1. Were nearly all founders of large companies existing in mid 20th century uneducated "rude mechanicals"?

  2. Thieves or contributors?

  3. Did tax revenue improve after tax rates were cut after Kennedy's death?
  4. Does the Bitcoin network consume as much energy as Denmark?
  5. Do automobile manufacturers make parts wear out and break easily, just so they can make more money?
  6. Does wealth reduce compassion?

  7. Did ISP "pocket" $400 billion that was supposed to be dedicated toward fiber cable infrastructure?

  8. Is the total cost of treating the uninsured in emergency rooms more expensive than government-subsidized urgent care would be in the US?
  9. Do Greeks evade taxes by not finishing their houses?

  10. Did 79% of Greeks not have health insurance in 2013?

  11. Is austerity in the UK responsible for "120,000" extra deaths?

  12. Does the fossil fuel industry benefit from trillions of dollars of subsidy from governments every year?

  13. Is 90% of world trade conducted on WTO terms?

  14. Are Fair Trade products guaranteed to be 'fairer'?

  15. Organic food is worse for the environment because it requires more land than non-organic food

  16. Is bitcoin a pyramid scheme?

  17. Does placing a fly on a urinal improve cleanliness in men's toilets?

  18. Do companies sometimes sabotage their products before selling them?
  19. Do most economists consider lump of labor to be a fallacy?

  20. Was there an embargo of Soviet Gold in 1932, and was grain the primary exportable good?
  21. Does the Jones Act double import prices in Puerto Rico?
  22. Do some Jewish American charity organizations fund the Israeli military?

  23. In California, does it cost more to send someone to prison than to send them to Stanford?
  24. Does the US spend more on prisons than public education?
  25. Did Marx imply that indigenous Mexicans were racially inferior?

  26. Is publicly-funded housing more likely to be in areas of large US cities with lower elevation?

  27. Do 40,000 people die in the United States for every 1% increase in unemployment?

  28. Does Congress appropriate 300 billion annually to agencies which cannot legally receive appropriations?

  29. Why does the IRS want you to declare income from illegal activites?
  30. In the economic crisis of 2008, were some companies truly "too big to fail"?

  31. Is Snopes.Com funded by George Soros?
  32. Does NASA have a high ROI?

  33. Did Comcast attempt to coerce Netflix by slowing down its traffic?
  34. Is credit card use more environmentally friendly than cash?

  35. Do vinyl records account for 3.6% of global music sales?
  36. Is this graphic about female executives accurate?

  37. Are teachers in the United states paid poorly?
  38. Is the British monarchy economically beneficial?
  39. Is the economic situation portrayed in "Loving" accurate?

  40. Is this €150k beach club bill real?

  41. Does Louis Vuitton burn all their unsold bags?

  42. Can we grow enough crops to feed all people on Earth?
  43. Did training Bell executives in humanities subjects lower their interest in working?
  44. 1 job to incinerate 10,000 tons of goods

  45. Do Women Make Up 85% of All Consumer Purchases?
  46. Could the EU "take Britain to the Hague" over the "£50 Billion EU divorce bill"
  47. Do airlines in North America make around $10 profit per customer?
  48. Do candles create more carbon dioxide than light bulbs?

  49. Does recycling create more pollution than it prevents?
  50. Were there 600 millionaires in Gaza in 2014?

  51. Is peak oil still set for 2013?
  52. Did the US national debt fall by $100 billion in the first two months of Trump's office?
  53. Do the motors of washers last only 1/3 to 1/4 as long as they used to?
  54. Is this "fall of industrial production" graph accurate?
  55. Does the UK send the EU £350 million a week?

  56. Is Sesame Street at risk of losing funding with Trump's new budget proposal?
  57. Did the shuttle cost more per launch than a Saturn V (after inflation)?
  58. Do long working hours in Spain affect birth rate?
  59. What if everyone in a city flushed their toilets at once?

  60. Did Henry Ford say, "Jews control the business..."?
  61. Did Robert Putnam find that diversity has "incredibly negative consequences"?

  62. Is the value of a tree $193,250?
  63. Does Germany use the Euro to exploit the US and the EU?
  64. Is the ageing population a major cause of higher healthcare costs?
  65. Do minimum wage laws disproportionately harm black employment?

  66. Evidence for and against (verbal-IQ-based) Smart Fraction Theory

  67. Do the world's eight richest people have as much wealth as the poorest 50%

  68. Are people of Nordic Nations "happier, healthier" with "a higher standard of living overall than Americans"?

  69. Are reservations/Affirmative action programs successful at alleviating financial conditions/social standing?

  70. Does United States throw wheat in the ocean to keep the prices high?
  71. Are there 96 million workers in the US who want a job and can't get one?

  72. Does paraskevidekatriaphobia (fear of Friday 13th) cause a decrease in commerce?

  73. Does McDonald's periodic release of the McRib sandwich drive up market prices for pork trimmings?
  74. Does immigration to the USA increase the unemployment rate?

  75. Has every U.S. presidential election been won by the candidate with the most money?
  76. Did US Consumer Confidence Index rise up to the highest level in more than 15 years in December 2016?
  77. How accurate are these nine charts of the economy under the Obama Administration?
  78. How much daylight does daylight-saving save?

  79. Does it take the average US worker in 2015 just 17 weeks of work a year to earn the average living standard of 1915?
  80. How much is the new Air Force One projected to cost?
  81. Does banning abortion significantly increase or decrease the number of abortions?
  82. Are 11.6% of world's billionaires Jews?
  83. Are 550 people still losing their jobs at "Trump's" Carrier plant?

  84. Did Apollo Moon landing program cost less than lipstick used by American women during same 11 years?

  85. Was there no tax before 1913 in the United States?

  86. Did increase in minimum wage cause a decrease in crime in NYC?
  87. Did the UK slip to sixth largest world economy from fifth, less than 24 hours after the EU referendum vote?

  88. Do minimum wage laws disproportionally negatively affect African Americans and Hispanics?

  89. Is there a wage gap between smokers and non-smokers?

  90. Is the gender pay gap evidence of discrimination?

  91. Has the average Somalian's quality of life improved under anarchy?

  92. Is empowerment of women a cure for poverty?
  93. Are the youngest siblings the most likely to become millionaires?

  94. Did John Nash Jr. write equations on the windows of a Princeton library?
  95. Is tax wedge 80%-90% in most of western Europe vs 50% in US?

  96. Did DR Congo use banknotes with hole where Mobuto's face used to be after he was deposed?

  97. Does the meat industry cause 414 billion dollars in externalized costs?

  98. Do Scandinavian-Americans have a higher standard of living than Scandinavians?
  99. Can Microsoft's success be attributed to their abuse of a monopoly

  100. Are one-third of human deaths from "poverty-related causes"?