1. Lossless JPEG crop GUI for Linux

  2. IDE for HTML5 (html, css, js) development?

  3. Software to read fingerprint and generate a unique number

  4. Alternative for Thunderbird for Linux
  5. Command-line tool for lossless jpeg compression and optimization for Ubuntu

  6. Alternative to gnome-screensot

  7. Browsers with same or similar features like Opera on Presto engine
  8. Record screen section as animated GIF
  9. Wiki software that has page access control

  10. Automated mysql table duplication between servers, via SQL
  11. Software that allows to create and practice Multiple Choice Questions tests for personal use
  12. Viewer for huge CSV files which don't fit in memory
  13. Setting up Linux for a touch-screen laptop

  14. Commercially supported alternatives to Microsoft Exchange
  15. Open source tool to create EPUB files

  16. Music program for Ubuntu that can export an album or list of songs into one MP3
  17. Free alternatives to Microsoft Publisher?
  18. How to open this file

  19. File transfer software, linux, windows and apple

  20. Ubuntu firewall to block/allow applications
  21. Email client for Linux Mint
  22. Control Point finder for regular Images
  23. Alternative for Microsoft Office for Linux?
  24. AirPlay video client for Linux
  25. Email-based helpdesk

  26. Searching for a keyboard optimized webbrowser (ideally on Linux)

  27. Bulk Cropping Images Manually
  28. Linux-compatible static site generator with a flexible, powerful and well-documented templating engine and out-of-the-box markdown support?

  29. Tool for executing custom command in a network

  30. IRC client that lets you group related channels
  31. Very simple macro expanding command line program in Linux and Windows

  32. Pneumatic circuit drawing software for Linux

  33. Software that can synchronize links as "bookmarks"?
  34. Open source SSH terminal client for Linux with ZMODEM support

  35. Quote list of shell commands (Python subprocess) for copy+paste
  36. Efficient Poisson solver compatible with MPI
  37. Linux full-time online server, as sporadic workstation concerning safety

  38. VoIP conference with multiple incoming SIP calls

  39. Tools to measure statistics of a connection
  40. Open source test management tool
  41. GUI app to cut audio without/with mininal recoding

  42. GUI frontend to extract ar archives

  43. Open Source Document Reviewing Software

  44. Remote query of commands to run locally (heartbeat)
  45. Modern & feature-rich office suite

  46. Free Software for removing watermark from PDF
  47. Program to crop and resize to predefined settings in one go
  48. What's the easiest secure way to encrypt a string with my own password on Linux?

  49. Linux desktop search tool that OCRs PDF/TIFF files

  50. Weighted graph database with RDF support
  51. Resource scheduling
  52. Free software to maintain server list/process list

  53. Hypervisor to embed in my product
  54. Self-hosted non-Java search engine for my static websites
  55. Linux drawing application that supports periodic export of the canvas?
  56. Firefox or Chrome plugin to open Word Online files in LibreOffice on Linux?

  57. Linux-based log analyzer for Windows system logs

  58. Gantt diagram generator from textual representation
  59. Using shellinabox as a remote SSH client tool to connect to different portal
  60. x11 file manager with photo preview
  61. Free software to use as aircraft register with photos

  62. Command-line font information utility

  63. Program measuring sound and generating an equalizer profile
  64. Offline note taking app that preserves HTML formatting

  65. Keyboard driven image editor

  66. Extremely simple job scheduler

  67. iPhone iOS 10 and Linux - replacement for Music, etc

  68. Automatic screenshots with cursor
  69. Library for video streaming from TV card connected to satellite

  70. Saving OneNote files to Linux server (no SharePoint)

  71. Is there a Linux music player which has nestable smart playlists AND syncs with Android?

  72. Store and run queries on political, economic, demographical, ++ country data

  73. Linux media files manager

  74. Server chooser and SSH launcher with GUI

  75. Video server for LAN (headless) with RTP and DLNA?

  76. Proxy server platform that I can write a filtering engine plugin for
  77. C-based YAML parser for interpolated variables
  78. OpenID / Identity provider for self-hosting

  79. VPN client for Linux

  80. Batch Create Animated GIF's from JPG files in multiple folders

  81. Configuring a Z-Wave Controller

  82. Linux command line song Identification software

  83. Tool to remove system bars (status bar + bottom bar) from Android screenshots

  84. High-level GUI tool(s) for managing remote hadoop cluster

  85. Is there any PDF reader like Foxit Reader, for Linux?
  86. Cross platform chat program with local log?

  87. How to view blendshapes?

  88. graphviz dot alternative for larger dot graphs
  89. Multiple linux desktops on the same machine
  90. Flash card app for Android Web with input verification

  91. Linux alternative for Notepad++

  92. Looking for a CLI e-mail sender that supports OAUTH 2.0

  93. What browser can I use for AMD Athlon without SSE2 instruction set?

  94. Software to transfer large amounts of data

  95. free PDF reader with zoom

  96. Is there any pdf reader for Linux that supports layers?
  97. Linux Text editor with integrated diff
  98. Internet radio audio stream capture for Linux (Ubuntu)?
  99. Test which ports are open for outbound connection
  100. Project planning software for Linux