1. Java library for horizontal tree display

  2. Python module providing `word_is_in_language(string word, string ebnf)`

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  9. Are there any reusable, simpler equivalents to Steam or

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  15. Fast (approximate?) linear programming solver for few variables and many constraints
  16. Web assembly data type conversion library
  17. 'abstract' slab/arena memory management/allocation library

  18. Implementation of RFC 6951 "Encapsulation of SCTP inside UDP" as a C library

  19. Display webpages in dynamic tabs

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  34. .NET Linq implementation in Javascript with DefinitelyTyped TypeScript definitions

  35. C, OS independent way to write uncompressed avi files

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  37. Efficient Poisson solver compatible with MPI

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  44. reliable mp3 playback in python with documentation

  45. PERT chart javascript library

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  47. python media libary to develop a soundboard / ambient-mixer

  48. Is there a JS /PHP (not Node.js related) library to support blogging?

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  50. PHP/JS library for PDFs: marking, annotating, commenting

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  53. Machine Learning library in Java
  54. Creation of an interactive STL file editor

  55. Pipy - any resource (website/script etc) to find popularity metric for a user to identify a relevant package
  56. Motion correction (image stabilization) softwares/libraries

  57. Looking for Scala or Java library that supports symbolic algebra and step-by-step symbolic solutions
  58. Lighweight drop-in replacement for valgrind

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  60. Paving / Advancing Front Quad Mesh Algorithm Implementation in C# Code or Unity Importable Library

  61. A DSP library(C++) capable of real time processing, Drc and normalisation.
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  73. How can I visualize zip codes in Germany?

  74. Java implementation of Supersingular isogeny Diffie–Hellman key exchange (SIDH)

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  76. JavaScript/HTML5 Network Topology Drag & Drop

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  79. JavaScript table library
  80. Licensing Module

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  82. .NET VoIP library
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  86. Multi bin packing

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  92. bare metal crypto library

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  94. Spherical Travelling Salesman: Java library

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