1. Algorithm for Uneven Product allocation in Multiple Warehouses with PHP

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  10. data stored in dbase (application result

  11. how to find position of a person in particular time in a stretch that is collection of segments and each segment has different speed

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  13. Should I be using any algorithm to sort/find items, or use a language's built-in ways?

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  16. What is the name of the "minesweeper recursion"?
  17. Is big-O really that relevant when working in industry?

  18. Binary Search seems superior, why did the committee of C++ still have Find in the algorithm library?

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  33. encrypting a string with public key in client side and decrypt it in backend using private key

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  48. algorithm for calculating permutations using little memory?

  49. How to find the shortest path with wormhole nodes?
  50. Heuristic for optimising the traveling salesman problem (tsp) in under O(n²)
  51. Deduplication of complex records / Similarity Detection
  52. In what way is an XML database different from (is not specialization of) a graph database?

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  62. Why is the optimal choice for a pivot in quicksort algorithm the median element?

  63. Why is binary search,which needs sorted data, considered better than linear search?

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  65. Is there no substitute for testing?

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  100. Loop invariant of Selection Sort