1. pdf editor or tool for analyze, measure and comment for linux (if unavoidable windows with wine)
  2. Download manager that can cope with disconnects (Ubuntu 16.04)
  3. Music player supporting resumption after close

  4. Automated mysql table duplication between servers, via SQL

  5. Open Source Music Player able to play whole-album FLAC with cue

  6. Command line power tools like find and rsync?

  7. Software that allows to create and practice Multiple Choice Questions tests for personal use

  8. Self-hosted photo management webapp with facial recognition, duplicates elimination
  9. Quicker alternative to PDFcrop

  10. Setting up Linux for a touch-screen laptop
  11. Commercially supported alternatives to Microsoft Exchange
  12. Music program for Ubuntu that can export an album or list of songs into one MP3

  13. Email client for Linux Mint
  14. File transfer software, linux, windows and apple

  15. 3d parametric/constraint modeling for Linux (Ubuntu)

  16. Diet planner software

  17. Linux-compatible static site generator with a flexible, powerful and well-documented templating engine and out-of-the-box markdown support?

  18. Linux software to detect external drive partition-level rootkits

  19. Searching for a keyboard optimized webbrowser (ideally on Linux)

  20. HTTP server fuzzer
  21. Email-based helpdesk
  22. Tool for executing custom command in a network

  23. Looking for a tool like "IP Personality" to defeat OS fingerprinting for recent Linux kernels

  24. Software that can synchronize links as "bookmarks"?

  25. Which compression utility should I use for an extremely large plain text file?

  26. Open source SSH terminal client for Linux with ZMODEM support
  27. Note Management Tool
  28. Office/system layout mapping software
  29. Cataloging CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs on Linux
  30. A good text editor for learning the implementation?
  31. Efficient Poisson solver compatible with MPI
  32. VoIP conference with multiple incoming SIP calls
  33. Linux music player for huge music collection

  34. Atom fork without telemetry

  35. Which is the best http client library based on either C or C++ in terms of performance during heavy parallel downloads?

  36. Tool Linux, Mac Video and Sound Changing Speed on play mode
  37. Program to take photos with webcam in Ubuntu

  38. Tools to measure statistics of a connection

  39. Linux alternative to MS Access

  40. Visual cron GUI

  41. Open Source Document Reviewing Software

  42. Program to crop and resize to predefined settings in one go

  43. Music recognition software for Linux based on the song melody

  44. Weighted graph database with RDF support

  45. Linux desktop search tool that OCRs PDF/TIFF files

  46. open source gui diff program with file type preset for linux

  47. Resource scheduling

  48. Apache Log Viewer alternative for Linux
  49. Linux terminal text editor which behaves like GUI ones
  50. Rsync like program for Windows 7
  51. Free software to maintain server list/process list

  52. Test which ports are open for outbound connection

  53. Line-based 3D modeler (alternative to Sketchup)

  54. How to view blendshapes?

  55. Self-hosted non-Java search engine for my static websites
  56. Software for cutting out something from a frame sequence?

  57. Linux-based log analyzer for Windows system logs

  58. Firefox or Chrome plugin to open Word Online files in LibreOffice on Linux?

  59. Web Server/Web service written in C++ in Linux/Windows Server

  60. Saving OneNote files to Linux server (no SharePoint)

  61. Offline note taking app that preserves HTML formatting

  62. x11 file manager with photo preview

  63. Measure and log speed of vehicles in a video

  64. Free software to use as aircraft register with photos

  65. Extremely simple job scheduler

  66. iPhone iOS 10 and Linux - replacement for Music, etc

  67. Log analysis tool, shows a timeline of event frequency
  68. Is there a Linux music player which has nestable smart playlists AND syncs with Android?
  69. Server and Application uptime monitoring
  70. Automatic screenshots with cursor

  71. Graphical Network Manager for Debian (like gnome or kde)
  72. Store and run queries on political, economic, demographical, ++ country data

  73. Is there a file system or tool with bidirectional remote syncing of a folder?
  74. Easy HDR photo software for Ubuntu, with alignment
  75. RSS "collector" or proxy (client and server in one) tool
  76. Notetaking application that is programmer friendly

  77. Proxy server platform that I can write a filtering engine plugin for

  78. Server chooser and SSH launcher with GUI

  79. Oauth provider compatible with Stack Exchange logins
  80. Linux pictures browser that hilights those with an EXIF location

  81. GUI for managing user session resources on linux (centos7)?
  82. RFC compliant TCP/IP socket library/implementation to be used over raw socket

  83. Caching between two drives/mounts
  84. Software to read fingerprint and generate a unique number

  85. Visual software to explore RDF/Turtle ontologies

  86. Linux email client with Notmuch indexing, a GUI like Astroid, and the setup like Mac's Mail App
  87. Daily schedule planner
  88. Remove passers-by from picture, by taking the same picture several times

  89. A program to reduce package count and clutter on Debian 9?

  90. Browsers with same or similar features like Opera on Presto engine

  91. GUI-based file search utility, (with Arch Linux package)

  92. What software can be used to create a dynamic Hacking CTF platform?
  93. GUI Based Perf Events Analysis Tools

  94. HTML Editor with snippet management, like Adobe Dreamweaver but for Linux

  95. Bulk Cropping Images Manually
  96. Effective Backup Solution
  97. Pneumatic circuit drawing software for Linux
  98. pkill which waits

  99. Open source tool to create EPUB files

  100. college classes annotations program/application?