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  1. Is the GOP tax plan the 'largest tax cut in history'?

  2. Do elevators increase radiation from cell phone use?

  3. What is this unknown object in this military video?
  4. The origin of "99 cents"

  5. Does E15 fuel damage cars newer than 2001?
  6. Is using the A/C in a car less fuel efficient than having the windows down?

  7. Do professional software developers write an average of 10 lines of code per day?
  8. Did a boy die after masturbating 42 times?

  9. Did the future Prime Minister of Poland help the future president of USA to pay his tuition?

  10. Do wifi and cellphones increase the risk of miscarriage?
  11. Has the U.S. Army been conducting IQ tests on their recruits, unintentionally discovering a racial hierarchy of intelligence?

  12. Does conventional medicine only treat the symptoms?

  13. Is self-discipline more important than IQ in predicting academic performance?
  14. Thieves or contributors?

  15. Did tax revenue improve after tax rates were cut after Kennedy's death?

  16. Is instructing a subject to crawl forward with crossed ankles standard arrest protocol?

  17. Is Huawei the front for a Chinese espionage attempt?

  18. Do these foods affect healing after getting a tattoo?

  19. Are cows not vegetarian?

  20. How effective are stealth kills?

  21. Was Vladimir Putin born in Georgia and later adopted?

  22. "Women rate the strongest men as the most attractive" ...or is it always so?
  23. Do squirrels fed by humans develop cancer and heart disease?

  24. Is Australia the worlds most successful multicultural country?

  25. Does nail-biting indicate iron deficiency?

  26. Did the wind power industry produce more radioactive waste than nuclear power plants?

  27. Was the polar bear dying because of climate change?
  28. Is Britain's housing crisis caused by migrants?
  29. Pork peace theory. Do eating pork promote world peace?

  30. Does toothpaste cause acne?

  31. Will the Republican tax plan cost Donald Trump "a fortune"?

  32. Do programmers who learn to type faster become better programmers?

  33. Will global warming reduce available oxygen?
  34. Did Abraham Isaac Kook say that Gentiles have different souls than Jews?

  35. Have four out of five systematic reviews concluded that homeopathy works?
  36. Was Walt Disney a Freemason?
  37. Do we live in a post-truth era?

  38. Do nice guys finish last?
  39. Can 'resonant frequencies' kill cancer cells?

  40. Did Russia have over a million universities in 2005?
  41. Does hydrogen-infused water have these health benefits?

  42. Is it safe to eat pomegranate seeds?
  43. Is poker more a game of skill than chance?
  44. Does the Bitcoin network consume as much energy as Denmark?

  45. Entire GOP voted against letting senators read the new tax bill?

  46. Are fossil fuels making the world greener?

  47. Does too much sex, or STDs, cause urination after sneezing?
  48. Is the average effective corporate tax rate in US only 15% in 2017?
  49. Are there fewer than 500 people researching antibiotic resistance?

  50. Does cow urine contain gold?

  51. Is KNM-ER 1470 evidence that other dating methods other than the fossil record are inaccurate?

  52. Is this true that few terror attacks are motivated by Islam?

  53. Do men prefer women with long hair?
  54. Toy sleeping cats/dogs made from real dog/cat fur?

  55. Will parents be arrested in Magnolia, Texas for walking with their children onto school grounds?

  56. Was there a picture of Freud above a urinal at Washington University?
  57. Do voters refuse to believe accurate accounts of Republican tax plans?

  58. Has increased computer use led to increased myopia?

  59. Was Suzanne Coleman killed when she was 7 months pregnant with Bill Clinton's child?

  60. Is job experience a poor predictor of job performance?

  61. Is changing what foods you like a result of changing taste buds?

  62. Can venomous snakes be determined by these pupil, nostril and scale patterns?
  63. Does Toomey's amendment to the GOP Tax Bill only benefit Hillsdale College?
  64. Is the "Maharishi Effect" real?

  65. Is it harmful to your eyes to read in dim light?
  66. Is palm oil bad for health?
  67. Is "If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear" a line used by Joseph Goebbels?
  68. Are "burglar codes" used to target homes for crime?

  69. Do colder temperatures increase our hunger?
  70. Do automobile manufacturers make parts wear out and break easily, just so they can make more money?

  71. Did Joseph Goebbels say "Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty"?
  72. Are between 20-50% of Catholic priests homosexual?

  73. Has Trump's administration been making more human trafficking arrests than the Obama administration?
  74. Is there anything to Jay-Z's claim that "Jewish people own all the property in America"?
  75. Did the White House Press Secretary Lie about a Pie?

  76. Is skepticism more influenced by one’s milieu than other personality traits are?
  77. Did Hariri's resignation get triggered by $20mil bribe from Quatar to Lebanon's President?
  78. Has Pokémon Go caused hundreds of deaths?
  79. Can a pair of rats multiply to 200 within a year?

  80. Is it healthy to sleep with the head under the blanket?

  81. Did NAMBLA march in Gay Pride parades in the 70s and 80s?

  82. Were enough guns to arm the Marine Corps sold during this year's Black Friday?

  83. Did Swedish tax rate ever exceed 100%?

  84. Does wealth reduce compassion?
  85. Do North Korean soldiers eat their leaders' feces?
  86. Is the belief that vaccinations cause autism correlated with liberal political beliefs?
  87. Are Antifa movements also anti-government?
  88. Electromagnetic field due to phone/wifi/laptop etc

  89. Is this a real photo of North Korean kids?

  90. Has the War on Drugs disproportionately affected minority communities?

  91. Did no genocide occur in Kosovo?

  92. Is Christianity responsible for the scientific method?
  93. Did ISP "pocket" $400 billion that was supposed to be dedicated toward fiber cable infrastructure?
  94. Is the US Army Field Manual 30-31B a forgery?

  95. Do 60% of US anti-vaxxers identify as politically liberal?
  96. Does masturbation (or sex) help one focus better later?
  97. Can antioxidants prevent cancer?

  98. Can the GoBe devices measure your caloric intake?
  99. Is tobacco smoke an antioxidant?

  100. Does drinking warm milk help people fall asleep and if so what is it about it that does?