1. Nikon D5300 focus stacking Android app
  2. Medium (or general rss) feed text-to-speech reader with voice control
  3. Android image editor which visually and functionally integrates with Google Camera app

  4. Indexed file search like Everything for Android wanted
  5. General purpose GPS tracker app for android that takes stops into account
  6. Voice recording for Android that automatically records on human speech
  7. App to manage your cloud files?
  8. Voice recorder for Android with marker support

  9. Are there any timelapse camera app on Android that takes images instead of videos?
  10. Display city along with caller ID

  11. A text-to-speech app for Android (read aloud from Google Docs)
  12. Android app for logging screentime sessions

  13. Mail App that doesn't group & dismiss all notifications

  14. Making specific apps on my Android phone display in grayscale

  15. Video editor for android similar to Premiere Pro
  16. Messenger app with group albums/posts and admin feature
  17. Reliable alternatives to Skype Numbers / Local Phone for Android, for receiving calls to an overseas landline number?

  18. iOS and android reader for djvu files that supports tabs

  19. App for using Android device as Virtual Instrument host

  20. Control Android device from PC with linux
  21. Metronome app for Android that can increase speed after a specified number of bars

  22. FlashCards for Android and Web

  23. Android app to show what apps/processes are currently using data
  24. Library for converting PDF/DOC(X)/XLS to EPUB in Android

  25. Modern alternative to Tranglos KeyNote
  26. Displaying multiple .img maps at once in Android Marshmallow
  27. Windows or Android software to measure internet latency

  28. App that allows me to do an in-app image search

  29. Ready-to-use software/framework/solution to choose for a responsive website
  30. Library to animate 3D human head/face

  31. An Android library to create and view panorama photos?
  32. Pdf videos on mobile phone
  33. Habit tracking app that supports weekly time-based goals

  34. Voice control without cloud service
  35. Mute /Silence Android Smart Phone based upon calendar event of "Outlook" app (Microsoft)
  36. Software for cutting out something from a frame sequence?

  37. Is there an app that control pc's mouse cursor using android's mouse cursor?
  38. Free NLP API for Android
  39. API to access details on modules in Android apps

  40. App that listens while you play

  41. Offline Android OCR receipt scanner
  42. Android app to record notifications
  43. Android port of old DOS Star Trek game
  44. Software to find network security loopholes of Android Application

  45. Is there a Linux music player which has nestable smart playlists AND syncs with Android?

  46. Recognize music song played to headphones (Shazam only listens to microphone)

  47. IP/Security camera app with web interface and FTP client
  48. Are there any real time databases that can be used with an android application other than firebase?

  49. Handwriting Recognition Keyboard with Graffiti Support
  50. How can I edit a Tumblr .gif on my Android phone?
  51. Audio player on Android suitable for manual transcription
  52. Software to easily transfer windows between mobile/desktop/laptop

  53. What's the best video compression library for Android?

  54. Record my Android screen as GIF movie
  55. Note taking/list making app with dashboard view

  56. On-device alternative to Android's Speech Recognition Engine?
  57. Toolchain to generate a complete Android app from just a few lines of code

  58. PDF library to extract text and image in Xamarin (Android)

  59. Webapp that predicts the reading of a Japanese given name

  60. Android app for quickly tagging/grouping photos by drag/click

  61. Simple Photo Management Android Application
  62. Remotely administrate Android devices in the same network (no cloud!)
  63. Free tool to share one windows application to android (no control)

  64. Android app that plays back audio files as the microphone input

  65. Android install/uninstall log
  66. Android app to ask me questions randomly during the day

  67. Wi-Fi Direct services scanner application for Android

  68. whats is the best tool for python cross plataform development?

  69. I know there are websites which can help me find a cuddle friend. But is there any Android app which can help?
  70. Which DAISY reader works on Android?

  71. Android phone call receiver with voice record in WAV format
  72. Remove passers-by from picture, by taking the same picture several times

  73. Exchange Active Sync mail client for Android

  74. Free android app that can RECEIVE sms messages
  75. Timer on notification slider for Android

  76. VNC server for Android
  77. Alternative to G-MScreen in Windows

  78. Android keyboard that doesn't insert space after the recommended word

  79. Simple expense/income tracking Android app
  80. Android app for joining several photographs into a larger flat image
  81. Search FB Messenger Past Messages

  82. iTunes/Playlist application that allows reordering of songs on phone

  83. How to remotely control Android device?
  84. Android Web Browser That Displays Forward Button

  85. Android App for C Programming

  86. Software that allows to create and practice Multiple Choice Questions tests for personal use

  87. Android Apps to Duplicate Computer Display

  88. eReader that supports CSS3 Speech Module
  89. How to force wrap icons like iPhone?

  90. Android Swipe Keyboard with low memory (RAM) usage

  91. Android app to create and visualise price history database

  92. Out of the box chat application

  93. Android app that will survey me at specific or random intervals

  94. What app can help me selecting music from within a folder of tracks?

  95. Free remote screen sharing from Android to Windows over WLAN

  96. What simple open source photo/image editors exist there on android?

  97. Full remote access to Android device

  98. Any Xamarin component to create bitmaps from SVG files at build time?
  99. Android file manager with custom bookmarks
  100. Password manager for Linux and Android