1. Do elevators increase radiation from cell phone use?

  2. Do wifi and cellphones increase the risk of miscarriage?

  3. Does conventional medicine only treat the symptoms?

  4. Does toothpaste cause acne?

  5. Does too much sex, or STDs, cause urination after sneezing?

  6. Has increased computer use led to increased myopia?

  7. Is it harmful to your eyes to read in dim light?

  8. Can antioxidants prevent cancer?

  9. Does drinking warm milk help people fall asleep and if so what is it about it that does?

  10. Is AD/HD over diagnosed within the US

  11. Did a ketogenic diet successfully treat epileptic seizures of a young girl?

  12. Is vinegar & baking soda an effective agent for disinfecting bacteria and mold?

  13. Is Red Bull carcinogenic and does it pose a health risk?
  14. Does female genital mutilation reduce the risk of a woman's partner getting HPV?
  15. Can teasel root cure Lyme?
  16. Is salt "white death"?
  17. Are Aikido joint locks harmful to children?
  18. Has yoga been shown to have a healing effect?

  19. Can Okra treat Diabetes?
  20. Do scientists agree "no level of [ionizing] radiation is safe"?
  21. Can mold cause GERD (acid reflux)?

  22. Is acid reflux ("heartburn") caused by having too little stomach acid?

  23. Are the majority of modern cancer drugs useless?
  24. Was the cholesterol reference range set up to 200 mg/dl in order to to allow the research on statins on a wide range of population?

  25. Were the reference ranges of liver function tests set three times higher than their usual values during the research on the use of statins?

  26. Did Gary Taubes prove that cholesterol levels between 200 mg/dl and 240 mg/dl are normal and healthy?

  27. Was there any scientic research backing up the setting of the reference range of cholesterol up to 200 mg/dl?

  28. Are female surgeons less likely to kill you?
  29. Is the practice of circumcision in the US an attempt to stop masturbation?
  30. Was the term "goosebumps" ever used to refer to venereal sores?

  31. Does mortality fall when doctors go on strike?

  32. Was it common to perform surgeries on babies without anesthesia because doctors felt they weren't "conscious enough to feel pain"?

  33. Does Female Circumcision reduce urinary tract infections?
  34. Is the placebo effect dependent on the amount of belief in it?
  35. Do medical studies suffer extensive publication bias?

  36. Does parsley help in cleansing the kidneys?

  37. Wim Hof immune response techniques

  38. Do societies that are less abstemious have more sensible drinking patterns?
  39. Does dark chocolate benefit athletic performance?

  40. Can a Diabetic Alert Dog detect changes in blood sugar 15 minutes earlier than a glucose meter?

  41. Do ultra-heavy blankets reduce stress and anxiety?

  42. Do elephants rarely get cancer?
  43. Can honey help heal wounds?

  44. Smell of a Body

  45. Does an "apple a day keep the doctor away"?
  46. Is 7:30-8:15am the best time to have sex?

  47. Does honey cure or alleviate the symptoms of a common cold?

  48. Did some Moroccan teens contract rabies through bestiality?

  49. Do 38% of couples conceive within one month of trying to conceive?

  50. Did Pope John Paul II perform a miracle?
  51. Is it possible to get high smoking banana peel?

  52. Does the US have the highest "natural" life expectancy?
  53. Do people exposed to high levels of radiation pose any risk to their children or other individuals?

  54. Does Ginkgo Biloba "promote memory"?
  55. Does a sedentary lifestyle cause health concerns?

  56. Can split personalities have different physical traits?

  57. Do 6-month old babies ingest more Aluminum from formula milk than from vaccines?

  58. Does microwaving breast milk cause dangerous hot spots?

  59. Does US governmental advocacy of drinking milk harm African-Americans?

  60. Did 12 girls from the same high school contract a Tourette-syndrome like illness?

  61. Do penile traction devices work to straighten curved penises?
  62. Does radiation sensitivity decrease with age?
  63. Do hot peppers kill cancer?

  64. Does getting a flu shot every year help prevent cancer?
  65. Are Unvaccinated Children Healthier?

  66. Will a small cut heal faster when "aired" periodically, or should it always be bandaged?

  67. Does burning your food increase your risk of getting cancer?

  68. Do the seeds from 20 apples contain a fatal dose of cyanide?
  69. Is alcohol beneficial in small amounts?

  70. Is possible for male human to breast feed?
  71. Is warm water more effective than cold water for washing one's hands?
  72. Does flicking your fingers while your palms are on your ears cure tinnitus?
  73. Do teenagers fall asleep and rise up later than kids or adults for biological reasons?

  74. Is Kambo frog poison dangerous and/or useful?

  75. Transdermal absorption of magnesium using "magnesium oil"?
  76. Do antibiotic resistant infections kill 700,000 people a year in India?

  77. Does circumcision lead to a net increase in quality of life?

  78. Do hats or ponytails induce baldness?

  79. Length of uncoiled human DNA

  80. Is depression caused by an allergic reaction?

  81. Are EpiPens still effective past expiration date?
  82. Is it possible to overdose on Homeopathic medicines?

  83. Did Drauzio Varella say this quote?

  84. Is or was the husband's knot/stitch a medical procedure?
  85. Are artificial sweeteners linked to strokes and dementia?

  86. Are the chemical compounds BPA, BPS and BPF harmful to humans?

  87. Is Dr. Valentin Dikul's method of recovery from spinal injury effective?

  88. Is Theranos the first laboratory that publishes their prices and lab proficiency-testing scores on their website?
  89. Can ingested alcohol be beneficial for infection treatment or prevention?
  90. Can high doses of niacin (B3) effectively treat psychosis?

  91. Did Daniel Ekechukwu resurrect from the dead?
  92. Death by lack of sleep -- is it possible?
  93. Does wearing a headband help for toothache?

  94. Can the size and shape of penis be enhanced permanently?
  95. Does parents drinking alcohol in front of their children increase the chance they become addicts in the future?
  96. Does the combination of diet, exercising, sleeping and stress reduction help in the prevention of Alzheimer's disease?
  97. Does ultrasound reduce joint inflammation?

  98. How antiviral is coconut oil?

  99. Does porn addiction exist and if it does, can a prepubescent be diagnosed with it?

  100. Was there a trick behind this magnetic therapy demonstration?