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  1. Looking for object oriented and relational modeling with visual representation component
  2. Software inventory / asset management software
  3. Email clients with dark/solarized themes and "native" Office 365 support?

  4. 3D diagramming tool

  5. Looking for Software that does "Part Oriented" Text File Encryption and/or Archive File Encryption

  6. One Sky Xcode Plugin

  7. Architecture diagram tool with zoom-in for detail

  8. Transcriber software for windows?
  9. Find by similar filenames on macOS?
  10. Language preferable for designing desktop widgets

  11. Library to draw multiple timespans like in Outlook

  12. Implementation of RFC 6951 "Encapsulation of SCTP inside UDP" as a C library
  13. Setting up Linux for a touch-screen laptop

  14. Lightweight text editor for spell check & grammar check offline in OS X

  15. Color profile for colorblind (deuteranomaly)
  16. C++/Qt libaries and tutorials for GIS programming
  17. Plugin providing CMIS-compliant access to Liferay's Document Library?

  18. Alert if a remote computer tries to connect on a given port

  19. Easy to use file encryption software requiring only the password to decrypt
  20. Cloud Invoice API
  21. MBOX to PST file converter

  22. Free scripting for Android, Ios, Windows Phone (Symbian would be nice)

  23. Language detection at shell command

  24. Linux game with hotseat multiplayer

  25. Free software to create non-linear presentations with a free camera?

  26. Framework / Library to reset password from Windows login screen

  27. Spam filters with good regular expression support on all email fields?
  28. Software that allows to create and practice Multiple Choice Questions tests for personal use

  29. Responsive JavaScript table to load 20k records in 2 or 3 seconds

  30. Tell whether an image shows mainly ONE person (not zero or several persons)

  31. Modern front end web development framework

  32. Foxpro Database Programming Libary for Linux

  33. Create and easily display cheatsheets (with shortcuts) for any program on mac

  34. JS GUI framework on top of Django REST framework

  35. iOS app to make interval photos

  36. A software for creating a 3D spatial density map from large data points

  37. Software to convert html, css and javascript into a flash swf

  38. Using GIS to store any type of file
  39. Background playback YouTube app for iOS

  40. Customizable website chat widget

  41. CMIS .NET Open Source Server Side Library

  42. Ad-block for Spotify?

  43. Advanced graph visualisation library for C#

  44. Reading/browsing tree files generated by windows

  45. Message UI for Windows Phone 8
  46. Library to parse and analyse source code
  47. Ethereum desktop wallet which works

  48. Does anyone have a program to clear the clipboard after an interval?
  49. Searching for a specific website designer
  50. Tool for software documentation purpose

  51. jStatic simple HTTP server with ability to reload pages when files are changed
  52. What virtual desktop software can catch programs into their desktop?
  53. Affordable and of good quality text to speech software

  54. Is there olap server or cubes based on PHP

  55. Is there a Java YAML library you might recommend?

  56. A library for C# that compares colors from webcam feed

  57. Quicker alternative to PDFcrop

  58. Lightweight Python IDE for ML

  59. Markdown editor for OSX (ssh connection) navigate through ftp folder to load and upload modified .md
  60. Medium (or general rss) feed text-to-speech reader with voice control

  61. Apache as Reverse Proxy on Windows

  62. Audio Analysis tools CLI

  63. Program to create and "embed" subtitles to a movie

  64. Video players with RTSP support
  65. What is a tool to wireframe an app AND then generate html + css code afterwards

  66. System to control user accounts/emails/etc
  67. Webapp that merges, filters and sorts chronologically a large number of RSS feeds

  68. Best parallel python for a cluster
  69. Is there any way to disable the autobuffering and/or automatic loading of YouTube videos whenever I load a page?

  70. Software to read, highlight, and annotate PDFs
  71. Looking for good software for ebook management
  72. Web-Based Open Source Hostel Management system?
  73. App to Search PDF contents / business intelligence
  74. Receiver-initiated file sharing

  75. A Japanese language app for iOS with this particular quality(please read the description)?
  76. Free Windows software to combine a jpg with an mp3 and save as mp4?
  77. ManicTime alternative for Mac
  78. software for 2d stylizing 3d animation?

  79. Best Choices for Application Lifecycle Management

  80. Read a PDF file on Google Chrome on 2 columns

  81. Table seating chart

  82. Holistic keyboard shortcut approach/scheme/guide?

  83. Reporting suite for making data available to customers

  84. CI/CD free for hobby side projects. Jenkins on Heroku as alternative, with ephemeral dyno

  85. iOS app publishing my position on a web site

  86. CMIS to SMB 3 gateway
  87. Ajax file uploading library
  88. Python library to compute continuous 1-D wavelet transform
  89. 2d game engines that support reading external resources
  90. Update images in documentation automatically
  91. Gateway that makes a WebDAV server appear as a CMIS server

  92. Software for genomics/bioinformatics server development - Open Source

  93. Looking for a OSX alternative for baretail
  94. Python wrapper class library for unix commands with arguments

  95. Flash presentation SWF

  96. Web-based password management solutions for a digital agency

  97. PDF reader that saves sessions on macos
  98. Is there a Linux command line tool so to get spectra of a sound file?
  99. CMS for video courses

  100. Android app to block all international calls?