1. What was the title of short story by Ursula Le Guin about relativity of motion, from the point of view of tree?

  2. Looking for Scifi Short Story in a Jerry Pournelle edited Anthology
  3. Looking for short story/novella I read in the early 1980s about people hibernating in winter
  4. Looking to ID: Scifi short story that is only dictionary entries, inc. a word for eating maternal grandmothers

  5. Anyone tell me the name of this half-remembered sci-fi story about a genius teaboy?
  6. Children's book about a cat accepted into Heaven

  7. There is a film or book but i can't find what is that?

  8. What is the name of this webcomic
  9. Can’t remember the name of this book where aliens kidnap marines from earth to fight their wars

  10. A 90s anime/cartoons/ with a main character who has a red mecha suit with a weapon like a spear!

  11. Looking for a short story about a dystopian future where the surface world is perpetually stuck in traffic and the rich live underground

  12. Story about a girl whose thoughts magically happen

  13. mid 1960's deserted Earth valiant comics uk

  14. Old animated Disney movie that explained math problems

  15. Trying to find the title of this super old sci-fi movie where a protagonist finds out he's not human but alien
  16. Table top town used by advertisers
  17. Dog like alien creature with telepathic and telekinetic abilities

  18. Looking for a specific Harry time travel fanfic (answered)

  19. Young man hypnotized (willingly?) into thinking he was an alien
  20. Webcomic about a robot girl able to use magic who moves to the city to go to school
  21. 70s /80s fiction about death, hell, and reincarnation of a man
  22. Help me remember "memory recording" movie: not "Memento", not "Final Cut"
  23. Book I first read in the 70's
  24. Post-apocalyptic anime with humans and demons. Strong adult themes
  25. Short story where the value of pi changes during the course of history, implying that the universe itself is changing

  26. Looking for name of young adult book I read from library in the 1970's

  27. Mid 80s movie about 3 mute aliens and telepathic woman

  28. book about a girl who moves to California and starts dating a ghost

  29. Need help remembering title of 80s-era sci fi anime featuring car combat with Star Wars inspired characters
  30. SF short story about a "Groundhog Day" kind of party that repeats itself forever
  31. Help me identify a book about the war between 2 vampire clans/families

  32. Unpleasant Uses of Replicator/3D Printer
  33. A TV show involving brains being sucked out and launched into space

  34. Looking for transformation story

  35. What anime is this character from?

  36. Book name for Epic novel about colonizing a large planet

  37. Short story from 1980s? Man bicycles from Manhattan to Philadelphia to escape terrorist A bomb

  38. Sci-fi book about alien invaders

  39. Fantasy book where the "wizards" constructs their towers in their minds

  40. Ghost story set in 1930's rural America

  41. Looking for a Space Trilogy
  42. What is the 80s-90s sci-fi book series about training gifted kids to teleport loads between planets?

  43. Sci-fi book I read years ago: sterile, lab-grown woman who smuggles things in a surgically-created “pouch” behind her navel
  44. Old black and white movie where there was a giant clock on an alien planet that regulated universal time

  45. Eight Colors story identification

  46. Identify YA book from the 50s or very early 60s about gravity control

  47. Trying to find a YA dystopia published between 2012-2015 with a main female lead and aliens
  48. 1970s or 80s movie with a drink called "squirt"

  49. Story involving denial of orbit by seeding it with metal debris

  50. Looking for an old sci-fi book series

  51. Looking for the name of a sci fi trilogy

  52. Movie Identification - 2000-Current Werewolf

  53. Space opera anime show, protagonist has a spaceship and a medal in the back of his hand

  54. Name of a book where humans land on a planet getting trapped and have to reinvent rocketry
  55. Old 'alien pet' story, turns out alien is sentient

  56. Book identification, YA book about brother and sister in VR

  57. Late 60's early 70's book, "Cyborg" or "The Cyborg", but not really about a cyborg
  58. Fantasy book with battle between owls and crows

  59. Sun Blocked Out Story Identification
  60. Story ID: A pre-teen girl who is a genius crosses the country in a van
  61. A Robin Hood based story

  62. Pre-2002 book about Alien Invasion, slimy tentacled aliens, ships with large red eye incinerating people
  63. Sci-fi anime with two protagonists that lead (opposing) armies in space
  64. 1950s short story from kids' sci-fi anthology: diving board and black window (SPOILER)
  65. Story about a dying man on an asteroid, accompanied by a robot/android
  66. Harry Potter dramione fan fiction
  67. Movie where a person exchanges his glorious house to avoid execution in prison
  68. Looking for the title of a sci-fi book
  69. Name a book of the 80s about a group of scientist/students being transported to a parallel universe

  70. Extremely old child's picture book of alien zoo
  71. Microscopic people that live inside a person?

  72. SciFi book search, possibly baen?
  73. Short story about angel and a heat wave
  74. Old sci-fi book about cat people at war with humans, guy in biodome thing
  75. Looking for this short-story about a lone man's space travel, although details are a bit vague

  76. Trying to find a novel/story I read online a few years ago

  77. Movie about a couple doing calculations to open a door to another world

  78. Finding an old book about fairy
  79. What was this movie about an isolated community that came out earlier this century?
  80. Human wanders into robotic farm
  81. Short story about scientists that stumble across an FTL drive

  82. A story where a son surpasses father's intelligence at very young age
  83. Trying to find a sci fi novel; the title was translated to Russian as Cockroach Races

  84. 1950s Short Story - Naive Aliens
  85. Looking for a fantasy anime series or movie
  86. Story where main character decides to not believe in reality, and one of the other characters "kills" him for threatening the order of the universe
  87. Science-Fiction Book Series, with name similar to "Dunhau Chronicles"

  88. Body-swap TV movie wherein sexual assault victim victimises her male attacker in her own body?

  89. 80's fantasy trilogy about where main character was paralyzed in the real world, but was able to walk in the magical fantasy world

  90. Generation starship where people onboard forgot their mission
  91. Story about a woman who is abducted by a green sphere

  92. Book series about a paraplegic?

  93. I need to find a manga about two brothers, one of whom is skilled with magic
  94. Fan fiction where Harry Potter is wrongly sent to Azkaban

  95. Future History of the human race
  96. Looking for very old sci fi story

  97. What was the name/author of a Sci-Fi book where the sun goes Nova and Earth and Venus must fly away?
  98. ID story about survivors of nova
  99. In what animated movie does a queen accidentally choose a schoolboy she hates to be her knight?

  100. Seaching Dramione Fanfic (Secret Relationship):Fred and George find out