1. Why were there 3-7-9 Rings of Power?

  2. What is the significance of there being Nine Nazgul?

  3. What is the translation of this text?

  4. Why is Arwen dying?

  5. Why didn't Sauron fight in the final battle?
  6. Why Does Samwise Gamgee Call Frodo Baggins 'Mr. Frodo'?

  7. What happened to the Dragon-helm of Dor-lómin?
  8. Do dwarves always stop fighting when their leader is killed?

  9. Why did the bodies of the wargs that attacked the Fellowship in Hollin disappear?

  10. Why didn't Gandalf or Frodo Fly to Mount Doom?

  11. How powerful is Eru Ilúvatar?
  12. Why did Sauron think that no one in possession of the One Ring would want to destroy it?

  13. Are there characters from Tolkien's Legendarium that came back from the dead?

  14. How does Gandalf almost die in The Hobbit?

  15. Why didn't Elrond or Círdan take the ring from Isildur by force and destroy it?

  16. Can the ringwraiths use a palantir?
  17. Why did Saruman not kill Gandalf?

  18. What does Gandalf mean by "Secret Fire", "Flame of Anor" and "Flame of Udûn"?

  19. Why wasn't Glorfindel included in the Fellowship?
  20. Why did Gandalf not return to help Frodo and Sam?

  21. Why do the Rohirrim apparently find the H-word offensive?

  22. Is the name "Rohirrim" based on "Houyhnhnm"?

  23. If Éowyn did not ride into battle with The Rohirrim would the outcome have been much different? Could The Witch-King of Angmar do that much?

  24. Why didn't Sauron go looking for other dragons after Smaug died?
  25. Why couldn't Gandalf kill multiple orcs at a time?
  26. How far is it between Minas Tirith and Minas Morgul?

  27. Why does Legolas choose to not return to Mirkwood at the end of BotFA?
  28. Did Cirdan the Shipwright have a wife?

  29. Why did Gondor not move the Palantir at Minas Ithil before it was captured?

  30. Do all elven blades glow blue in the presence of orcs?
  31. Who are the 2 most powerful entities to battle each other directly?

  32. Did the Ring Bearers and Gimli die in Valinor?
  33. Would Smaug have actually followed and allied with Sauron had he lived on?

  34. Are the Moriquendi defined by lineage, or more generally?
  35. Mind control magic in lord of the rings
  36. Why was the ring necessary for Sauron to control Middle-earth?
  37. Are there differently coloured races of Man in Middle-Earth, and if so how are they explained?

  38. Are there other dragons in Middle-earth by the time of The Hobbit?
  39. Who is being referred to in the Barrow Wights Chant?

  40. Who is 'you' in "I See Fire" from "The Desolation of Smaug"?

  41. Were there beacons on both sides of the White mountains and if so were they both lit?
  42. Aragorn's Direct Relation to Elros and his unknown choice to become an elf
  43. Why can Arwen decide her mortality?

  44. Is The Spirit of Carnan possibly an Entwife?

  45. Will there be another book/movie about The Hobbit / LOTR?

  46. Do Men have a greater degree of free will than Elves?
  47. What inspired Tauriel's story arc?
  48. Why did Gandalf let Frodo decide where to go in the pass of Caradhras?
  49. Was Tolkien explicitly referencing C.S. Forester's "Captain Hornblower"?
  50. Did J.R.R. Tolkien plan for the ring to be Sauron's?

  51. Who was the Queen of Mirkwood?

  52. Why didn't Sauron find Bilbo when he put on the ring like Frodo?

  53. Why was Melkor aka Morgoth created without a female counterpart?

  54. Would the One Ring even work for anyone but Sauron?

  55. Was it possible to wield more than one Ring of Power?
  56. Why did Thranduil bring an army to Erebor?

  57. Did Gandalf know that Elrond didn't stop Isildur?
  58. Has Tolkien's estate ever sold the rights to adaptations of any Tolkien works?
  59. Did Peter Jackson ever explain why he left out the Scouring of the Shire?
  60. Why was Tom Bombadil so unconcerned about the fate of Middle-earth?
  61. Why was the riddle on the way to Moria written in Elvish?

  62. Who sold Amazon the rights for the Lord of the Rings TV deal?

  63. Did Gandalf wear his Ring of Power throughout the trilogy?

  64. What happened to Tauriel after the events of the Battle Of the Five Armies?

  65. Could the Arkenstone have been a Silmaril?

  66. Why doesn't Sam have to say "Aiya Eärendil Elenion Ancalima"?

  67. Why did Sauron want the Seven Rings back after his return?

  68. Why does Frodo see his sword glow red at Weathertop?

  69. Where do the Dwarves put all the stone from the Mines of Moria?

  70. Should I watch the Hobbit trilogy before the LotR trilogy?

  71. What material are weapons and armors in the Middle-earth forged from?

  72. How large is Aragorn's Reunited Kingdom?
  73. What are the differences between Orcs and Uruks?

  74. How was Smaug's treasure actually divided?

  75. What powers, if any, did the Silmarils have?

  76. How many Balrogs did it take to defeat Fëanor?

  77. Could the messenger sent by Sauron (to Erebor) be an Easterling?

  78. What defects did Tolkien think there were in Lord of the Rings?
  79. Why or how did Durin the Deathless live so long?

  80. Are there any specific examples in Lord of the Rings that are influenced by WWII?

  81. Are Shagrat and Gorbag really talking about "the old days" from personal experience?

  82. Could an Elf kill Sauron in single combat?

  83. Were there any other 'wizards' in Middle-earth apart from the Istari?

  84. Could Aulë have been corrupted by Melkor?

  85. Why did Smaug gather a treasure of gold and other precious objects?
  86. How does Gandalf end up on the roof of Orthanc in Isengard?
  87. Does Bard have Númenorean ancestry?

  88. If the Arkenstone isn't a Silmaril, then what is it?

  89. If Aman was "taken away" at the fall of Numenor, where do the Elves (and others) sail to at the end of Lord of the Rings?
  90. Why did Morgoth place a price on Beren's head?

  91. Why do the elves move like a North Korean parade in Jackson's movies?

  92. Why did the Rings turn Nazgûl invisible and their clothes visible, while The One Ring turned both invisible?

  93. Where do Orc babies come from?
  94. Do the Palantíri have powers to lure?
  95. What exactly are the Watchers that guard the Tower of Cirith Ungol in Mordor?
  96. Do curse words exist in Tolkien's Legendarium?

  97. How did the Witch King break Gandalf's staff in the movie?

  98. Do we know what Tolkien meant when he used the word "weapontake"?

  99. How much of Arda did Morgoth destroy before the Coming of the Elves?

  100. Does a traditional afterlife exist in Lord of the Rings?