1. Did the National Rifle Association (NRA) block research into statistics related to gun control?

  2. Is Gina Haspel wanted in Europe?
  3. Did a Paul Ryan affiliated SuperPAC campaign to elect Democrat Conor Lamb?

  4. Is this map of Israel-occupied territory accurate?
  5. Did Jews "take over" 73% of their land from Palestinians?

  6. Did Martin Shkreli (Pharma Bro) cry during sentencing?

  7. What causes the US media obsession with tariffs; The E U and others have charged tariffs on US stuff forever?
  8. Did Trump promise to bring back waterboarding?
  9. Has president Trump been "very strict on Commercial Aviation"?
  10. Does 1°C warming increase the H2O content of the atmosphere by 7%?

  11. Is it true Democrats did not want to pass any gun control laws when they had majorities in Congress during Obama's presidency?
  12. How much does the White House pay to their employees?
  13. Is it true that besides Volkswagen, many other car companies also similarly cheated in the emission test but faced limited consequences?
  14. Is immigration the cause of bad traffic on Queenslands M1 freeway?
  15. Are physically attractive people more likely to be right wing politically?

  16. Are "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" truthful?
  17. Is female unemployment lowest in 18 years?
  18. Are a majority of grade-school children in Arizona Hispanic?
  19. Was the Obama administration responsible for the decision to move the UK embassy and the sale of the old location?

  20. Does the Gang of Six immigration plan expand Chain Migration and Visa Lotteries?

  21. Have public figures been recently fired for "touching a knee"

  22. Did the US spend 7 trillion in the Middle East?

  23. Are Americans besieged by high-crime immigrant communities?

  24. Did someone using a private jet tell Americans their expectations are too high?
  25. Did millions sign up for association health plans after President Trump's executive order?

  26. Does gerrymandering of some US electoral boundaries drive polarisation between parties?

  27. Does gerrymandering have a significant effect on the number of congressional seats won by Republicans?
  28. Does politically controlled redistricting in US elections make incumbents more secure?

  29. Did the democrats win the popular vote in the 2012 US congressional elections?

  30. Did Trump predict Gillespie would lose?

  31. Did tax revenue improve after tax rates were cut after Kennedy's death?

  32. Is Huawei the front for a Chinese espionage attempt?

  33. Is Australia the worlds most successful multicultural country?

  34. Do we live in a post-truth era?

  35. Entire GOP voted against letting senators read the new tax bill?

  36. Do voters refuse to believe accurate accounts of Republican tax plans?

  37. Does Toomey's amendment to the GOP Tax Bill only benefit Hillsdale College?
  38. Is "If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear" a line used by Joseph Goebbels?

  39. Did the White House Press Secretary Lie about a Pie?

  40. Did NAMBLA march in Gay Pride parades in the 70s and 80s?
  41. Is the belief that vaccinations cause autism correlated with liberal political beliefs?
  42. Are Antifa movements also anti-government?
  43. Has the War on Drugs disproportionately affected minority communities?

  44. Do 60% of US anti-vaxxers identify as politically liberal?
  45. Did Obama call for online "truthiness tests" to "curate" news on the internet?
  46. Did Hillary Clinton's Campaign Fake a Rally in Greensboro, North Carolina?

  47. Is the total cost of treating the uninsured in emergency rooms more expensive than government-subsidized urgent care would be in the US?
  48. Is 90% of world trade conducted on WTO terms?

  49. Was there electoral fraud at the Catalan independence referendum?

  50. Do 7 out of 10 Australians support drug testing welfare recipients?

  51. Has the American Congress blocked the CDC from studying why guns are so attractive?

  52. Did only a few people in Trump's campaign know George Papadopoulos?

  53. Are Politifact's fact checks biased against Republicans?
  54. Will Europe soon have more Muslims than Christians?

  55. Did the DNC try to prevent Bernie Sanders from getting the Democratic nomination?
  56. Were terror attacks proposed to gain political support for a war against Cuba?
  57. Did CIA plot to overthrow Fidel Castro by staging the Second Coming, making him lose his beard or getting him high on radio?

  58. Did a counter-protester at Charlottesville use a spray and lighter after being threatened with a gun and attacked with a flag?
  59. Did House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi say that she hopes banning bump stocks is a slippery slope for more gun restrictions?
  60. Was the KGB using leftists to "destabilize" nations?

  61. Were the nuclear capabilities of the F-35 decisive in the decision to have it replace the Dutch F-16s?

  62. Will 36,000 people die per year due to the repeal of the ACA?

  63. Does the Jones Act double import prices in Puerto Rico?
  64. Is this chart detailing incidences of homocide by race accurate?

  65. Does Kim Jong Un listen to Katy Perry?
  66. Did Google censor autosuggest results for Hillary Clinton?

  67. Were there depictions of Donald Trump holding Hillary Clinton's severed head?
  68. Earned income tax credit 25% fraud?
  69. Did the Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU) post this advert in Turkish?

  70. Is any male over 15 years of age considered a combatant if killed by a drone strike?
  71. On 9/11, was Building 7 destroyed in a controlled explosion?

  72. Does discarding the California vote numbers make Donald Trump lead the national popular vote?

  73. Was there violence on both sides in Charlottesville?
  74. Did Antifa distribute this pamphlet?

  75. Does Trump spend $10m/month travelling compared to Obama's $1m/month?

  76. Is this phrase attribution to BLM correct?

  77. Did opposition fundraising stop neonazis marching?

  78. Speed of light not constant as measured by many scientific / research groups, but averaged & politically standardized?
  79. List comparing countries attacked by Iran and the USA accurate?
  80. Is this YouTube segment from the group known as "Anonymous"?

  81. Will Australian unions be getting $AU22m per year from superannuation funds?

  82. Is Afghanistan no more dangerous (for the population) than Brazil?
  83. Do Jews joining the Chicago SlutWalk march have to be anti-Zionist?

  84. Did Rote Antifa post an image of a "Will trade racists for rapists" sign?
  85. Was Lal Bahadur Shastri poisoned?

  86. Is Snopes.Com funded by George Soros?

  87. Are there "1,071 Proven Cases of Voter Fraud"?

  88. Did Corbyn promise to write off UK student debts?

  89. Was Donald Trump's approval rating at 50% in June 2017?

  90. Did all of Germany's Muslim MPs vote in favor of same-sex marriage?

  91. Is life expectancy "stalling" in the UK?

  92. Did Obama apologize for the USA using nuclear weapons on Japan?

  93. Did White House staff have problems booking a hotel for Trump for G20?

  94. Did the police cover up their decision to allow mass-killer Thomas Hamilton to retain his gun licence?

  95. Is the West supporting neo-Nazis in Ukraine?

  96. Is George Pell the 3rd ranking official at the Vatican?

  97. Does the President of the United States have the ability to deploy nuclear weapons at will?

  98. Was the supreme court Executive Order 13780 injunction stay unanimous?

  99. Are teachers in the United states paid poorly?

  100. Is the British monarchy economically beneficial?