1. Why didn't these characters use the Force?
  2. What happened to the escape pods on the Millenium Falcon?

  3. Why Can't R2-D2 Talk?
  4. Are Star Wars Animals Too Big?
  5. Did the Millennium Falcon *really* make the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs?
  6. How did the Rebels stop the Juggernaut in Rogue One?

  7. Are the B1 battle droids in Star Wars self-aware?

  8. Are droids sentient or not?

  9. Are the Jedi violating the Jedi Code by being so involved in military and politics?

  10. Snoke's ship weapons
  11. Do the Knights of Zakuul fall to the the Dark Side?

  12. Where did Luke and Rey get their background information?

  13. Why were these items on the Millennium Falcon?

  14. Did any non-rebels regularly fly X-Wings?

  15. In Episode VII, did the Starkiller base have any fauna?

  16. Why does Yoda think that Obi-Wan won't ever be strong enough to face Sidious?
  17. What was Alderaan named after?

  18. What were the most commonly used ships in the Rebel Alliance?

  19. What is the history of the front end modification to the Millennium Falcon?
  20. What Sith Lords were turned to the Light Side?

  21. What kind of ship was flying away from Rey in her flashback?
  22. Who and what is the Resistance left with at the end of The Last Jedi?

  23. Do we see any female pilots in the original trilogy?

  24. What keeps a lightsaber from going on infinitely?
  25. Was any character alive during all of the Star Wars episodes from I to VII?

  26. How long is a year in Star Wars?

  27. How did Rey get her blaster back?
  28. Do we ever see two suns over Ahch-To other than in the final scene?
  29. Did Luke know the "Chosen One" prophecy?
  30. Why/How is Boba Fett considered a Mandalorian?

  31. Was there ever a black Sith Lord in Star Wars canon or "Legends"?

  32. Did Qui-Gon Jinn's Force Ghost communicate to Obi-Wan Kenobi post-RotS?
  33. Why does Luke continue to train Rey like nothing happened?
  34. Hyperspace and Interdictors
  35. Has Disney really succeeded in keeping this antagonist completely under wraps?

  36. Is Snoke a part of Operation: Cinder?

  37. Star Wars the clone wars episode where Anakin & Ashoka meet?

  38. What are the official Star Wars books involving Anakin Skywalker?

  39. Is Adm. Holdo's hair dyed?
  40. Why weren't Yoda and Obi Wan worried about the Emperor finding Luke?

  41. Are there any vibroswords or vibroblades in the Star Wars movies?

  42. Did Leia know what it was she was carrying?
  43. How could Kylo Ren move Luke's lightsaber in The Last Jedi when he couldn't in The Force Awakens?

  44. Is there a new TIE fighter model in the Solo Movie?
  45. Who finished C-3PO?

  46. Why was Naboo important enough to have a seat in the Senate?

  47. Is there any information on when and how the old republic fell?

  48. Mark Hamill's attitude toward "The Last Jedi" and Luke

  49. Is It Possible To Impersonate Another Person Within The Force?

  50. In episode IV, did the inhabitants of Alderaan realize what was about to happen?

  51. Why was Han Solo acting like he’s never seen Chewbacca’s bowcaster before?
  52. Will Ezra's lightsaber revolutionize dueling?

  53. How was the First Order tracking the Resistance in the Last Jedi?

  54. What is on the back of a stormtrooper's armor?

  55. How did Anakin Skywalker survive Order Sixty Six?
  56. How many X-Wings were sent out and lost in the final battle in “The Force Awakens?”
  57. Is there a material that can drain or lessen Force powers?

  58. When did Star Wars take place?
  59. Why Grievous did not recognize Palpatine?

  60. In what order should the Star Wars movies be watched?

  61. Is hyperspace flight actually difficult?

  62. What happened to the Force-sensitive children after Order 66?

  63. Did Max Rebo die on the sand barge?

  64. Is Kylo Ren right about Rey's parents?
  65. Why did no one answer the distress signal of the Resistance?
  66. How was Grievous able to defeat Jedi?
  67. Why is Luke so indecisive in The Last Jedi?

  68. Ezra Bridger's Jacket Logo

  69. Do Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda know these characters are alive during the time of the Original Trilogy?

  70. Where was the Chancellor's guard when the Jedi Masters confronted him?

  71. Are Jedi required to abstain from all sexual relations, or only from the ones involving emotional attachments?

  72. What is thy bidding, my master?

  73. Why was Darth Vader given a downgraded version of General Grievous's mechanics?

  74. Did Luke ever try podracing?

  75. Can Force Ghosts Interact With the Physical Environment?
  76. What happens to the universe if the Force gets too out-of-balance?

  77. What did Obi-Wan do in between bringing Luke to Tatooine and leaving on the Falcon?
  78. What killed this character in Episode VIII?

  79. Did the stable boy use the Force?
  80. What pulled the TIE fighter into the sand on Jakku?

  81. Why fifteen stars on the 'Star Wars' New Republic Insignia?

  82. How did these characters survive in The Last Jedi?
  83. What is the out-of-universe origin of the rebel crest?

  84. In what way was Luke's training "incomplete"?
  85. What does the color of the darksaber mean?
  86. Why, after learning of Darth Maul surviving, did the Jedi do so little to stop him

  87. What does the Rebel Alliance logo represent?

  88. Why did Separatist Council believe Sidious till the end?

  89. Why does everyone think that the Millennium Falcon is a piece of junk?

  90. How did Princess Leia survive this?
  91. Were there EU prequels before canon?
  92. How much is known about the Old Republic's era by the time period the movies are set in

  93. Where did Leia get the Bounty Hunter suit she wore in Jabba’s palace?

  94. What was the message Chewbacca told Rey he would deliver to Finn?

  95. Why did Han Solo have to pay off Jabba?

  96. Is murder a crime in the “Star Wars” universe?

  97. What Star Wars Legends (EU) content has successfully become a part of Disney canon?

  98. Is Snoke human?
  99. Why didn't Holdo use auto-pilot?

  100. In canon, has a Jedi ever killed a Sith using the light side?