1. Story Identification: Fantasy novel, traversing a tunnel, having to crawl for days?

  2. Looking for a movie alt series with giants on bikes in the world's core

  3. Looking for a story with a city walking to war
  4. Looking for a Harry Potter like story with female lead
  5. Movie with an Alien race Which Absorbs Light as a Source of Nutrition
  6. What's the name of the supernatural film that scared me as a kid?
  7. Short story about a man inadvertently winnng a road rage battle
  8. Redheaded scout educates backwater isolated planet of humans on how to use paperwork to avoid exploitation

  9. What's that book: war of the sexes
  10. Short-story about moving "cathedral" cities on a Mercury-like planet

  11. Looking for a fantasy book about a girl with unexpected tattoos
  12. Seeking kids' book with teleportation to alternate Earth
  13. Massive city structures that 'crawled' over the plains due to being deconstructed/constructed in one direction

  14. Sci-Fi Novel: Aliens inform scientists of the origin of the universe and life driving them insane

  15. Dragon book about a boy who gets marked as a zero on the magic level

  16. Does anyone know of an anime movie about a robot that had a baby

  17. TV show - prisoners get lethal injection but end up elsewhere afterwards
  18. First dramoine then drarry

  19. Alien painter on a desert planet. 60's short story

  20. Was the third riddle from "Little Dot" supposed to reference another story?

  21. Ugly girl has heart frozen which makes her beautiful
  22. German sci-fi tv show with minimalist music, 70's or 80's?
  23. Web-published play in a world with the technology to reanimate arbitrary humans who have died

  24. Identification needed of 1970s/1980s childrens/YA show
  25. Looking to identify a book, please
  26. Story identification please - post-apocalyptical awakening in isolation?

  27. Mobile City Book - Not Mortal Engines

  28. What is this story with insects that want to be eaten?
  29. TV show or movie about yellow slime

  30. Movie where people on seizure medication find out they are aliens

  31. A book about teenagers isolated in a school with robot teachers and no adults

  32. Story about the first person to be resurrected
  33. Looking for a movie from the 60's where a spaceship gets destroyed in the end by a crewman

  34. Finding the author or title of this sci-fi story

  35. Seeking a game like Hunt the Wumpus but with graphics, RPG elements, and a balrog

  36. Help identify short story? 1950s - 1960s about two pals trapped on top of an oil tank

  37. Book identification sought - childrens comic strip and text story book horror
  38. Fantasy book about an assassin turned investigator

  39. Book about a crew member staying on an alien planet and marrying an indigenous alien

  40. Movie with crashed UFO and floor panels that light up (and kill the people standing on them)

  41. Protagonist can see auras with his inner eye, has to seduce antagonist

  42. Seeking children's record with American Indian story about a giant with a frozen heart

  43. Trying to find this book for years I know the book has a the title? And a (purple?) Flame

  44. Book about apocalyptic event involving aliens
  45. Seeking 1980s cartoon that had a gas that damaged or mutated robots
  46. radio play about crosstime-traveling bidet advertiser
  47. Cartoon where guys from junkyard become transformed cars

  48. Weekly comic story about aliens trying to conquer Earth by winning the World Cup

  49. Movie identification: Identify some 20+ years old sci-fi movie based on following remembered scene

  50. What anime is this character from?

  51. Children's novel about a magic spring, called something like "Down the Mountain"
  52. Trying to identify a book from the 80s about space pirates/mercenaries
  53. Anime where a character works to prevent his birth

  54. Father and Daughter land on Alien World

  55. Movie man finds new boots, dances?
  56. TV show about someone who could control time with a belt

  57. Story with tiny horse-like "husband"?

  58. Trying to find book name. 1970s 1980s

  59. Anime or manga with a girl who can draw the future.

  60. SciFi book series about a group of space marines
  61. A SciFi book about a kid trying to recover kingdom
  62. Sci-Fi Novel about time travel, an invisible house, and aliens trying to take over a distant human colonized planet
  63. I am trying to find a movie where some people get to an alien planet with green aliens

  64. Crystal heads-robots short story

  65. Trying to find a book I read ages ago about telepathic aliens on a colony world

  66. Find Urban Fantasy Book with a mysterious guy who lives in the woods
  67. Name a book of the 80s about a group of scientist/students being transported to a parallel universe

  68. Spanish-language comic book story about time-traveling Jewish kids becoming the legendary Adam and Eve?
  69. Rocket crashes back to Earth that has technology, but doesn't use it much

  70. Looking for Story in Which Men & Women Shunted into Different Worlds
  71. short story - outpost of misfits stops alien invasion

  72. I am trying to remember a short story title about post apocalyptic cats
  73. Short story about Gentlemen being told a tale by a young woman

  74. Book where 4 major characters where names after the cardinal directions
  75. Searching for a Batman comic where Batman had no dialogue and Robin and Alfred were the primary characters
  76. Looking for a story about identical people in identical houses, with kids bouncing balls
  77. Can anyone help me find a story about an alien who comes to earth and lives with a family and then in the end takes that family to his homeplanet?
  78. Seeking novel with controls to adjust what other people appear to be wearing
  79. Indian comic book about a guy who tries to become immortal but ends up as a living skeleton

  80. Trying to find a horror novel involving a group of boys and a seance
  81. Searching the name of an animated scifi movie, possibly 80s

  82. Book about a group of adventurers named The Crow

  83. Seeking a story by Marion Zimmer Bradley about a damaged spaceship that took 75 years to repair
  84. Scary movie with a flying killing eel

  85. Scifi story from my childhood about green worms/cocoons and a mechanical snake

  86. Looking for a book about a human-nature predicting supercomputer

  87. SF cartoon series with tall hairless humanoids wearing blue-gray armor

  88. I am trying to find a book about alien captured on earth

  89. YA fantasy novel with a girl who finds a forest inside her house or a book

  90. Was there an X-Men comic where somebody kept calling Magneto "Magento"?
  91. Opening a Wormhole inside a Wormhole

  92. Time traveling boy takes girl to two-caste future, where the rich live on buildings with stilts

  93. Anime involving a floating island with many moons

  94. Trying to find a book about slaves on a barren planet
  95. Movie where protagonist time-travels to dystopian future when people become mentally degraded

  96. Disney movie where a professor discovers a new element called "Flubber"

  97. I'm looking for a horror anthology from the 80's or the 90's!

  98. Short Story or Book set in the post-nuclear world where main character finds the sun in a clearing after a journey during nuclear winter?
  99. Identify Children's parallel universe story from mid 2000s?

  100. A sci-fi novel about augmented mental power