1. Is oenology real?
  2. Can Elderberries "beat the flu, prevent colds, and strengthen your immunity"?

  3. Can you tell someone is hungry based on stomach rumbling?
  4. Was the practice of eating fish during Lent started by the church to spur the economy of Italy?

  5. Does roasting coffee in small batches produce more/better flavor?

  6. Did the Dalai Lama cause Mongolians to significantly reduce their alcohol consumption?

  7. Does it take 200L of water to make a latte?

  8. Can canning tomatoes while menstruating spoil the tomatoes?

  9. Were modern wheat varieties specifically selected because it was less nutritious?
  10. Is stevia detrimental to reproductive function?
  11. Is bottled water more contaminated than tap water?
  12. Are we eating too many carbs? And do we need to switch to the primal/paleo diet?

  13. Can eating too much sugar cause diabetes?

  14. Do these foods affect healing after getting a tattoo?
  15. Is palm oil bad for health?

  16. Do colder temperatures increase our hunger?
  17. Can the GoBe devices measure your caloric intake?
  18. Does drinking warm milk help people fall asleep and if so what is it about it that does?

  19. Did a ketogenic diet successfully treat epileptic seizures of a young girl?

  20. Organic food is worse for the environment because it requires more land than non-organic food

  21. Is salt "white death"?

  22. Does drinking distilled water remove needed minerals from your body?
  23. Does washing vegetables remove nutrients?

  24. Does one out of every hundred peanuts produced end up in Peanut M&Ms?

  25. Is drinking water during a meal bad for you?

  26. Was slipping on a banana peel an actual danger in the early 20th century?

  27. Is it illegal in Germany to waste food at a restaurant?

  28. Are cornflakes more toxic to rats than cardboard?

  29. Is the Hindu deity Ganesha considered vegetarian by Hindus?

  30. Does an "apple a day keep the doctor away"?

  31. Does a typical human on a western diet have undigested protein stuck in their body from years of eating certain foods?
  32. Does the average human eat their own body weight in food every month?
  33. Are cheap scallops made from flounders or stingrays?
  34. Is it true that desert animals can drink seawater?

  35. What health impacts, if any, does consuming a large number of eggs each day have?

  36. Is cancer linked to having an acidic body?

  37. Does consuming bone broth reduce or eliminate allergies?
  38. Is tequila a probiotic?
  39. Does significant consumption of French fries double your chance of death?

  40. Is mustard oil dangerous for human consumption?
  41. Did almost all tilapia sold in US undergo sex change?
  42. Does Tilapia have a greater inflammatory potential than bacon?

  43. Does eating slower make you lose weight?

  44. Does your stomach shrink if you eat less?

  45. Do 7% of adults in the United States believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows?

  46. Is olive oil sold in supermarkets largely made from other oils?
  47. Does heating breast milk in a microwave oven destroy nutrients?

  48. Is exclusive breastfeeding better than breast milk+formula, in developed countries?

  49. Does drinking milk tea after drinking lemon tea make you sick?

  50. Are milk and butter from grass-fed cows better for you?

  51. Is there any difference between milk from rBST treated cows and non-rBST treated cows?
  52. Does US governmental advocacy of drinking milk harm African-Americans?
  53. Does drinking matcha tea improve cholesterol?

  54. Do hot peppers kill cancer?

  55. Does burning your food increase your risk of getting cancer?

  56. Do the seeds from 20 apples contain a fatal dose of cyanide?
  57. Is drinking alcohol or coke, right after eating durian, deadly?

  58. Does drinking juice help to remove toxins?
  59. Does eating burnt toast neutralize ingested poison?

  60. Is it healthier to heat your tea in the microwave?

  61. Does eating greasy foods 'help soak up alcohol'?

  62. Is food handled in China but available in Australia less safe than food handled in Australia?
  63. Is alcohol for consumption tested for carbon-14 radioactivity to be considered legal?

  64. Does Marmite improve the brain?
  65. Do smaller albacore contain less mercury (by weight)?

  66. How bitter is Robert Lustig's "Bitter Truth" about sugar?

  67. How true are the claims about the dairy industry in this poster?
  68. Does blending food to "break down the cell walls" make it healthier?

  69. Does eating meat increase testosterone levels?

  70. Did Norman Borlaug save a billion lives?

  71. Are GMOs a threat to bee populations?

  72. Do lemons act as bases in the body?

  73. Does gelatin aid hair and nail growth?
  74. Do lemons help cure cancer?

  75. Should you chew your food 50 times?

  76. Is drinking while standing unhealthy?

  77. Can acidosis be diet-induced?

  78. Did Elvis consume 100,000 calories a day at the end of his life?

  79. Can egg shells be digested?

  80. Should I cut off black banana ending before eating?

  81. Does eating pork increase promiscuity?
  82. Do people who swap sugary sodas for diet sodas lose weight?
  83. Is there a correlation between the quality of alcoholic beverages and the likeliness of a hangover?

  84. Is margarine "one molecule away from plastic"?

  85. Was the combination of yoghurt and honey called "the food of the gods" in ancient Indian records?
  86. Is MSG excitotoxic?

  87. Is there a nutritional difference between Grain-Fed and Grass-Fed beef?
  88. Are human fetal cells used to produce Pepsi?

  89. Does exercise and eating healthy make you live longer?

  90. Can humans digest the iron present in spinach?
  91. Are most of the nutrients of vegetables and fruits contained in the peel?
  92. Do the vitamins in a smoothie degrade when put in the fridge?

  93. Is Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity an actual illness or is it another trendy diet?
  94. Does artificial sweetener consumption by women reduce IVF effectiveness?

  95. Is chocolate consumption correlated with per capita Nobel Laureates?

  96. Are cheap tea bags dangerous to your health due to high fluoride levels?

  97. Do some foods burn fat?

  98. Does the body require essential fatty acids for good health?

  99. Is it okay to eat food that has been through airport x-ray scanners

  100. Do you eat a certain number of spiders whilst you sleep?