1. Open Source Music Player able to play whole-album FLAC with cue
  2. Open source and free Windows SSH server

  3. Web Based Project Management software with Scrum and Kanban

  4. Most secure free/libre XMPP client for Android

  5. Free paint program for Windows

  6. Software to create exams

  7. Software to read fingerprint and generate a unique number

  8. Fast (approximate?) linear programming solver for few variables and many constraints

  9. Non-E-Mail-focused Address Book
  10. Media player for Windows that can stream from a SFTP server

  11. Cryptocurrency miner in JavaScript (alternative to CoinHive)

  12. Open source for online test assessment

  13. What's a free and open source alternative to TeamViewer (remote control software) for GNU/Linux?

  14. Software with Workflow and Ticketing features
  15. Library for finding minima of complex multidimensional functions in C or C++
  16. Implementation of RFC 6951 "Encapsulation of SCTP inside UDP" as a C library

  17. Self hosted "Try it yourself" code environment like w3schools

  18. Responsive JavaScript table to load 20k records in 2 or 3 seconds
  19. Web-Based Open Source Hostel Management system?

  20. Is there olap server or cubes based on PHP

  21. open-source PHP webapp for hierarchical chore todo list

  22. Scheduling software for trade shows and conferences
  23. Is there any software to disconnect the lan or wi-fi network connection when you stop using a specific application?

  24. Open source ERP with very flexible shipping module
  25. Recommend C++ library to split a file into chunks and merge it back?
  26. Generating PDFs from XML comments
  27. Free vpn for Linux
  28. Offline journal app with strong metadata (attributes, tags) feature
  29. simple to use ruby gem with date & time event calendar with month view
  30. Flexible Open Source ERP System/Framework that works on top a Graph Database?

  31. Open source "doodle-mailing-list-attendance-coordination" software
  32. CMS for static websites that allows inline editing of elements with specific class/data-* value
  33. CMS with API and sync

  34. Maze generator library

  35. Which is the best http client library based on either C or C++ in terms of performance during heavy parallel downloads?

  36. Looking for Content Management System based on Learning Video Courses?
  37. Software for capturing how subsystems interact
  38. Open Source Document Reviewing Software

  39. Open-source IoT platform for telemetry collection

  40. Book downloader analogue of youtube-dl?
  41. open source gui diff program with file type preset for linux

  42. Free & libre software MIDI sequencer

  43. JSON path graphical builder
  44. Can anyone recommend C++ library for digital signal modulations?
  45. Async Job Processing based on PostgreSQL

  46. Loop over N git repos
  47. Line-based 3D modeler (alternative to Sketchup)

  48. Open source Tool for creating reports of DB structure for SQL Server 2008

  49. SDL Trados Alternative

  50. Self-hosted non-Java search engine for my static websites
  51. Interactive presentation / E-Learing software
  52. Which Platform to follow!
  53. GUI drag & drop style GUI Builder for Python Tkinter

  54. Measure and log speed of vehicles in a video

  55. VOIP/IM Server most secure software
  56. Open source iOS torrent client

  57. Showing multiple videos at once

  58. Self-hosted web service for file search

  59. Open source Erp

  60. Agentless system monitor for multiple Windows machines

  61. Webapp for customer support and sharing files to customers

  62. Server and Application uptime monitoring

  63. Is there any open source tool / app for managing social media accounts
  64. Enterprise Architecture Managment

  65. Shipment Goods Tracking software / Storing and retrieving information

  66. Web service to classify which catagory websites belong to

  67. Wiki that allows syncing and merge conflict resolving
  68. User-access controlled photosharing web CMS

  69. VLE/LMS capable of displaying and scoring custom question types?
  70. RFC compliant TCP/IP socket library/implementation to be used over raw socket

  71. (Open Source/ Low Cost) Conference Management Software
  72. Software to build networks visualization using relational tables

  73. Open Source OMR optical mark recognition solution
  74. Tool for data management, search, and analysis
  75. USB camera software
  76. Library with standard(ish) type for representing decimal fractions

  77. Choosing Cluster Manager / Job Scheduling software

  78. FOSS Gratis Windows SSH client that allows saving passwords

  79. Free performance monitoring tools for local development for Java based web-applications

  80. What software can be used to create a dynamic Hacking CTF platform?
  81. GUI Based Perf Events Analysis Tools
  82. Web based HR service or software for screening employment applications?

  83. Free alternative to Disqus
  84. Is there a multilingual dictionary which translate many words in the same time?

  85. What is the best free software for optics and mechanics?
  86. C/C++ Library for HFS+ volumes

  87. Bulk Cropping Images Manually
  88. Free / Open Source 2D Drafting CAD for Floor Plans

  89. Simple software for a download-by-link portal
  90. Open source C# library to capture picture from web cam?
  91. Open source tool to create EPUB files

  92. Open source software for transmitting pictures from balloons

  93. A tool to bulk check licenses
  94. Therapy Schedule Generator

  95. Open Source user-friendly peer-to-peer sync? (like BitTorrent Sync)

  96. Web API for calculating price estimate of 3D print from STL/OBJ file

  97. SCCM-like for individuals

  98. free software to predict shadows of a house (3D modeling + sunlight)

  99. Open source GUI tool for data wrangling

  100. Tool for software documentation purpose