1. Electro-osmotic pump to keep bunker dry
  2. Did the Quran predict the speed of light?

  3. Can cats survive a fall from any height?

  4. Is the RS-28 Sarmat missile capable of destroying an area the size of France?
  5. Does plutonium exist in the world, apart from being manufactured?

  6. Do atoms exist?

  7. Does grabbing a fidget spinner in zero G cause your body to tumble rapidly?
  8. Is there any scientific basis to this "catalytic converter" to treat hard water?
  9. Would a full scale Thermonuclear War create centuries of Nuclear Winter?

  10. Does sleeping together naked help stay warm?
  11. Did an apple falling on Newton's head help him build his theory of gravity?

  12. Does the Gravitational constant fluctuate?
  13. Speed of light not constant as measured by many scientific / research groups, but averaged & politically standardized?
  14. Did a lightning strike make a river roll and boil?

  15. Did Israel install cameras that can see through clothing on the Temple Mount?

  16. Does the radioactivity on Hiroshima's soil affect radiometric dating?
  17. Does one kg of rock contain more energy in the form of U-238 than one kg of petroleum?

  18. Does charging a phone use the same power as a washing machine?
  19. Do cellphones pose any harm to pacemaker users?

  20. Can a loudspeaker make water stream form a zig-zag flow?
  21. Did Benjamin Franklin perform an experiment by flying a kite in a lightning storm?
  22. Does the 'super-moon' have a measurable effect on probability and magnitude of earthquakes?
  23. Does cold water boil faster than hot water?
  24. What percent of time is a rocket to the moon on the right trajectory?
  25. Do knives get dull in dishwashers?
  26. Man using "water as fuel" for a welding machine? (H₂O → "HHO")?

  27. Is biting a gold coin a working method to verify its authenticity?
  28. Do snowballs snowball?

  29. Is alcohol for consumption tested for carbon-14 radioactivity to be considered legal?
  30. Are Katanas made of steel folded 1000 times?

  31. Would it have been possible for the ancients to have built a Tower of Babel?
  32. Is biochemical transmutations of elements possible?
  33. Does the EM drive (electromagnetic drive) work despite the apparent lack of propellant?

  34. Did DNA, in a quartz container, absorb every photon in the room?
  35. Has man walked on the Moon?
  36. Reading while lying down is more strenuous (unhealthy) for eyes

  37. Do ocean waves come in sets of 7?

  38. Was the vertical cannonshot related by Samuel Rowbotham ever performed?
  39. Is Nikola Tesla the only scientist to successfully create ball lightning?

  40. Did astronauts leave footprints on the moon?

  41. Do you get less wet walking through a vertical rainstorm than running through it?

  42. Is there any data on how efficient Tesla wireless power transmission was?

  43. Can bouncing batteries tell you if they are charged or not?

  44. Can mountains on Earth grow higher than 49,000 feet (15,000 m)?

  45. Was this video of a home made phone charger faked?
  46. Do Shade Balls conserve/save water?

  47. Do open windows increase the chance of lightning striking the house?

  48. Can Waterseer extract as much as 37 L per day from the air?

  49. Did/does the US government keep secret papers by Nikola Tesla?

  50. Was the periodic table discovered in a dream by Dmitri Mendeleyev?

  51. Did a nuclear blast devastate Port Chicago on July 17, 1944?

  52. Are low SAR phones better for health than high SAR phones?
  53. Will liver move towards milk?

  54. Can China's "Quantum Satellite" transmit messages faster than light?
  55. Does Michio Kaku claim he has found proof of God's existence?

  56. Has the CERN LHC Muon Detector caused mini singularities within Earths atmosphere?
  57. Did a 16-year-old high-school girl in Iran produce nuclear energy at her home in 2007?

  58. Does a column of marching soldiers have to break their rhythm while crossing a bridge to prevent its collapse?

  59. Is Dr Manahel Thabet one of the 21 Smartest People in the World?

  60. Does an avocado ripen faster in a paper bag?

  61. Does having a spoon in the cup keep your coffee hot for longer?

  62. Did Manahel Thabet develop a groundbreaking formula to measure distance in space without the use of light?

  63. Does the Eco-Cooler reduce temperatures in tin huts by around 5° Celsius, compared to simple windows?
  64. Does a lack of radiation shadows disprove the Big Bang Theory?
  65. Does the Mount Washington wind speed record have scientific validity?

  66. Breaking the bottom brick with your hands
  67. Does this video show a water droplet in gravitational orbit?

  68. Was a working prototype of the Warburtons toastie knife ever produced?

  69. Does water have a memory as claimed in homeopathy?
  70. Was dark matter invented to explain the formation of primordial stars?
  71. Does Orgone Energy exist?

  72. Is Canadian PM Trudeau's explanation about quantum computing accurate?

  73. Does putting our head to the ground remove "positive electromagnetic charges"?

  74. Do trackers hold their ears to the ground?

  75. Does the Torah-encoded age of the universe match science?

  76. Do tinfoil hats protect against any sort of radiation?
  77. Does a prototype car that runs on water exist?

  78. Did Albert Einstein say "the only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once"?
  79. Can the human sense of touch work at the atomic scale?

  80. Is there a letter from Bohr about the 1950 Nobel prize?

  81. Is there anything inexplicable about how the WTC Twin Towers collapsed?

  82. Does water always boil at 100°C under normal atmospheric pressure?

  83. Is NASA working on warp drive?

  84. More stars than grains of sand?

  85. Is it unsafe to swim during a lightning storm?

  86. Is K-Ar a reliable method for dating rock ages?

  87. Can StoreDot batteries be charged in two minutes?

  88. Is Starlite a hoax?

  89. Do ultrasonic cat repellents work?
  90. Is D-Wave Systems's "D-Wave One" a quantum computer?

  91. Did Stephen Hawking say that blackholes don't exist?

  92. Were two ballistic missiles fired from Spain towards Syria?

  93. Do setback thermostats cause more energy to be used, and does the heating type matter?
  94. Is Columbia's Omni-Heat Reflective technology effective?

  95. Does the Theradome Laser Helmet deliver around 7 J/cm2 to the head?
  96. Is the 500-mile email case true?
  97. Did this building cause carpet to burn and cars to melt?

  98. Lawn umbrella as a parachute?

  99. Are electric chairs powered by generators connected to the mains in the same building?
  100. Do commercial airliners go into flat spins if they lose electronics?