1. Does a lobster feel little/no pain when boiled alive?
  2. Does the "4-7-8" method help to fall asleep faster?

  3. Can you tell someone is hungry based on stomach rumbling?

  4. Are women physically weaker?

  5. Does orgasm trigger menstruation?

  6. Can canning tomatoes while menstruating spoil the tomatoes?
  7. Is the human menstrual cycle related to the lunar cycle?

  8. Does menstruation affect the ability of women to do blue-collar work?

  9. Does sleeping with our heads pointing towards north pose any health risks?
  10. Does orientation relative to the Earth's magnetic poles affect humans during sleep?
  11. Are physically attractive people more likely to be right wing politically?
  12. Has anyone used yoga to live for supernatural lengths of time?

  13. Are Indians immune to Israeli stink bombs?

  14. Can you punch someone's nose into their brain?
  15. Is any unconscious person capable of full splits?
  16. Could white spots under fingernails be an indicator of recent lies?

  17. Does nail-biting indicate iron deficiency?
  18. Can venomous snakes be determined by these pupil, nostril and scale patterns?

  19. Is this André the Giant's hand holding a can of beer?

  20. Is vinegar an effective treatment for arthritis?
  21. Does playing basketball help you grow taller?
  22. Is vinegar a sunburn remedy?
  23. Does sleeping together naked help stay warm?
  24. Does dark chocolate benefit athletic performance?

  25. Is there a point of no return when starving to death?

  26. Are there as many neurons in the human gut as there are in the head of a cat?
  27. Does a typical human on a western diet have undigested protein stuck in their body from years of eating certain foods?

  28. Do headless chickens run around?

  29. Near death experiences -- clinically dead person "sees" something, later verified to be true?
  30. Do either men or women have higher pain tolerance than the other?

  31. Can human males produce milk?

  32. Were humans placed on Earth by aliens?

  33. Does running cold water on your wrists cool you down rapidly?
  34. Are all the atoms in our bodies replaced on a regular basis?

  35. Is umami a real flavor, or a marketing strategy?
  36. Is 1,7% of the population born intersex?

  37. Does eating burnt toast neutralize ingested poison?
  38. Length of uncoiled human DNA

  39. Is running anti-clockwise easier than running clockwise?
  40. Is this 10 pack real?

  41. Can a lightbulb once inserted into your mouth be safely removed?

  42. Did Einstein's brain weigh less than the average?

  43. Does a vinegar bandana help against tear gas?
  44. Can the size and shape of penis be enhanced permanently?

  45. Does sneezing repeatedly lead to orgasm, or a similar sensation?

  46. Do long married couples look more alike?

  47. Does your heart stop beating when you sneeze?
  48. Does men's testosterone increase with age?

  49. Can egg shells be digested?
  50. Reading while lying down is more strenuous (unhealthy) for eyes
  51. Can Scopolamine turn people into mindless "zombies"?
  52. Can you power a smartwatch by your body heat?

  53. Do dietary vitamin supplements like Berocca help improve mental performance?
  54. Can black people, on average, jump higher than white people?

  55. Are left-handed people better at mathematics?
  56. Did a man survive a 30mph fall from a tornado without breaking a bone because he was unconscious?
  57. Did György Sherfezi fall from the 10th floor on a passing Laszlo Karvasha and both survived?

  58. Is it possible to cause a skin burn by telling a hypnotized subject they are touching a hot object?
  59. Do certain colors fatigue eyes faster?

  60. Does your hair grow faster when you're sick?

  61. Do some people have aphantasia - the inability to visualise images in their mind's eye?

  62. Is a highly variable diet better than a steady one for human health?

  63. Does it take time for the brain to realize that you have eaten too much?
  64. Does every species get around a billion heartbeats on average?

  65. Can Methylsulfonylmethane make human hair grow faster?

  66. Does consuming foods rich in phytic acid prevent mineral absorption?
  67. Are bone conduction headphones safer with regards to hearing loss?

  68. Do cold baths prevent flu?

  69. Do swimmers' lungs use oxygen up to 3 times more efficiently than an average person?

  70. Can you tell someone has seen combat by looking at their face?

  71. Can a metal plate in the head stop a bullet?
  72. Different Human species?

  73. Do side sleeping postures contribute to breast sagging?
  74. Can anxiety increase body odor?
  75. Can you knock someone out with pressure points, in the style of a Vulcan nerve pinch?
  76. Can a person "suspend their pulse"?

  77. Does exposure to cold make body fat easier to burn?

  78. Does the body get rid of alcocol first before metabolizing food?

  79. Does not wearing a coat when it's "cold" out make you sick?

  80. Do hot baths damage skin or nerves?

  81. Should we drink water before we feel thirsty?

  82. Are sexual/romantic characteristics correllated with blood type?

  83. Did David Blaine hold his breath for 17 minutes?

  84. Does chugging Gatorade before going to sleep prevent a hangover in the morning?

  85. Does soaking in natural hot springs have any health benefits when compared to soaking in heated non-spring water?
  86. Does raising your arm in the air help when you are coughing/choking on something?

  87. Do male human brains have better global efficiency than female human brains and female brains have better local efficiency in the right hemisphere?

  88. Does neosporin reduce scarring?

  89. Does alcohol make you warmer?

  90. Are there 60,000 miles of blood vessels in the human body?

  91. Do long-haired men have better intuition?
  92. Is it possible for people over 25 years old to to grow taller?

  93. Does eating certain food types alter your body temperature?

  94. Can you "learn" to wiggle your ears?

  95. How sensitive are human ears?

  96. Do Hubbard Electrometers (E-meters) detect emotion about past experiences?

  97. Do hares chew cud?

  98. If one man is shot in the head while holding a gun to another man, can the former get a shot off on the latter?
  99. Does the DNA of one sperm contain 37.5 MB of information?

  100. Will taking yeast infection medication build resistance if one doesn't have a yeast infection?