1. Flashgot alternative for Firefox quantum

  2. Software to easily transfer windows between mobile/desktop/laptop

  3. Tool for optical character recognition (OCR)

  4. User-access controlled photosharing web CMS

  5. Chrome extension to save the content in a form

  6. Freeware website monitoring and alert tool
  7. Web Governance Alternatives to Site Improve

  8. Webapp that predicts the reading of a Japanese given name
  9. MBox Viewer for large files
  10. App to view the 360° panorama pictures

  11. Software to quickly change WiFi power

  12. Software tool to assist me in documenting a file format

  13. Webapp to convert all dates in an unstructured text to a different timezone
  14. Looking for a free Windows command-line PDF restrictions remover

  15. Paint tool / Image editor specifically for creating pixel art

  16. Sound library organizer free
  17. A video cropper for Windows 10
  18. Free feed reader with push notifications for iPhone

  19. Library with standard(ish) type for representing decimal fractions

  20. Free Webflow-like site creator
  21. PDF to movie converter
  22. Non-E-Mail-focused Address Book
  23. I need software for small library
  24. Use a phone as a mic

  25. Free PHP IDE with (zero configuration) debugging (for Windows)

  26. Software to distinguish music from spoken text
  27. Record screen section as animated GIF

  28. Software to create exams

  29. Web assembly data type conversion library

  30. Free tool for exploring compiled .NET assembles, alternative to .NET Reflector?
  31. Program or extension to save Google map
  32. ToDo manager with dependencies and events
  33. System to control user accounts/emails/etc
  34. Gratis Android manager for Windows
  35. Free software for creating ISO images from files or discs?
  36. Gratis bulk email sender software to use on Windows 7?

  37. Free Crash Reporting for Xamarin Forms ( UWP, Android, iOS)
  38. Free SOCKS5 server
  39. A robust and flexible alternative to doxygen supporting C++
  40. International meeting planner allowing to propose several slots
  41. Multi-channel PR tracking webapp

  42. File analyzer and sorter

  43. Which software allows me to perform hierarchical clustering manually?
  44. Git server solution using file permissions

  45. A free program to turn a PC into a Chromecast or AirPlay receiver

  46. Program to create and "embed" subtitles to a movie

  47. Free Google Forms alternative that works offline

  48. Freeware VirtualMachine software with snaphots feature
  49. Email-based helpdesk

  50. Open source, modern PHP project management system with many themes

  51. Free software to convert MTS file to MP4

  52. Very simple macro expanding command line program in Linux and Windows

  53. Gratis software to remove black bars from a movie
  54. Disable video autoplay/load on Chrome

  55. Pneumatic circuit drawing software for Linux

  56. Alternative to doodle

  57. Free Mission Control-like Windows app

  58. Minimal Android app that sets media volume to zero
  59. Free Notes App for Windows 10 with note folders

  60. Bandwidth monitoring with daily quota, user notification

  61. Gratis IDE/editor for Graphviz
  62. What is the most effective free software to train typing speed on Windows 10 for a user that types 55 WPM?

  63. Gratis drag & drop web page designer which generates only one HTML and one CSS file
  64. Tools to measure statistics of a connection
  65. Free screen capture software for recording Minecraft videos

  66. Gratis WebAssembly IDE
  67. Free app to minify / obfuscate Angulr Js
  68. Free remote screen sharing from Android to Windows over WLAN
  69. Modern & feature-rich office suite
  70. Software that put watermark in background of PDF
  71. Windows free program for batch watermarking files

  72. JS library that displays PDF as flipbooks

  73. Script-Based Installer Generator
  74. Weighted graph database with RDF support

  75. Image improvement

  76. Free online photo editor to resize photos and export to web format?

  77. Compare MSI files

  78. Command line tool for file and registry monitoring
  79. Free software to maintain server list/process list
  80. Convert EPS to SVG
  81. Free UML 2 tool which generates C and C++ code
  82. Converter that converts EML files to plain text

  83. Messaging app with end-to-end encryption, usable in China
  84. RDF editor compatible with Mac OS
  85. Is there a free PDF to HTML conversion software?

  86. Text search a directory tree - without needing to create any type of index beforehand
  87. Software to play Buzz games "manually"
  88. Tool to convert indented text to work breakdown structure

  89. Copy/paste clipboard software with a special feature
  90. Free ActionScript 3 IDE with a timeline

  91. Lean and fast RTF (Rich Text File) editor with more features
  92. Extremely simple crossplatform opensource zip library c++

  93. Change pitch of Youtube videos

  94. API to access details on modules in Android apps
  95. Extremely simple job scheduler

  96. Windows registry comparison tool, hierachical/collapsible
  97. Self-hosted web service for file search
  98. Free barcode and QR code scanner app

  99. Free alternative to Videostream

  100. Shipment Goods Tracking software / Storing and retrieving information