1. Best parallel python for a cluster
  2. Python library to compute continuous 1-D wavelet transform

  3. Ajax file uploading library
  4. Python wrapper class library for unix commands with arguments

  5. Library to convert .docx to pdf, in WinRT app

  6. Looking for optimization libraries to optimize a matrix

  7. Simple C/C++ library for network graph manipulation
  8. What Java ORM can give me both dynamic SQL and control of the ResultSet at the same time?
  9. .NET Linq implementation in Javascript with DefinitelyTyped TypeScript definitions

  10. Simple PHP internationalization library with administration
  11. Maze generator library
  12. Efficient Poisson solver compatible with MPI
  13. Java library for error-correction

  14. Offline JavaScript speech recognition library
  15. Software library or tool to pivot and export a lot of data to Excel
  16. Library for converting PDF/DOC(X)/XLS to EPUB in Android

  17. JS library that displays PDF as flipbooks

  18. Java PDF library

  19. PERT chart javascript library

  20. Library for finding minima of complex multidimensional functions in C or C++
  21. Can anyone recommend C++ library for digital signal modulations?
  22. MTP responder embedded device C implementation

  23. Angular, any library for Org Chart?
  24. Programming library with function that roughly determines how much gibberish a string contains?
  25. Alternative to
  26. Javascript or jQuery library to create photo slider

  27. Javascript Game Engine

  28. PHP/JS library for PDFs: marking, annotating, commenting

  29. Java library for horizontal tree display
  30. Python module providing `word_is_in_language(string word, string ebnf)`

  31. Python library for apriori algorithm implementation on tabular data

  32. Best 3D software / library to develop an interactive 3D editor.

  33. iOS cocoapods Complex Layout Library like Groupie for Android

  34. What's the best video compression library for Android?

  35. Calendar calculation API

  36. PDF library to extract text and image in Xamarin (Android)
  37. Table seating chart

  38. Library with standard(ish) type for representing decimal fractions

  39. Java library for quarter-of-the-year and week-of-the-year?
  40. Sound library organizer free

  41. A Java library for language-independent source code analysis

  42. Actual implementation of JSR-353 (JSON)?

  43. Fast (approximate?) linear programming solver for few variables and many constraints

  44. .NET HTTP server library
  45. C# library for fuzzy string comparisons

  46. Library to show 3D object

  47. 'abstract' slab/arena memory management/allocation library
  48. Implementation of RFC 6951 "Encapsulation of SCTP inside UDP" as a C library

  49. Display webpages in dynamic tabs

  50. A library for C# that compares colors from webcam feed

  51. Library to parse and analyse source code

  52. Advanced graph visualisation library for C#

  53. Cloud computing in AR/MR
  54. Object-Oriented SQL Representation
  55. C/C++ Library for HFS+ volumes

  56. Library for converting Microsoft .doc to .docx in Python

  57. TUI driver to run GFX/GUI programs under text console

  58. JavaScript library to read contact data from MS Outllook

  59. Software linking social media accounts
  60. Quick & dirty centralized networking service?
  61. GUI Library for VBScript
  62. Free embedded SSL/TLS library for a GPL-incompatible project

  63. Fast voice command library on Android, open source, works offline

  64. Are any C++ logging libraries safe to use within fork'ed/exec'ed processes?

  65. C# - Up to date torrent library?

  66. Universal Python database client (support mysql, pg, mongodb or something else with same query)

  67. Script/API to generate customizable QR code

  68. Java library for boolean minimization

  69. Library of native components for react-native?
  70. Java High Level Game Library Recommendation - Maintained Alternatives to Slick2D?
  71. Are there any reusable, simpler equivalents to Steam or
  72. C++ Part-Of-Speech tagger
  73. Web assembly data type conversion library

  74. C++11 thread pool implementation

  75. What is a recommended Python Library for InfoPath XML?
  76. Modern C++ CSV reader (and maybe writer) library

  77. C, OS independent way to write uncompressed avi files

  78. Robust and invisible video watermarking software / library
  79. C++ library for converting among graph file formats
  80. Alexandrescu 'vexing alligator' allocator implementation?

  81. reliable mp3 playback in python with documentation

  82. WebP library for Java?
  83. python media libary to develop a soundboard / ambient-mixer

  84. Is there a JS /PHP (not Node.js related) library to support blogging?

  85. Library in either C or JavaScript for reading and writing long series of arbitrary-bit length integers?
  86. Library for video streaming from TV card connected to satellite

  87. Library for a Java tool to draw, using drag and drop from given pallet of icons
  88. Machine Learning library in Java
  89. Creation of an interactive STL file editor
  90. Pipy - any resource (website/script etc) to find popularity metric for a user to identify a relevant package

  91. Motion correction (image stabilization) softwares/libraries
  92. Looking for Scala or Java library that supports symbolic algebra and step-by-step symbolic solutions
  93. Lighweight drop-in replacement for valgrind

  94. Point label positioning library for Java development
  95. Paving / Advancing Front Quad Mesh Algorithm Implementation in C# Code or Unity Importable Library
  96. A DSP library(C++) capable of real time processing, Drc and normalisation.

  97. File System Mock Library for .NET Unit Testing

  98. Python library for taking camera images

  99. JavaScript trace functionality

  100. Python library for creating movies from frames