1. Client-server communication solution
  2. Java library for multi-media and graphics

  3. Choosing Cluster Manager / Job Scheduling software
  4. Open source tool to draw GUI mockups

  5. Tools to scan code for open source licenses and copyrights?

  6. Web Based Project Management software with Scrum and Kanban

  7. Software to read fingerprint and generate a unique number

  8. Open source and free Windows SSH server
  9. Public API for sunrise/sunset data

  10. Library with standard(ish) type for representing decimal fractions

  11. Fast (approximate?) linear programming solver for few variables and many constraints
  12. Open Source APS software (Advanced Planning and Scheduling systems)

  13. Non-E-Mail-focused Address Book

  14. I need software for small library

  15. Web software that will allow me to build a conditional wizard form?
  16. An open source SIP client for WIndows that can import contacts and send text messages?

  17. Cryptocurrency miner in JavaScript (alternative to CoinHive)
  18. Media player for Windows that can stream from a SFTP server
  19. Open source for online test assessment

  20. Are there any reusable, simpler equivalents to Steam or

  21. Software with Workflow and Ticketing features

  22. Software to create exams

  23. Implementation of RFC 6951 "Encapsulation of SCTP inside UDP" as a C library
  24. kst, SciDaVis or LabPlot?

  25. Responsive JavaScript table to load 20k records in 2 or 3 seconds
  26. Web-Based Open Source Hostel Management system?

  27. Open source tool to create EPUB files

  28. What's a free and open source alternative to TeamViewer (remote control software) for GNU/Linux?
  29. Is there olap server or cubes based on PHP
  30. A robust and flexible alternative to doxygen supporting C++

  31. Open source gamification platform
  32. Modern C++ CSV reader (and maybe writer) library
  33. open-source PHP webapp for hierarchical chore todo list

  34. Open Source Release Automation

  35. Bulk Cropping Images Manually

  36. Generating PDFs from XML comments
  37. Open source, modern PHP project management system with many themes

  38. Open source ERP with very flexible shipping module

  39. simple to use ruby gem with date & time event calendar with month view

  40. Flexible Open Source ERP System/Framework that works on top a Graph Database?

  41. Libraries or programs for solving puzzle games
  42. Open source defect tracker which is gamified
  43. Operating system for Personal & Enterprise application for Hadoop
  44. Free Windows software to modify PDF margins on Windows
  45. CMS for static websites that allows inline editing of elements with specific class/data-* value

  46. Alternative to doodle

  47. Open source software for transmitting pictures from balloons
  48. CMS with API and sync
  49. Search engine to which I can apply my own filtering/reordering

  50. SMB/CIFS server implementation in JAVA

  51. Create managable flowchart for documentation

  52. Alternative to JavaScript

  53. Open-source implementation of structured prediction methods

  54. Open source test management tool
  55. SCCM-like for individuals

  56. Open Source Document Reviewing Software

  57. Robust and invisible video watermarking software / library

  58. Free Software for removing watermark from PDF

  59. Open-source IoT platform for telemetry collection

  60. OS media cataloguer with custom catagories

  61. Is it possible to upload images to instagram without using proprietary software or "SaaS"?
  62. JSON path graphical builder
  63. Async Job Processing based on PostgreSQL

  64. python media libary to develop a soundboard / ambient-mixer

  65. Self-hosted non-Java search engine for my static websites

  66. File converting to pdf

  67. Open source Tool for creating reports of DB structure for SQL Server 2008
  68. Extremely simple crossplatform opensource zip library c++

  69. Program measuring sound and generating an equalizer profile

  70. VOIP/IM Server most secure software

  71. Self-hosted web service for file search
  72. Open source Erp

  73. Alternative to ELK, but based on PostgreSQL

  74. JavaScript for faceted browsing/search on webpage

  75. Webapp for customer support and sharing files to customers

  76. Open source iOS torrent client

  77. Shipment Goods Tracking software / Storing and retrieving information
  78. osx free epub3 creation software

  79. Agentless system monitor for multiple Windows machines

  80. C++ ZIP library for both, 32 and 64 bit

  81. User-access controlled photosharing web CMS

  82. Wiki that allows syncing and merge conflict resolving

  83. Looking for an open source browser controller/emulator for web applications in a java / selenium / intellij /cucumber stack

  84. Maze generator library
  85. Open Source OMR optical mark recognition solution

  86. Automatically upload file
  87. VLE/LMS capable of displaying and scoring custom question types?

  88. USB camera software
  89. (Open Source/ Low Cost) Conference Management Software

  90. Simple file upload HTTP server

  91. VPN client for Linux
  92. Public key encryption windows app

  93. Open source mobile GIS data inspection software

  94. Open source 3D scanning software?

  95. Client Management System (not geared towards sales)

  96. Need a security system to control endpoints in a network
  97. A RDP Proxy that allows one normal RDP client and also view-only RDP client(s)

  98. Is there any PDF reader like Foxit Reader, for Linux?

  99. Easy to install/maintain web-based project management software

  100. CMS for managing multiple accounts + websites under one "roof"