1. Did Trump predict Gillespie would lose?

  2. Is the GOP tax plan the 'largest tax cut in history'?

  3. Does E15 fuel damage cars newer than 2001?
  4. Did the future Prime Minister of Poland help the future president of USA to pay his tuition?

  5. Did tax revenue improve after tax rates were cut after Kennedy's death?

  6. Is instructing a subject to crawl forward with crossed ankles standard arrest protocol?
  7. Will the Republican tax plan cost Donald Trump "a fortune"?
  8. Entire GOP voted against letting senators read the new tax bill?

  9. Is the average effective corporate tax rate in US only 15% in 2017?

  10. Will parents be arrested in Magnolia, Texas for walking with their children onto school grounds?
  11. Was there a picture of Freud above a urinal at Washington University?

  12. Do voters refuse to believe accurate accounts of Republican tax plans?
  13. Was Suzanne Coleman killed when she was 7 months pregnant with Bill Clinton's child?
  14. Does Toomey's amendment to the GOP Tax Bill only benefit Hillsdale College?

  15. Has Trump's administration been making more human trafficking arrests than the Obama administration?
  16. Did NAMBLA march in Gay Pride parades in the 70s and 80s?

  17. Is the belief that vaccinations cause autism correlated with liberal political beliefs?
  18. Has the War on Drugs disproportionately affected minority communities?
  19. Did ISP "pocket" $400 billion that was supposed to be dedicated toward fiber cable infrastructure?
  20. Is the US Army Field Manual 30-31B a forgery?

  21. Do 60% of US anti-vaxxers identify as politically liberal?

  22. Did Obama call for online "truthiness tests" to "curate" news on the internet?

  23. Did Hillary Clinton's Campaign Fake a Rally in Greensboro, North Carolina?
  24. Has net neutrality always been the way the Internet has worked?

  25. Is the total cost of treating the uninsured in emergency rooms more expensive than government-subsidized urgent care would be in the US?

  26. Did the NYPD use an ambulance to trick protesters into cooperating?
  27. Does the US Federal Government want to cut down and burn trees on a property to protect an extinct frog?

  28. Does Shell get $2 billion a year in subsidies from the US government?
  29. November 4th Antifa Apocalypse?
  30. Is a police officer 18x more likely to be killed by a black male than an unarmed black male is to be by a police officer?

  31. Has the American Congress blocked the CDC from studying why guns are so attractive?
  32. In the US, are three women killed each day by their male partners?
  33. Did only a few people in Trump's campaign know George Papadopoulos?
  34. Is the US tax code only 2,600 pages long?
  35. Are Politifact's fact checks biased against Republicans?

  36. Does an Executive Order keep JFK murder evidence unavailable until 2039, 2038 or 2017?

  37. Has any other president personally paid the family of a fallen soldier?

  38. Are fully automatic firearms very hard for civilians to obtain in the USA?

  39. Do first pregnancies tend to deliver later than the due-date?
  40. Would the US deficit disappear if the costs of medical activity were more like the rest of the world?

  41. Did commerical flag makers catalog and sell the second Confederate national flag as "whiteman's flag"?
  42. Were terror attacks proposed to gain political support for a war against Cuba?

  43. Has the marijuana black market in Colorado increased since the state repealed its state laws prohibiting it?
  44. Did a counter-protester at Charlottesville use a spray and lighter after being threatened with a gun and attacked with a flag?
  45. Are there slot machines with wheels that use bingo internally?

  46. Have parents been jailed in the USA for refusing to vaccinate their children?
  47. Did House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi say that she hopes banning bump stocks is a slippery slope for more gun restrictions?

  48. Will 36,000 people die per year due to the repeal of the ACA?

  49. Is radioactive milk being sold in inner-city black neighbourhoods in New York?
  50. Did NFL players used to remain in the locker room during the pre-game national anthem, prior to sponsorship by the Department of Defense?

  51. Are white people more likely to commit mass murder in the United States?
  52. "White people" crime?
  53. Did Trump help Puerto Rico actively?

  54. Does getting married prevent violence against women and children?

  55. Did Mormons protest social issues with the American flag in 1885?

  56. Does the Jones Act double import prices in Puerto Rico?

  57. Do some Jewish American charity organizations fund the Israeli military?

  58. Has any immigrant from any of the countries named in Trump's executive order been guilty of terrorism on US soil?

  59. Is this chart detailing incidences of homocide by race accurate?

  60. Were lawn jockey statues used to indicate stops on the Underground Railroad?
  61. Did Ivana Trump claim under oath that she had been raped by Donald Trump?
  62. Sexual assault epidemic on US campuses or up-playing of same situation as elsewhere?
  63. Are these rape statistics correct regarding rapes of black women by white men between 2003 and 2008 in USA?
  64. Did Obama's administration bug Trump Tower?
  65. In California, does it cost more to send someone to prison than to send them to Stanford?
  66. Does the US spend more on prisons than public education?
  67. Earned income tax credit 25% fraud?

  68. Is any male over 15 years of age considered a combatant if killed by a drone strike?

  69. Does Steven Milloy hold the degrees he claims?
  70. Did Henry Ford say "If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses"?

  71. Did televangelist Joel Osteen say he would have provided shelter for Hurricane Harvey victims if asked?

  72. Does discarding the California vote numbers make Donald Trump lead the national popular vote?
  73. Is the EPA's regulation of particulate matter justified with evidence?

  74. Do FBI crime statistics suggest no-one died in the Sandy Hook massacre?

  75. Is Mexico one of the "highest crime Nations in the world"?

  76. Was there violence on both sides in Charlottesville?
  77. Is 90% of media in the USA controlled by six companies?

  78. Did a raid by a SWAT team from Joe Arpaio's office end with a house on fire and deputies laughing as a dog burned in it?
  79. Has ESPN removed broadcaster Robert Lee from a game, citing the name of a confederate general?

  80. Do 40,000 people die in the United States for every 1% increase in unemployment?
  81. Did Antifa distribute this pamphlet?
  82. Did the story of Columbus and the lunar eclipse take place?
  83. Does Trump spend $10m/month travelling compared to Obama's $1m/month?

  84. Is this "whites killed by whites" diagram wrong?

  85. Did a broadcast of the US National Anthem in the 60's use subliminal messaging?

  86. Are right-wing extremists a bigger terrorist threat than islamic extremists in the USA?

  87. Does the DuPont/Denka plant in Lousiana emit 250,000 pounds of chloroprene annually?
  88. In states where medical marijuana laws are passed, did prescription painkiller sales decrease?
  89. Was the US nuclear missle launch code set to 00000000 for 15 years of the cold war?

  90. List comparing countries attacked by Iran and the USA accurate?
  91. Is this YouTube segment from the group known as "Anonymous"?
  92. Did DUI fatalities increase or decrease due to legalization of marijuana?

  93. Does Congress appropriate 300 billion annually to agencies which cannot legally receive appropriations?
  94. Has the Trump administration revoked these listed LGBT protections?

  95. Does the USA have the highest taxes?

  96. Why does the IRS want you to declare income from illegal activites?

  97. What is the economic burden of having transgender people in the US military?
  98. Can the US government garnish 100% of your income?

  99. Is there a positive correlation between number of sexual partners and likelihood of failed marriage in the United States?

  100. Do Jews joining the Chicago SlutWalk march have to be anti-Zionist?