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  1. Best practice to "continue" from inside a nested loop?

  2. How much to log with 400 or 500 HTTP resonses?
  3. Do JITs typically have their own internal assembler, use a library, or use an executable assembler?

  4. How to model a status log that doesn't allow duplicate statuses sequentially
  5. How to store prices that have effective dates?

  6. Best practices for adding Node.JS build features to a non-Node project

  7. How to perform input validation without exceptions or redundancy
  8. Assembling random indexed packages into an ordered sequence(s)?
  9. Are there any formalized/mathematical theories of software testing?
  10. Dealing with Complex Value Objects
  11. Correct way of using HttpClient

  12. Is it good practice to eliminate zero in a statement if possible (e.g.:rewrite a-b>0 into a>b)?
  13. Design for 2 closely related (1 for 1) classes that may alter each other

  14. Is it wrong to use a boolean parameter to determine behavior?

  15. Applying XML settings to settings in an application
  16. Techniques for guiding users to correctly tag items?

  17. How to Gain full Confidence in Pull Request builds

  18. Domain Model Representation - Formal ontology vs code

  19. Storing laravel API tokens from one API in another APIs env file

  20. What tasks does a memory barrier enforces other than preventing the re-ordering of instructions?

  21. Metadata evolution considerations?
  22. Selecting test cases to run by checking what's changed

  23. Unable to solve mystery of functions in Javascript

  24. How is IETF different from W3C?
  25. Forth: How do CREATE and DOES> work exactly?

  26. How to properly re-license code released under the MIT License?
  27. Dependency Injection in Chain of Command pattern

  28. Terminology for plurality-agnostic objects

  29. How to associate one type with another in multiple contexts?

  30. Deal with enumeration in Microservices architecture

  31. Authorization and Domain Model

  32. Are empty interfaces (but not marker interfaces) a bad programming practice?

  33. Write data to SQL Server directly from BizTalk or use external service?

  34. Does required to disclose source if use MPL 2.0 API in commercial Software

  35. How do you denote a variable in a comment?
  36. Strategies for managing legacy data for a medium sized enterprise

  37. Advantages of using an array over a hash table?
  38. Interaction between model and self-modifying data in Qt MV
  39. Should the ORM create the related objects (ForeignKey objects) when saving the entity?
  40. How to design the datamodel of nested categories connected to a note?

  41. Naming Conventions for Sub-Services and Handlers

  42. Quality considerations for XSD elements as strings

  43. Interdependent variables

  44. two processes with same execute time
  45. How can I maintain bash functions without brittle escaped newlines?

  46. Open-source, when (not) to go on a crusade for a feature?
  47. Difference between Sfm and 3D reconstruction?

  48. Application layer vs domain layer?
  49. Code Documentation First?

  50. When "Log in" should be a use case and when not?

  51. Is it safe to trust emulators when developing multi platform/resolution mobile apps?

  52. How to insert records from one table to another in MySQL?

  53. OOP: Passing new Object as a parameter or creating it inside constructor?
  54. Chatbot Conversation Objects, your approach?

  55. Arguments for and against a external REST wrapper
  56. What technical documentation to share and not to share to a wide public?

  57. Does polyfill in JS completely eliminate versioning issues in browsers?

  58. Examples for bidirectional and unidirectional relationships between objects

  59. How to declare need of polyfill publishing jquery plugin (specially for webpack users)?
  60. How to manage multiple NuGet packages in GitHub and Artifactory?
  61. Optimal cases for container oriented architecture
  62. Reading huge (up to 32 GB) file in multithreading env?
  63. Abstract Factory of Composite Builders - Dependency Injection?
  64. How to split an onion-style DDD project without using microservices?
  65. What contract is in consumer-driven contract testing?

  66. Creating a "lite" version of shared library on Linux/POSIX in addition to full version
  67. What is an "active thread" in Java?

  68. Scrum: Baseline story for point estimation
  69. Proof of digital document integrity

  70. Ideal AB testing architecture to optimize for engagement
  71. What's a recommended way to design a db schema for multi-language website?

  72. Pull important messages from DLQ queue and save them in a relational database, to be analyzed and sent back later. Is it a good idea?

  73. Preferred approach to a matching process

  74. Representing Java Object Hierarchy With Nested Classes

  75. "Property Container" design-pattern in-depth definition
  76. Are repeat, forward, rewind and stop extending usecases of the base usecase "Play Music" in a music player?
  77. How to deal with file events with microservice that exposes a REST API
  78. Team logistics to build a cloud service API from a Matlab prototype
  79. C# monitor browser activity ( chrome, explorer, firefox etc )

  80. Can a constructor look like this in Java?

  81. JSON or XML for parsing for Google Map API

  82. Help with algorithm for organaizing blocks

  83. automated acceptance testing / BDD & workflow for designing a system

  84. Multilingual model in DDD

  85. Calling multiple async services in parallel

  86. API-oriented databases: is it maintained by the back or API team?
  87. Is an event loop just a for/while loop with optimized polling?
  88. How to minimize a Java library's exposed interface surface while breaking down the library into subpackages?
  89. Tracking ice cream flavor preference
  90. What is the best way to maintain synchronicity between a table that has a list of another table?

  91. HTML and JS code structure

  92. Calendar scheduling: home field constraints

  93. GPLv3 Licensing in Proprietary SaaS (Client and Server Side)

  94. How do scalable bloom filters work?

  95. Count Sort Algorithm efficiency

  96. Enforcing IF, ELSEIF and ELSE on collection of ojects

  97. What options are there to administrate a database for an online business?
  98. Project structure with git submodules with common dependencies

  99. Algorithm for recursive division maze generation on hexagonal grid

  100. Is a file hosting server a secondary actor in a "Play a Video" usecase?