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  1. Honeypot tricking my android device to connect

  2. Is using online SQL prettifiers considered safe?

  3. How do I find a PKI smart card reader/writer for development (Microsoft .NET)

  4. Is Passbolt secure against root access?

  5. Execute a PHP function that returns an array from an XSL file

  6. Is it secure to execute MySQL queries on a client device?

  7. Important data can be modified from the developer console. What should I do?

  8. RSA Signature - Encrypt

  9. Are cryptographies based on bitwise operations considered secure?
  10. Is using desktop 2FA clients like Authy Desktop a good practice?

  11. Got access to .ssh folder on server - how to SSH into it?
  12. Is it possible to retrieve MAC address of a host using Tor?

  13. How to stop people from bypassing firewall blocks by using Google cache?

  14. How does the webserver/browser know the encryption key(s) for encryption (SSL)

  15. How does salt make a password secure against dictionary attacks
  16. find out which RPC

  17. How to secure MySQL server for the case of hardware theft

  18. How to set autorunscript multiple commands?

  19. Security of LastPass together with YubiKey

  20. How to determine if a browser is using an SSL or TLS connection?
  21. DNSSec capable countries
  22. Is my web server secure?

  23. Script Kiddies - how do they find my server IP?

  24. KRACK and Keystream
  25. Serving a local debug apache site from home directory requires 755 perms on directory tree, is this safe on a single-user laptop?

  26. What is PKCE actually protecting?

  27. Is there a standard manifest format for tracking software components?
  28. Meterpreter cannot bind to external address

  29. Possible to use *only* U2F authentication?
  30. Responsible Disclosure of an Efficient Integer Factorization Algorithm

  31. Dotdotpwn - Different text patterns

  32. How does CORS prevent XSS?

  33. How strong should a database password be?
  34. Prevent entering suspected IPs to entire server
  35. Is BASIC-Auth secure if done over HTTPS?
  36. Is there any good guides on personal informational security?

  37. Isolation of applications for multiple clients
  38. need to crack electrum wallet (lost password) will pay
  39. Strong unique passwords and TOTP 2FA
  40. How to secure refresh token API's?
  41. Any tool written by python that I install on my kali linux don't works

  42. EternalBlue exploit doesn't work against windows 8

  43. Passing PHP code directly into JavaScript in HTML5

  44. Configuring burp to use in proxy environment

  45. Was redirected from MS Outlook to a phishing site. Need independent opinion on whether or not my computer is compromised
  46. Cross-domain tracking techniques

  47. DNS Server Recursive Query Cache Poisoning Weakness "Bounce DoS"

  48. SAQ-D Service Provider without a CDE

  49. Could logless VPNs be traced?
  50. Why does Apple require your passcode when you restart?

  51. Understanding Prevention, Detection, and Protection

  52. Can nmap (or another tool) detect hardware/system information such as amount of RAM, number of processors, etc.?

  53. using msfvenom to encode an exe file without any payload, like oldy msfencode (packing)

  54. Risks involved in deploying staging environment externally

  55. How to brute force a Java Applet in browser?

  56. Let's Encrypt for intranet websites?

  57. Can anyone explain what Ret2plt means and how it works?
  58. How to timestamp a document without electronic signature under eIDAS

  59. Securing internal micro-services - Letsencrypt vs. Self-signed certificates - Best practices

  60. Why is salt+nonce authentification over insecure channel vunrable to man-in-the-middle attack?

  61. Can I restore gpg private key from raw data to enigmail?
  62. PCI - store card details offline

  63. In GoldenEye, what does 'strikes deferred' refer to?
  64. Preventing a Burp and Intercept
  65. Facebook 'Where You're Logged In' IP does not match actual IP

  66. fingerprint & SSH & Man-in-the-Middle Attacks

  67. Recommendation for implementing encrypted MySQL database
  68. XSS payload to capture login credentials
  69. Is including the data scheme in your Content Security Policy safe?

  70. Discrete log problem - Presume adversary Eve has the public key, how can Eve generate all possible private keys?
  71. mariadb user accounts concerns
  72. Make secure connection with help of a server

  73. XSS and XXE payload in XML attributes value

  74. Can a Windows phone be traced without a SIM and the battery?

  75. Mobile Phone "Activation"

  76. In cyptography what is "Key Space"?
  77. Raspberry Pi Self-Signed Certificate Error

  78. What's the difference between substitution and permutation in DES?
  79. Unable to PSEXEC into machine with admin hash
  80. Finding websites protected by Web Application Firewalls
  81. Use one subkey for signing + encrypting
  82. My website is blacklisted by Kaspersky. Does that mean it's infected?
  83. How to check if a server is not vulnerable to Logjam?

  84. Potential issues allowing users to set any URL as web hook

  85. Error based SQL injection when special characters are filtered

  86. List of CVE resolved in OpenJDK build

  87. Automatic change of hotspot network name on Android Phone

  88. API security where the server is also client-side

  89. Can the blocking of JavaScript and the disabled loading of embedded attachments make an HTML email relatively secure?
  90. can a malware conceal true browser history

  91. What encryption to use when the user needs to memorize the key?

  92. Manage SSL certificates for a multi-tenant website

  93. Are there any good instant messaging applications with a good end-to-end encryption to its web application?
  94. How do I revoke the certificate and generate a CRL?

  95. Protect against unauthorized connections to the wifi network?

  96. Is it normal to receive working SMS verification code from strange number?
  97. Make Hydra provide 5-digit passwords with ASCII values using a Python script
  98. Can the client communicate with the AP after a KRACK attack?

  99. Decrypting a text encrypted with aes128 cipher algorithm
  100. ASLR Randomization BSS