1. Did passengers of the Titanic predict/foreshadow its sinking?

  2. Did Betsy Ross make the first US flag?
  3. Has the Holocaust been exaggerated?
  4. Did Walt Disney accidentally kill someone during a game of polo?

  5. Did Churchill come up with the idea of using civilian vessels to evacuate those trapped at Dunkirk, as portrayed in Darkest Hour?

  6. What is the origin of this quote: "Humans live on one-quarter of what they eat; on the other three-quarters lives their doctor."
  7. Was the practice of eating fish during Lent started by the church to spur the economy of Italy?

  8. Did thirteenth century scholars attempt to determine the congealing of oil by reading Aristotle?

  9. Was Iran Air Flight 655 shot down by mistake?

  10. Is there any evidence of individual Jews participating in the Holocaust?
  11. Did Polish government institutions collaborate with Nazis?

  12. Did ancient Indians invent guns, lasers, radars and nuclear weapons?
  13. Did archeologists find radioactive skeletons in Mohanjo-daro?
  14. Did Swedish tax rate ever exceed 100%?

  15. Did John Tresch discover a story of steampunk psychohistory published in 1895?

  16. Did Hitler have chicken feet?
  17. Did travelers by troika throw passengers before the wolves, to save others?

  18. Did OJ Simpson murder his ex wife and Ron Goldman?

  19. Did Malian sailors reach the Americas in 1311 CE?

  20. Did the EU threaten to sue in connection with "Comic Sans" having an eye on the Euro symbol?
  21. Were modern wheat varieties specifically selected because it was less nutritious?
  22. Are the Claims of Edward Carpenter (and others) historically accurate regarding the Zodiac and biblical interpretation?
  23. Did the head of the Joint National Committee on language claim Jesus spoke English?
  24. Was it legal to hang any Welshman found in Chester after sunset?
  25. Did the CIA hire mobsters to stage riots in Iran during 1953 coup d'etat?

  26. Did Britain borrow $120 billion in 1945?
  27. Is the US Army Field Manual 30-31B a forgery?
  28. Did Herodotus call Egypt the "Gift Of The Nile"?

  29. Did 13 men kill themselves after being rejected by Princess Qajar?
  30. Were nearly all founders of large companies existing in mid 20th century uneducated "rude mechanicals"?
  31. The origin of "99 cents"

  32. Did the future Prime Minister of Poland help the future president of USA to pay his tuition?

  33. Did tax revenue improve after tax rates were cut after Kennedy's death?

  34. Was Walt Disney a Freemason?

  35. Is Christianity responsible for the scientific method?
  36. Are there more trees in America today than there were during colonial times?
  37. Did René Descartes develop the Cartesian coordinate system by watching a fly on the ceiling?

  38. Has the Quran (the recitation) been preserved since Muhammad?

  39. Did Charlie Chaplin lose a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest?

  40. Did fewer Jews die of the Black Plague because of ritual washing?
  41. Did Confucius punish a correct student for arguing with an incorrect one?
  42. Did steel from WWI battleships make it into space?

  43. Is the story of a divine miracle at Mt. Sinai, witnessed by a national audience, unique among cultures or religions?

  44. Was there a "samurai duel" between a Montenegrin and a Japanese warrior?
  45. Did secret police in the Eastern Bloc use X-ray machines to give people cancer?

  46. Was slipping on a banana peel an actual danger in the early 20th century?
  47. Does chain mail protect against arrows?
  48. Did commerical flag makers catalog and sell the second Confederate national flag as "whiteman's flag"?
  49. Did the Constitution of the Confederate States of America ban the slave trade?

  50. Did William T. Thompson design a flag with explicit white supremacist symbolism, which was adopted by the US Confederacy?
  51. Was there an embargo of Soviet Gold in 1932, and was grain the primary exportable good?
  52. Is the practice of circumcision in the US an attempt to stop masturbation?

  53. Did Islam dominate slave trade, and did Christians enter the slave market only later?
  54. Did a Jewish boxer survive the holocaust by fighting fellow prisoners?

  55. Did the North Korean Navy sink the heavy cruiser U.S.S. Chicago by torpedo boat in 1950?
  56. Did the Soyuz 1 mission fail because of an ignored decimal point?

  57. Was it common to perform surgeries on babies without anesthesia because doctors felt they weren't "conscious enough to feel pain"?

  58. Did Whiskey taxation make up 30%-50% of England's revenue?
  59. When instituting Quds Day, did Khomeini say that one should emulate Imam Ali who killed 700 Jews?
  60. Were lawn jockey statues used to indicate stops on the Underground Railroad?
  61. Did the ballet/orchestral work 'The Rite of Spring' provoke a riot?

  62. Did The Beatles write "Norwegian Wood" after hearing Bob Dylan's "4th Time Around" as claimed by producer Al Kooper?

  63. Did John Stuart Mill write a history of Roman law at age 10?

  64. Did the biblical King David exist?
  65. Did the bible say slavery was okay?
  66. Did the story of Columbus and the lunar eclipse take place?
  67. Did spaghetti originate in China?
  68. Did CNN broadcast this "fake news" in 1990?

  69. Was this quote on a clay tablet about unruly kids written by an Assyrian?

  70. Was Phyllis Mullenix fired after publishing research on neurotoxicity of fluoride?
  71. Did the Germans invent Radar first?

  72. Did Franciscan friars survive the nuking of Nagasaki in a way suggesting a miracle?
  73. Were the Japanese suing for peace prior to the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
  74. Do ~25% of Japanese people believe that USSR dropped nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
  75. Was John F Kennedy accidentally shot by a secret service agent?

  76. Ancestry tracking DNA tests

  77. Did Lee Harvey Oswald kill John F. Kennedy?

  78. Did Micheal Madhusudan Dutt in his youth just pay handfuls of money without counting?

  79. Is there an (official) explanation for the Gotthard Base Tunnel Opening Ceremony other than "Satanic ritual"?

  80. Ancestral DNA tests

  81. Did Muhammad behead 600 Jews in one day and torture unbelievers?

  82. Did McKinsey & Co. tell AT&T there was no market for mobile phones?

  83. Was this a fire brigade reservoir at Auschwitz?

  84. Did Muhammad marry a 6 year old?

  85. Is the novel "Sleepers" a true account?
  86. Did training Bell executives in humanities subjects lower their interest in working?

  87. Did Master Stone Masons have to Bow to the King?

  88. Did Lyndon Johnson have an amphibious car?
  89. Did Jesus use cannabis?

  90. Did Six FBI Agents die before they could testify before the House Select Committee on Assassinations?

  91. Did a British committee in 1907 recommend pushing Middle East into internal wars?
  92. Did James Buchanan say there were "too many educated people in the world"?
  93. Did Marie Antoinette say "Let them eat cake"?

  94. Is biting a gold coin a working method to verify its authenticity?
  95. Did Ataturk say this about Islam?
  96. Was there a co-regency of Tiberius and Augustus?

  97. Is "five" removed from military countdowns because it sounds like "fire"?

  98. Is Mother's Day an invention of florists?

  99. Did the French General Henri Gouraud kick and insult Saladins grave in 1920 after putting down an anti-colonial uprising?
  100. What is the real history behind of the Ford GAA engine?