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  1. Alternative to gnome-screensot
  2. Twitter app that doesn't require an account

  3. Simple quiz related software

  4. Are there any frameworks for DDD?

  5. Advanced Windows volume mixer

  6. Wallet / In-app credits library or service

  7. iOS Charting Library Analysis

  8. Wordpress LMS plugin
  9. Android phone call receiver with voice record in WAV format
  10. Tool for scheduling Facebook messages

  11. Software with Workflow and Ticketing features
  12. CAD modeller with support for interactive events

  13. Self-hosted CMS for code snippets

  14. PixelBlock alternative for Firefox?

  15. Building a search index, and querying it from the command line
  16. CMS for small-business website
  17. Non-proprietary Presentation / Vector Graphics Animation
  18. Real-time traffic information in OsmAnd+

  19. rdp clients on windows with command line support

  20. Healthcare NLP tools, frameworks, API
  21. Where to create SQL databases online?

  22. Delaying print job in Windows
  23. Software to log laptop's power consumption before a crash (Windows)

  24. Parental control on Windows 10 for restricting computer usage
  25. Software to distinguish music from spoken text
  26. I know there are websites which can help me find a cuddle friend. But is there any Android app which can help?
  27. Looking for an in-browser text editor with inline tokens

  28. Hosted Continuous Integration service for Mercurial repos on Bitbucket

  29. Static site generator with dynamic pages

  30. Bulk SMS sender with my Short code

  31. Version-Control for Text Documents - Git based Text-Editor / Markdown-Editor?

  32. Browsers with same or similar features like Opera on Presto engine
  33. Free android app that can RECEIVE sms messages
  34. Which DAISY reader works on Android?

  35. Batch-combining large images
  36. Record screen section as animated GIF

  37. Software to create exams
  38. C++/Qt libaries and tutorials for GIS programming

  39. Wiki software that has page access control

  40. Looking for a way to sync/mirror contacts from Office365 to in Outlook 2016 Desktop App
  41. I'm looking for an e-commerce site with a powerful api for integration into an existing web app

  42. Animated video overlays for educational videos

  43. Android install/uninstall log

  44. Web assembly data type conversion library
  45. PDF parsing library compatible with .Net Core
  46. Timer on notification slider for Android
  47. 'abstract' slab/arena memory management/allocation library
  48. A Database Management System that understands Relational Algebra Queries

  49. Web-based email client that works with Microsoft Exchange
  50. Is there a Cloud Management Platform that can control/manage hosted, open source Linux VMs?

  51. Automated mysql table duplication between servers, via SQL

  52. A remedy for the lack of 1 finger scroll on recent laptops?

  53. How to verify XAdES signature of a document?

  54. Free tool for exploring compiled .NET assembles, alternative to .NET Reflector?

  55. Android App ChatBot
  56. Looking for a simple 2D Animation software for Infographics-like animations
  57. Mobile/tablet offline mockup tool

  58. Free scripting for Android, Ios, Windows Phone (Symbian would be nice)

  59. YouTube editor - free Windows desktop replacement
  60. Language preferable for designing desktop widgets

  61. Create collage from many images

  62. Is there a free method to share a USB device from a hyper-v host to a guest VM?

  63. Implementation of RFC 6951 "Encapsulation of SCTP inside UDP" as a C library

  64. Android keyboard that doesn't insert space after the recommended word

  65. Transcriber software for windows?
  66. Program or extension to save Google map

  67. Open source deployment manager for windows 10 applications, files and database?

  68. A gamified productivity app for Android
  69. Is there a an Android app. for joining several photographs into a larger flat image?

  70. Cloud Invoice API
  71. Tool to help the Helpdesk

  72. Display webpages in dynamic tabs

  73. ToDo manager with dependencies and events
  74. Looking for Software that does "Part Oriented" Text File Encryption and/or Archive File Encryption

  75. Human-readable settings file format

  76. Manage advertisements on my website
  77. Faking an "Undelivered mail" message in Gmail

  78. Windows recycle bin extension to delete files older than 30 days
  79. Internet radio software where I can add my preferred stations
  80. GIT Repository Manager

  81. iOS app to make interval photos

  82. An alternative for "eog" that I can use by "system(" ")" command?

  83. Free traffic shaping software for windows

  84. jStatic simple HTTP server with ability to reload pages when files are changed

  85. Android App for C Programming
  86. Software inventory / asset management software

  87. Reading/browsing tree files generated by windows
  88. Random, truly memorable password generator
  89. Looking for Report Object Relational Map back to SQL Server Objects

  90. Library to parse and analyse source code
  91. Open source GUI program for producing plots/graphs

  92. Offline iOS app that gives the full declensions of German nouns
  93. System to control user accounts/emails/etc

  94. PDF organizer with virtual hierarchy, fast viewer, highlighting, search

  95. MP3/WAV to text (speech recognition)

  96. Alternative to G-MScreen in Windows
  97. Single file based graph database
  98. Advanced graph visualisation library for C#
  99. kst, SciDaVis or LabPlot?

  100. Message UI for Windows Phone 8