1. Did Japanese people misspell "We pray for MacArthur's election"?

  2. Are there 2400 bank robberies per year in the US?
  3. Is the holocaust fading from memory in the US?
  4. Does corporate lobbying provide benefits to those funding it?
  5. Did a counter-protester at Charlottesville use a spray and lighter after being threatened with a gun and attacked with a flag?

  6. Has Trump freed hundreds of children per month and broken up trafficking rings?

  7. Did Thomas Edison steal inventions?
  8. Do these pictures depict David Hogg after two separate crises?

  9. Were there 18 school shootings in the US from Jan 1 to Feb 14, 2018?
  10. Was Suzanne Coleman killed when she was 7 months pregnant with Bill Clinton's child?

  11. Do pricey medicines in the USA subsidise R&D for the rest of the world?
  12. Did the National Rifle Association (NRA) block research into statistics related to gun control?
  13. Is the US is heavily reliant on its richest citizens to support the tax burden?
  14. Is Gina Haspel wanted in Europe?
  15. Did a Paul Ryan affiliated SuperPAC campaign to elect Democrat Conor Lamb?
  16. Do only 0.6% of rapes lead to incarceration in the US?

  17. Did Betsy Ross make the first US flag?

  18. Does the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) provide higher quality, cheaper care than most other US health systems?

  19. Is there any evidence that laptops in airplanes might be used for terrorist attack?
  20. Has president Trump been "very strict on Commercial Aviation"?
  21. Are schools with armed guards or police safer?

  22. Were there armed guards at Columbine?
  23. Did paranoid crack traffickers fuel adoption of semiautomatics?

  24. Are violent video games a better explanation of school shootings than access to guns?

  25. Did the USA used to have more guns per person that it does now?

  26. Did police search a student's home after a square root symbol was mistaken for a gun?
  27. Has the marijuana black market in Colorado increased since the state repealed its state laws prohibiting it?

  28. Are most US mass shooters Democrats?

  29. Did Hillary collude with Russia?

  30. Is this comparison of wedge tailed eagles and bald eagles accurate?

  31. Was Iran Air Flight 655 shot down by mistake?

  32. Is it true Democrats did not want to pass any gun control laws when they had majorities in Congress during Obama's presidency?

  33. Did the UK homicide rate go up after handgun ownership was banned?

  34. How much does the White House pay to their employees?

  35. Does PETA euthanize unwanted pets at its Virginia headquarters?

  36. Does PETA euthanize 95.9% of all animals under its care?
  37. Did the Vanderbilts from the Gilded Age bathe in saltwater?

  38. Has the Americans with Disabilities Act reduced employment for disabled workers?
  39. Is it true that besides Volkswagen, many other car companies also similarly cheated in the emission test but faced limited consequences?

  40. Do 40,000 people die in the United States for every 1% increase in unemployment?

  41. Was a teenager admitted to Stanford University after repeatedly writing #BlackLivesMatter on a supplemental essay?
  42. Were the measles outbreaks of this decade caused by people not vaccinating?

  43. Do full-time working women earn 77 cents for every dollar a man earns?

  44. Does the US Federal Government want to cut down and burn trees on a property to protect an extinct frog?
  45. Have ATMs across the US "spat out money" in the second half of January 2018?

  46. Did OJ Simpson murder his ex wife and Ron Goldman?
  47. Is the US federal government still paying Civil War survivor benefits?
  48. Is there a high chance of being raped in US prisons?

  49. Are physically attractive people more likely to be right wing politically?

  50. Are "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" truthful?
  51. Is there a death penalty if you jump off a building (and don't die) in New York?

  52. Is female unemployment lowest in 18 years?
  53. Are 93% of meat worker marriages in shambles?
  54. Are a majority of grade-school children in Arizona Hispanic?
  55. Did Obama use the Espionage act to put reporters in jail?
  56. Is it true that in New York City there is a special law stating "It is Illegal to break the law"?
  57. Was the Obama administration responsible for the decision to move the UK embassy and the sale of the old location?
  58. Does the Gang of Six immigration plan expand Chain Migration and Visa Lotteries?

  59. Did the fallout from American nuclear tests kill hundreds of thousands of American civilians?
  60. Did the US spend 7 trillion in the Middle East?

  61. Was there ever a cable channel called The Puppy Channel which broadcasted for three years?
  62. Are Americans besieged by high-crime immigrant communities?

  63. Did millions sign up for association health plans after President Trump's executive order?

  64. Does E15 fuel damage cars newer than 2001?

  65. Are obese patients in the US commonly sent to zoos for CT scans?
  66. Does gerrymandering of some US electoral boundaries drive polarisation between parties?

  67. Does gerrymandering have a significant effect on the number of congressional seats won by Republicans?

  68. Does politically controlled redistricting in US elections make incumbents more secure?

  69. Did the democrats win the popular vote in the 2012 US congressional elections?
  70. Is this document describing pedophile logos an authentic FBI document?

  71. Is the US Army Field Manual 30-31B a forgery?

  72. Are top quartile teachers radically better than their colleagues?
  73. Did Trump predict Gillespie would lose?
  74. Is the GOP tax plan the 'largest tax cut in history'?

  75. Did the future Prime Minister of Poland help the future president of USA to pay his tuition?

  76. Did tax revenue improve after tax rates were cut after Kennedy's death?
  77. Is instructing a subject to crawl forward with crossed ankles standard arrest protocol?

  78. Will the Republican tax plan cost Donald Trump "a fortune"?

  79. Entire GOP voted against letting senators read the new tax bill?

  80. Is the average effective corporate tax rate in US only 15% in 2017?

  81. Will parents be arrested in Magnolia, Texas for walking with their children onto school grounds?

  82. Was there a picture of Freud above a urinal at Washington University?

  83. Do voters refuse to believe accurate accounts of Republican tax plans?
  84. Does Toomey's amendment to the GOP Tax Bill only benefit Hillsdale College?
  85. Has Trump's administration been making more human trafficking arrests than the Obama administration?

  86. Did NAMBLA march in Gay Pride parades in the 70s and 80s?
  87. Is the belief that vaccinations cause autism correlated with liberal political beliefs?
  88. Has the War on Drugs disproportionately affected minority communities?

  89. Did ISP "pocket" $400 billion that was supposed to be dedicated toward fiber cable infrastructure?
  90. Do 60% of US anti-vaxxers identify as politically liberal?
  91. Did Obama call for online "truthiness tests" to "curate" news on the internet?

  92. Did Hillary Clinton's Campaign Fake a Rally in Greensboro, North Carolina?

  93. Has net neutrality always been the way the Internet has worked?

  94. Is the total cost of treating the uninsured in emergency rooms more expensive than government-subsidized urgent care would be in the US?
  95. Did the NYPD use an ambulance to trick protesters into cooperating?
  96. Does Shell get $2 billion a year in subsidies from the US government?
  97. November 4th Antifa Apocalypse?

  98. Is a police officer 18x more likely to be killed by a black male than an unarmed black male is to be by a police officer?
  99. Has the American Congress blocked the CDC from studying why guns are so attractive?

  100. In the US, are three women killed each day by their male partners?