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  1. Is a file with properties and/or functions included in another file, an "object" from an OOP standpoint?

  2. Is the 'finally' portion of a 'try ... catch ... finally' construct even necessary?
  3. Can we use shared schema multi tenancy(using tenant_id column to scope) with seperate schema approach
  4. How to avoid "managers" in my code

  5. How to refactor this legacy code snippet to make it extensible?

  6. In C++, how much programmer time is spent doing memory management

  7. In C++; How big should an object [that will be transferred between functions] be before I consider delegating it to the heap?
  8. How to keep a big and complex software product maintainable over the years?

  9. Possible to implement OOP without using extensive heap operations?

  10. How should one modularly implement related objects?

  11. Angular View Model Validation
  12. Should Linked Lists always have a tail pointer?
  13. How can i call my project API or library?

  14. Layered architecture terminology

  15. When is it okay to use Parallel Arrays?

  16. Can we assume while testing software that a user wouldn't perform such silly actions on software?

  17. How do you convice your client to sign time and materials contract without upper bound budget limit?
  18. Abstraction from database - handling ID types

  19. how efficient is sorting and searching in malloc/free?

  20. How to integrate Laravel passport, oauth scopes and roles and permissions
  21. Game architecture - connecting different parts of the game
  22. How to work with static properties
  23. Are there any significant disadvantages to depending upon abstractions?
  24. Implementing paging with multiple data sources
  25. RSpec + Selenium tests for .NET on Windows
  26. Frustration with Java Swing layout managers
  27. Can one Aggregate Root have multiple subtypes
  28. Implementing SSML parsing at open source browsers
  29. LOC in multiple implementations of same functionality

  30. Multiple handlers of an exception, and handling exceptions in the UI
  31. What is actually the difference between the GNU C Library and the C standard Library?

  32. How to check if an algorithm is patented or not?
  33. Android app for heart rate monitoring

  34. DAO with Java on a Booking System
  35. How to handle a TODO in a pull request?

  36. In GitHub Flow, why is it important to deploy after push to master?
  37. Authenticate Joomla user from an external app based on Node.js, Javascript and MongoDB

  38. When is a 'core' library a bad idea?
  39. How does one decide if a data object type should be designed to be immutable?

  40. How to ease the maintenance of event driven code?

  41. Having trouble with exposing class properties across projects

  42. How to architect Notification service logic?

  43. What are the drawbacks of immutable types?

  44. Are noncontiguous arrays performant?
  45. Breaking a Large Python Project into Multiple Packages
  46. How do I avoid "Developer's Bad Optimization Intuition"?
  47. Web App Authentication's Architecture Related Query
  48. What are your decision critera in C++ to make something a data member or virtual method?
  49. Git workflow for flexible features

  50. Order and filter Server-Sent-Events in angular.js eventsource
  51. Is it an inefficient workflow to write out code and THEN go back and optimize?
  52. Parallel Image Processing Best Practices

  53. Domain Events Groupping/Buffering
  54. Interpreting profiling results

  55. I believe I have mixed C and C++ code when I shouldn't have; Is this a problem and how to rectify?
  56. Is it common/appropriate to have a Flux application that combines Actions and Dispatchers?
  57. Considerations for using Thing(props) vs renderThing(x, y, z) in JSX?

  58. UI design and confirmation paradigm
  59. Redux: When Should I Keep Track of State and When Should I Not?

  60. Logic behind an 'undo' for painting on a canvas
  61. Design considerations for configuration menu on embedded system

  62. Optimal load distribution with maximum workload

  63. Angular - Middleware to calculate signature

  64. Mutex vs Semaphore: How to implement them _not_ in terms of the other?

  65. Should a Dev Lead Abstain from Development?

  66. How can I replace all matches found in Apache POI?

  67. Algorithm for determining transactions among weekly data series?

  68. A reference counting pattern for memory managed languages?
  69. Strategy for avoiding defensive copies while keeping correct encapsulation

  70. How to be organized when designing OO software architecture?

  71. Information sharing in event-based systems

  72. Dependency Injection: Creating object factories vs. using inversion of control containers
  73. Logging Implementation in a project using a class library or a web service
  74. (System) Hooks for embedded libraries

  75. Creation vs Initialization in Python
  76. Why use metaclasses in Python?

  77. Github-like "pull requests" without Github

  78. Do special-cases with fallbacks violate the Liskov Substitution Principle?

  79. How to write good javascript unit test descriptions

  80. When to use a repository/service vs an instance variable?

  81. Is it appropriate to not follow the O/C principle if you have unit test coverage?

  82. Should We Use Protected Member in Base Class Or Private Member in Derived Class?

  83. Why most of large corporations websites are bad?
  84. angularJS code sharing across hybrid Ionic app and regular mobile website

  85. Adding a prefix to each word in a string

  86. How to support inheritance when designing an OO language without classes

  87. What construct do I use to guarantee 100 tasks are running in parallel

  88. Is there any reason to use "plain old data" classes?
  89. Why do we need private variables?

  90. What are efficient algorithms for immutable dictionaries/sets?

  91. Concurrency: How do you approach the design and debug the implementation?

  92. What defines robust code?
  93. Collecting user input to use as query with API
  94. What's the best way to track web application deployments in analytics?
  95. What's the alternative to separate front-end and API?
  96. Which is better, one central detailed comment, or several smaller ones?

  97. Spring Restful API - Controller strategy

  98. How can I maintain code quality without SCM?
  99. Should I have a "requires review" label for GitHub pr's

  100. Mocked dependencies verification - Best practices