1. Why couldn't Aragorn become one of the Eldar?

  2. Is There More to Arwen Than Her Obsessive Love for Aragorn?

  3. Do we know what the 20 Rings of Power look like?
  4. Why are skills of men so watered down in LOTR and Tolkien's work?
  5. Why wasn't there a representative from Rohan at the Council of Elrond?
  6. Why do the Rohirrim apparently find the H-word offensive?
  7. Does Galadriel wear any specific jewelry?
  8. Why do the Elves not have more offspring?

  9. Elvish phrase for "Dream Come True"

  10. Which language is more fully developed, Klingon or Quenya/Sindarin?
  11. Did the Ring Bearers and Gimli die in Valinor?
  12. Could an Elf kill Sauron in single combat?

  13. Was The Hobbit meant to be an adaptation of There and Back Again by Bilbo?

  14. What is the significance of Saruman's Ring?
  15. Thorin's imprisonment "set right"

  16. Why did the Witch King not kill Gandalf?

  17. What happened to the 13 Rings of Power that survived the War of the Ring?

  18. Why can't Elves create more Rings?

  19. Why weren't the Three Rings for the Elven-kings destroyed as well?

  20. Did Tolkien create any characters based on people he knew?

  21. How did they have time to build Balin a tomb?

  22. Does anyone call Sam Samwise?

  23. Are Tolkien's orcs immortal?

  24. Why doesn't Sam have to say "Aiya Eärendil Elenion Ancalima"?

  25. Is it stated in Shadow or Mordor / War (outside the appendix) that Celebrimbor gave Sauron's One Ring it's own will
  26. Who were the Nazgul before they became wraiths?

  27. Who are the 2 most powerful entities to battle each other directly?

  28. Is there a legal system in Middle-earth?

  29. Was Saruman already siding with Sauron before Dol Guldur?

  30. What is the importance of Galadriel giving a new bow to Legolas?
  31. Why didn't the orcs use Grond in the first place?
  32. Translation of the writing around Gondor's banner
  33. How did Bilbo and Aragorn meet?

  34. How could Legolas walk on snow?

  35. What Are Middle-earth Giants?
  36. Gil-galad: Did he die? How?
  37. Who can break another wizard's staff?

  38. Why did Aragorn change his mind about the Rohan tribute rumor?

  39. What was the Valar's ancient error?

  40. Were there two elves named Glorfindel?
  41. Why Does Gollum/Sméagol Only Eat Live Fish?

  42. What's the meaning of "your life will be forfeit?"
  43. Who created the Secret Stairs as a way into Mordor and for what purpose?
  44. Why didn't Aragorn keep going with the army of the dead?

  45. Why Did Gimli Want Galadriel's Hair?
  46. What happened to the Nazgul after the One Ring was destroyed?
  47. Would Smaug have actually followed and allied with Sauron had he lived on?
  48. Why aren't there werewolves anymore in the Third Age?

  49. Why did the Valar abandon the Moriquendi and Men?

  50. Where did "you shall not pass" come from?

  51. Why didn't Sam use his own sword after dropping Sting in the fight with Shelob?
  52. Are any locations in the Lord of the Rings based on real places?
  53. Was the "Eye of Sauron" Sauron's actual physical form?
  54. How many Stars of Elendil were there, and what happened to each of them?

  55. How can these unlicensed books about Middle Earth get published legally?

  56. Are the Maiar more powerful than the Istari?

  57. Why was Gandalf so concerned for Gollum's well-being?

  58. Why didn't the king of Gondor return earlier?

  59. Is there any canon evidence of a second "One Ring?"

  60. Why didn't Gandalf say anything when he saw Bilbo's ring?

  61. Is Gimli really 60+ years old in Lord of the Rings?

  62. Did Peter Jackson ever explain why he left out the Scouring of the Shire?

  63. Why are there rings for Dwarves and Elves and Men, but not Hobbits or Orcs?
  64. Are there any subtle hints towards Lord of the Rings in A Song of Ice And Fire?

  65. Who's older: Treebeard or Tom Bombadil?
  66. The Return of the King: Chapter 2 - The Passing of the Grey Company. Why does King Theoden take the mountain road instead of the plains?
  67. At the end of the Hobbit, if Strider was already a Ranger, how come he still looks that young in Fellowship of the Ring?

  68. Why does Aragorn decide to pursue Merry and Pippin in The Fellowship of the Ring?
  69. Why did Dáin hold half of his forces back in the Battle of the Five Armies?

  70. Are Varys' little birds in Game of Thrones inspired by the Crebain in The Lord of the Rings?

  71. Is Sam Gamgee an orphan?

  72. Is "Dragon Sickness" a figurative or literal curse?

  73. How much Elven ancestry does Aragorn have?

  74. Could the Arkenstone have been a Silmaril?

  75. What happened to the Arkenstone?
  76. Why does Sauron fear Aragorn if he is a Maia?

  77. Is it advisable to read The Hobbit before reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy?

  78. What happened between Frodo and Gollum in the Dead Marshes?
  79. Did Bilbo and Gollum have different after-effects of being Ring-bearers?

  80. Why didn't Sauron give the Hobbits any rings?

  81. Why Théoden charge out at Helm's deep?

  82. How aware are middle earth races about their deities?

  83. Why does the city of Minas Morgul glow green?

  84. Is Alegaesia part of the same world as Lord of the Rings?
  85. Did Peter Jackson ever explain the Witch-King's flail?

  86. Why didn't Elrond use the army of the undead at the end of The Two Towers?

  87. Why Sauron/ringwraiths can detect Frodo when he put on ring at Prancing Pony?

  88. Has Peter Jackson revealed why he changed the character of Aragorn?
  89. How were Uruk-hai captains selected?

  90. What was the name of the dam lake from which the Watcher in the Water guarded the the entrance to Moria?
  91. How did Elrond know of the Paths of the Dead?
  92. Can the Elves do magic?
  93. Were personal relationships in Middle-earth different from our own?

  94. Are there any specific examples in Lord of the Rings that are influenced by WWII?

  95. Who plays the Auctioneer?

  96. Does the briefcase in Pulp Fiction contain a Silmaril?
  97. What were the "Black Pits" the orcs referred to?

  98. What's the physical difference between Hobbits and Dwarves?

  99. Does Middle-earth have nobility?
  100. What is the relationship between the various calendars of Middle-earth?