1. Do violent video games cause violent behavior?

  2. Do people think in a language?

  3. Was Frank Pucelik's "House of Life" selected as the best young people’s treatment program in America?

  4. Clifton StrengthsFinder

  5. Can people "wake up" with a new accent? (Foreign Accent Syndrome)

  6. Does drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana at the same time cause any trouble?

  7. Is there any correlation between sleeping position and personality?

  8. Meditation - Is it just spiritual practice or something more?
  9. Is a woman who dresses sexually suggestively more likely to get raped?
  10. The origin of "99 cents"
  11. Is self-discipline more important than IQ in predicting academic performance?

  12. "Women rate the strongest men as the most attractive" ...or is it always so?
  13. Do nice guys finish last?

  14. Do men prefer women with long hair?

  15. Was there a picture of Freud above a urinal at Washington University?

  16. Do colder temperatures increase our hunger?
  17. Is skepticism more influenced by one’s milieu than other personality traits are?

  18. Does masturbation (or sex) help one focus better later?
  19. Is homosexuality innate?
  20. Are second children more likely to be troublemakers?

  21. Is sex a cure for depression in 50 percent of cases?

  22. Did Harry Harlow's "monkey love" experiments cost $50M?
  23. Is the association between homosexuality and mental illness likely to have a genetic basis?
  24. Is the placebo effect dependent on the amount of belief in it?
  25. Is there any evidence that soldiers turned traitor due to Chinese "brainwashing"?
  26. Smell of a Body

  27. Are men expressing homophobia more likely to be homosexual?

  28. At what age do children develop a sense of gender identity?
  29. Beer goggles: Can alcohol make people look more attractive?
  30. Does smiling make us more happy?
  31. Are people happier when they spend money on experiences rather than physical objects?

  32. Near death experiences -- clinically dead person "sees" something, later verified to be true?
  33. Are polyamorous people happier?

  34. Can people read much faster than 400 words per minute?

  35. Do Russians get depressed the same way Americans do?

  36. Did this study show that singing some vowels is "more joyful" than others?

  37. Can split personalities have different physical traits?
  38. Are red heads more likely to be hot headed?
  39. Did 12 girls from the same high school contract a Tourette-syndrome like illness?

  40. Do men think about sex every 7 seconds?

  41. Do emotionally-driven tears release toxins from the body?

  42. Interpreting body language from a photograph
  43. Is there hard evidence that non-leftwing academics are discriminated against in academia?

  44. Are liberal/left-wing people more intelligent than conservative/right-wing people?
  45. Does gender reassignment surgery increase quality of life of transgender individuals?

  46. Does having more women in a group increase its collective intelligence?
  47. Does addictive behavior exist?

  48. A source for the monkey ladder water experiment?

  49. Does extremely high intelligence correlate with poorer social skills?

  50. Electro sensitivity - is it a thing?

  51. Can reading a word trigger a trauma flashback?

  52. Is racism a natural instinct?
  53. Suicide and social networks
  54. Do elevator manufacturers purposefully provide a door close button that doesn't work?
  55. Does the act of placing a bet make people much more confident in the outcome of a prediction?
  56. Can you predict a number that is "randomly" chosen by a person better than chance?
  57. Can humans influence the outcome of random event generators with their mind?

  58. Do people feel indebted when they receive a free sample and are therefore more likely to buy?

  59. Do people always think of the same vegetable?

  60. Does eating pork increase promiscuity?
  61. Are men attracted to women that look like their mothers?
  62. Is the statistic "8% of People Achieve Their New Year's Resolutions" based on facts?
  63. Is profanity correlated with trustworthiness and honesty?
  64. Does working over 40 hours a week make you less productive?

  65. Is the difference between men and women' estimates of their number of sexual partners caused because men estimate rather than count?

  66. Are people more careless with their mobile phones when an upgrade is due?

  67. Is the book "Confessions of a Sociopath" written by an actual sociopath?
  68. Is the "Most people are sheep" video genuine?

  69. Do some casinos use extra oxygen to increase gambling, or is this a myth?

  70. Does a suspect's psychological state after arrest correlate to guilt or innocence? e.g. do only the guilty sleep in jail?
  71. Does small talk not build relationship and is it not great for our happiness levels?
  72. Does Chess ELO correlate with IQ

  73. Do psychopaths lack a conscience?

  74. Did John Nash Jr. write equations on the windows of a Princeton library?
  75. Is there scientific evidence to support a distinction between "Ask" and "Guess" cultures?

  76. Highly Sensitive Person Scale

  77. Does a female breast shape predict personality?
  78. Are scary fairy tales beneficial for children's psychological development?

  79. Is the depiction of nudity or sex harmful to minors?
  80. Is Bhutan an extremely happy country?
  81. Can hypnosis increase breast size?
  82. Can anxiety increase body odor?

  83. Does writing about achieving future goals provide health benefits?
  84. Does visualization improve focus and goal achievement?
  85. Does playing electronic games interfere with a child's healthy dopamine response?
  86. Does the Silva method of meditation enable transcendence of pain?

  87. Do higher mathematical abilities inversely correlate with good communication skills?

  88. Do we dream every night?
  89. What does Myers-Briggs Type Indicator tell about a person?
  90. Is the Predictive Index® personality inventory for hiring based on scientific research?
  91. Do mirrors decrease perceived waiting time
  92. Do people make 35000 decisions a day?
  93. Is 50% of happiness determined by genetics?
  94. Is there any correlation between the ear to which you hold the phone and the person on the other end?
  95. Does taking birth control pills alter your preferences for a partner?
  96. Is suicide caused by or correlated with living at high altitude?

  97. Does the gorilla, Koko, have an IQ in the range 70-95?

  98. Does talking in another language actually change your personality?

  99. Is dream interpretation superstitious?

  100. Does stress cause hair to go grey?