERN stack?
  26. Web photo gallery software

  27. Is there any way to disable the autobuffering and/or automatic loading of YouTube videos whenever I load a page?
  28. Web-Based Open Source Hostel Management system?

  29. Web-based Enterprise Level Dashboard and Visualization for Analytics

  30. seeking WordPress page builder or theme responsive to aspect ratio or screen orientation
  31. Webapp that merges, filters and sorts chronologically a large number of RSS feeds

  32. Receiver-initiated file sharing

  33. How to open this file
  34. Multi-channel PR tracking webapp

  35. SaaS non-public video hosting to integrate in my website

  36. open-source PHP webapp for hierarchical chore todo list
  37. Return unique report/list/table based on user entered criteria pushed through series of decision trees
  38. Windows download manager with a Web GUI for playing videos

  39. Web app for client to alter 3D renders
  40. Open source, modern PHP project management system with many themes

  41. Customer feedback builder web application
  42. Ecommerce platform

  43. Web app that can post on both Facebook pages and WordPress.com blog?

  44. simple to use ruby gem with date & time event calendar with month view
  45. I am wondering whether I keep on using Nozbe or change another tool
  46. Web tool for load testing
  47. Search engine to which I can apply my own filtering/reordering

  48. Web tool that allows users to submit ideas and vote on other users ideas
  49. Web app that will parse a Russian sentence

  50. FlashCards for Android and Web

  51. Syncing app for cloud based doc files

  52. How do you document your work/progress/things you learnt?
  53. Share your own KML via web/mobile, usable with GPS navigation

  54. Online flexible survey constructor (maybe kind of decision making software)

  55. Free online photo editor to resize photos and export to web format?
  56. Free software to maintain server list/process list

  57. Self hosted service to monitor a HTTP endpoint (for change) and trigger an event
  58. Random test data generator basis specific fields
  59. Drug Interactions Web service, Database or JSON/XML Files [For Web Application Development]
  60. Pinyin recognition training webapp or Android app

  61. Online tool for saving code snippets

  62. Self-hosted web service for file search

  63. Website live chat app with WhatsApp integration
  64. Client for performing ElasticSearch requests

  65. Webapp for customer support and sharing files to customers
  66. Auction platform for conducting micro-economic experiments

  67. Web service for sharing - and serving - php code?

  68. free, automatic, cloud-based, webscraper?
  69. Looking for a Cloud storage solution with friendly terms of service

  70. Free / low-cost OLAP cube viewer
  71. Web application to store and modify InDesign assets

  72. Resource scheduling platform supporting exact cover? (e.g. HOWTO maximize room usage)

  73. Freeware website monitoring and alert tool

  74. Note taking/list making app with dashboard view

  75. Web Governance Alternatives to Site Improve

  76. Webapp that predicts the reading of a Japanese given name

  77. VLE/LMS capable of displaying and scoring custom question types?

  78. English etymology dictionary usable on Windows

  79. A web application for corporate team blog

  80. Simple file upload HTTP server

  81. Create a diagram based on user input on a website
  82. Is there a framework/library/... that supplies web UI components for table/record navigation and filtering?

  83. Website to send notifications when threshold of agreeing people is surpassed

  84. Android RSS reader that removes duplicate articles
  85. Public chat for virtual coworking
  86. Tools to save e-mails in MS SQL DB or be available via API for web application

  87. Cost-free alternative to slack where channels can be set as "open"

  88. Website front end for a custom database of company info that evolves over time (like ASPRunner & OpenXava)
  89. Full screen widget-like webpages
  90. Free alternative to the Ozeki Webphone?
  91. Web app for reviews of proposals imported from CSV

  92. Changing the preview image when sharing a news article on Facebook?

  93. Integratable business planning web-app with API

  94. Web app that is largely configurable (rather than requiring coding from the start)
  95. Web App front end for Excel (or similar spreadsheet muscle)
  96. Online tool to graph functions in c-like languages
  97. Web-based XMPP client with OTR support
  98. Web app for music identification which can be used on PC

  99. Food ordering system for restaurants

  100. Best forum software 2017