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  1. Root canals cause heart attacks?

  2. Can plants communicate?
  3. Does sensitatization require less allergens than elicitation?
  4. Did Obama mention in his book he was born in Kenya?
  5. Is this Donald Trump and did he slap the governor of Mexico City?

  6. Did General Curtis Lemay say that 20% of the North Korean population was killed?
  7. While being on sick leave due to exhaustion, can playing computer games cause permanent psychological damage?

  8. Do police officers and firefighters have a shorter than average life expectancy?
  9. Do pricey medicines in the USA subsidise R&D for the rest of the world?
  10. Did the National Rifle Association (NRA) block research into statistics related to gun control?
  11. Does New Caledonia have a quarter of the world's nickel?
  12. Does Instagram withhold likes to increase usage?
  13. Can the human eye distinguish frame rates above 60 Hz?

  14. Do food proteins in vaccines cause the development of food allergies?

  15. Do 82% of women making $100K per year in the US do it through home based businesses?
  16. Did Hitler say "Thank God I've always avoided persecuting my enemies"?
  17. Have Putin and his family stolen $300 billion or more from Russians?

  18. Did Putin threaten to have traitors assassinated?

  19. Do the mountains around this Norwegian valley act like a giant battery?
  20. Does Google Earth show missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 with "bullet holes"?
  21. Did Russia destroy all their (official) chemical weapons?

  22. Is the US is heavily reliant on its richest citizens to support the tax burden?

  23. Does your wifi router mess up your melatonin which messes up your sleep?
  24. Is Rub' al Khali the largest sand desert in the world?

  25. Are these images showing the European refugee migration to North Aftrica during world war 2?

  26. Is Gina Haspel wanted in Europe?

  27. Do typical modern pharmaceutical firms spend more on marketing than on R&D?
  28. Do people become resistant to stinging nettles?

  29. Did Thomas Jefferson predict that slavery would split the US?

  30. Do biotin supplements increase hair growth and strength?

  31. Does Germany have a peace treaty and a constitution?

  32. Did passengers of the Titanic predict/foreshadow its sinking?
  33. Did a Paul Ryan affiliated SuperPAC campaign to elect Democrat Conor Lamb?

  34. Do human activities contribute to climate change?

  35. Does saying "sorry" after an accident count as legal admission of fault?
  36. Are slot machines purely random or do they pre-calculate every spin?

  37. Is the recent media attention given to the USS Nimitz UFO incident a disinformation scheme?

  38. Who has lived >50 years after diagnosis with ALS?
  39. Why death-sentenced prisoners are kept alive for years?

  40. Can you put a gag in someone's mouth to prevent them from talking?
  41. Did Donald Trump stop a mugger in 1991?

  42. Is the video of Soviet Dog Revival Experiment real?
  43. Is oenology real?
  44. Did Christopher Langan learn to speak when he was only 6 months old?
  45. Are headlines often not written by the person writing a newspaper article?

  46. How are vaccines tested for very young children or infants?

  47. Is public transport less fuel-efficient than cars?

  48. Was there a nuclear explosion in Germany during WW2?

  49. Is travelling by car better for preventing climate change than by plane?

  50. Does drinking in moderation with parents increase the chances of alcoholism?

  51. Is this map of Israel-occupied territory accurate?

  52. Do only 0.6% of rapes lead to incarceration in the US?

  53. Were there Christians trapped in the burning a Mardan church?

  54. Did Betsy Ross make the first US flag?

  55. Did Jews "take over" 73% of their land from Palestinians?

  56. Did the former prime minister of UK say this about the Koran?
  57. Did Martin Shkreli (Pharma Bro) cry during sentencing?
  58. Does the center of the Milky Way galaxy taste of raspberries?
  59. Has the Holocaust been exaggerated?

  60. What causes the US media obsession with tariffs; The E U and others have charged tariffs on US stuff forever?

  61. Have the sales of "Shape of water" dildos skyrocketed due to the success of the film with that name?

  62. Did Walt Disney accidentally kill someone during a game of polo?
  63. Does screening for prostate cancer save lives?

  64. Does lemon juice help remove warts?
  65. Is the Bates Method for improving eyesight efficacious?

  66. Does eating "Ganglia" cause leprosy?
  67. Do women distinguish more colours than men?

  68. Does the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) provide higher quality, cheaper care than most other US health systems?

  69. Is "blue scorpion venom" a legitimate treatment for cancer?
  70. Did Churchill come up with the idea of using civilian vessels to evacuate those trapped at Dunkirk, as portrayed in Darkest Hour?

  71. Do these pictures depict the same man after two separate crises?
  72. Have badgers eaten coyotes?

  73. Can a society become unhappier with an increase in wealth?

  74. Do solar panels create 300 times more toxic waste per unit of energy than nuclear-power plants?
  75. Is there any evidence that laptops in airplanes might be used for terrorist attack?
  76. Does a lobster feel little/no pain when boiled alive?
  77. Can mice find their way back to your home from 1+ miles away?

  78. Were George Washington's teeth ripped from the mouths of living slaves?

  79. Did Einstein reply "Ask Tesla" when asked how it felt to be the smartest man alive?

  80. Can Rambo, the German shepherd, follow written commands?

  81. Was MH17 shot down?

  82. Can lions sense menstruating women?
  83. Does hot water freeze faster than cold water?
  84. Can Elderberries "beat the flu, prevent colds, and strengthen your immunity"?
  85. What is the origin of this quote: "Humans live on one-quarter of what they eat; on the other three-quarters lives their doctor."

  86. Did Trump promise to bring back waterboarding?
  87. Is lard good for health?
  88. Has president Trump been "very strict on Commercial Aviation"?

  89. Does 1°C warming increase the H2O content of the atmosphere by 7%?
  90. Are Russian Twitter trolls exploiting the Florida school shooting?
  91. Are schools with armed guards or police safer?
  92. Is the illegal nuclear waste at The Westlake Nuclear Landfill a risk to public health?

  93. Is the illegal nuclear waste at the Coldwater Creek Nuclear Landfill a risk to public health?

  94. Are more people killed with hammers than with guns in the US?
  95. Were there armed guards at Columbine?
  96. Does microwaving breast milk cause dangerous hot spots?

  97. Does the "4-7-8" method help to fall asleep faster?
  98. Was Aryabhatta the first to invent place value system and zero?

  99. Is there compelling proof against an alternative to the law of conservation of energy?

  100. Does decline of mainstream Christian beliefs correlate with the rise of superstitious, magical, neopagan or New Age practices?