1. Does watering plants with purified water yield better results?

  2. Did a boy die after masturbating 42 times?

  3. Does nail-biting indicate iron deficiency?

  4. Does too much sex, or STDs, cause urination after sneezing?
  5. Do colder temperatures increase our hunger?

  6. Are there more trees in America today than there were during colonial times?
  7. Does it take 30 seconds for a person to consciously realize that they're awake?

  8. Is climate change causing jellyfish to wash up on the beach?
  9. Are species becoming extinct at a rate of 0.01%-0.1% per annum?

  10. Is acid reflux ("heartburn") caused by having too little stomach acid?

  11. Can someone survive being swallowed by a whale?

  12. Wim Hof immune response techniques

  13. Is asexuality real?

  14. Can flatworms learn a maze by digesting other flatworms?

  15. Is there a point of no return when starving to death?

  16. Smell of a Body

  17. Do biological males who were castrated at birth and raised as females often behave like stereotypical men?
  18. Does a typical human on a western diet have undigested protein stuck in their body from years of eating certain foods?

  19. Was Jan Dzierżoń harassed for his work on parthenogenesis?

  20. Is the majority of the human body water?
  21. Beer goggles: Can alcohol make people look more attractive?

  22. Do Ultra-violet LEDs on air hand dryers help to kill bacteria?
  23. Ancestry tracking DNA tests
  24. Is the microorganism buildup in bedsheets harmful?
  25. Does your stomach shrink if you eat less?

  26. Is the inside of a field cucumber 20 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than its surroundings?

  27. Do living lizards exist inside stones?

  28. Are red heads more likely to be hot headed?

  29. Does yoga increase life expectancy?
  30. Is cows' milk bad for cats?

  31. Can thunderstorms curdle milk?
  32. Does radiation sensitivity decrease with age?
  33. Do some GMO plants provide bigger yields and more efficient use of land?
  34. Is this comparison of wedge tailed eagles and bald eagles accurate?
  35. Do men think about sex every 7 seconds?
  36. Is warm water more effective than cold water for washing one's hands?

  37. Are all the atoms in our bodies replaced on a regular basis?
  38. Does area of the brain associated with the sense of self "shut down" when praying?
  39. Do teenagers fall asleep and rise up later than kids or adults for biological reasons?
  40. Can Bioimpedance be used to prescribe essential oils and supplements?

  41. Can reading fine print cause damage to eyes?

  42. Is it better to water lawn in the morning or in the evening?
  43. Did Einstein's brain weigh less than the average?

  44. Can you get drunk with Vodka vapour using a humidifier?

  45. Of all humans ever born, did most men not become fathers?

  46. Does oxygen get you high enough to keep you calm during a plane crash?

  47. Does wifi stunt cress growth?

  48. Does the oral contraceptive pill "age" a woman's cervix prematurely?

  49. Is biochemical transmutations of elements possible?

  50. Did the BBC fake scenes in Planet Earth 2 with composite shots and CGI?

  51. Are vaccine antibodies different than natural antibodies?
  52. Do vaginal tightening creams work?

  53. Does your heart stop beating when you sneeze?

  54. Was the opposition of the Catholic Church to contraception based on the Homunculi theory?
  55. Do homemade pregnancy tests with sugar work?

  56. Is the video of Soviet Dog Revival Experiment real?
  57. Does men's testosterone increase with age?

  58. Is this chart of eye colour inheritance accurate?

  59. Will plant-life on Earth end due to too little CO2?

  60. Can egg shells be digested?
  61. Could climate affect Aisha's age of sexual maturity?

  62. Could life begin by chance?

  63. Can scientists create a life-form yet?
  64. Was superglue invented to seal bullet injuries in Vietnam?
  65. Do trees die of cursing in Solomon Islands?
  66. Reading while lying down is more strenuous (unhealthy) for eyes
  67. Can kangaroos walk backwards?

  68. Has the synthetic bacteria Synthia become a rogue flesh-eating disease?

  69. Is the average temperature of a healthy human adult 98.6F/37C?

  70. Do other animals have non-reproductive sex?

  71. Is the Earth experiencing another mass extinction event?

  72. Did Saint Charbel Makhluf's body remain intact for 50 years?
  73. Can a person forget their own name?

  74. Are human fetal cells used to produce Pepsi?
  75. Have paleontologists systematically ignored dinosaur DNA that does not match the evolutionary model?

  76. Do we have 10 times more microbes than human cells in our body?

  77. Do colour-blind people see through certain kinds of camouflage?

  78. Does genital-electrocution of animals cause immediate death?

  79. Does swatting/killing a bee cause the hive to attack?

  80. Can you punch someone's nose into their brain?
  81. Has HIV ever been isolated?
  82. Is there a subgroup of Asians that have slanting vaginas?

  83. Is 70% of your immune system "located" in your gut?

  84. Are most of the nutrients of vegetables and fruits contained in the peel?

  85. Are tears structurally or chemically different depending on the reason for crying?
  86. How do I refute skepticism towards radiometric/carbon dating?

  87. Are our gut microbes responsible for 50-90% of our behaviour-regulating neuro-transmittors?

  88. Do pathogens have a negative ORP and beneficial bacteria a positive?
  89. Do humans share 50% of their DNA with bananas?
  90. Will liver move towards milk?

  91. Has the Orca infant mortality rate been 100% since the Fukushima disaster?
  92. Do drop bears exist?
  93. Is Michelle Obama a transgender woman?

  94. Is drinking a cold drink and drinking hot soup unhealthy in any way?

  95. Is this Indonesian man, Mbah Gotho, 145 years old, as he claims?
  96. Would a fingerprint scanner still work as you age

  97. Does Asclepias gigantea cause blindness?

  98. Can a metal plate in the head stop a bullet?

  99. Does drinking coffee reduce breast size?
  100. Can a single sperm travel alone to an egg and fertilize it?