1. Why was the Holdo manoeuvre not used earlier?

  2. Why arm the bombs early?
  3. Where did the seemingly erroneous identification of the star destroyer Avenger originate?

  4. Does Snoke have a lightsaber?
  5. Who are these "Han Solo" actors?

  6. Why wasn't Poe told about Holdo's plan?

  7. Who is Wodibin (Warwick Davis' cameo) in The Last Jedi?

  8. Do Red Squadron fighters appear on screen in The Force Awakens?
  9. The Resistance: so close, and yet so far. Why? (in-universe explanation)
  10. What happens to someone's lightsaber when they die?

  11. Why is the TIE fighter tethered in Force Awakens?

  12. Which predictions of The Last Jedi: Darths & Droids Bingo were correct?

  13. What is the relevance of the salt?

  14. Did Kylo Ren's plan work too well?
  15. Can capital ships make accurate micro-jumps through Hyperspace without aiming for a gravity well?
  16. In The Last Jedi, how did DJ know the plan?

  17. How could the First Order see the Resistance ships at the end of The Last Jedi?

  18. Was this actually this characters plan in the Last Jedi?

  19. Is there a full list of the additional voices of Rogue One?
  20. What causes this to happen to Luke in TLJ?
  21. What happened to the rest of the Tie-Fighters?

  22. Was it possible to get an audience with Emperor Palpatine?

  23. Who is Snoke and how did he come to power?

  24. Why "hide" Luke from his father somewhere Anakin knows?

  25. Were the Force trees related?
  26. Has Mark Hamill talked about his line delivery in The Last Jedi?

  27. What did we learn about Snoke in The Last Jedi?

  28. What species is Vice Admiral Holdo?
  29. What is the composition and strength of the First Order's navy?

  30. What do Luke and Han shoot in the detention block?

  31. Who is Dobbu Scay in The Last Jedi?
  32. How big is Snoke's command ship compared to a Super Star Destroyer?

  33. Was DJ the hacker they were looking for?

  34. Can ships be tracked and chased through hyperspace?

  35. What happened immediately after Rey leaves Ahch-To?

  36. Was Rey's memory wiped?

  37. How could C-3PO see Luke?

  38. Was the "fleet chase" scene inspired by an older naval work?

  39. Why do Jedi Force Ghosts let bad guys win if they have this superpower?
  40. How was the First Order tracking the Resistance in the Last Jedi?

  41. Do sparks fly out of a character in The Last Jedi?
  42. What is the time span of The Last Jedi?
  43. How did C-3PO's golden arm get to Maz Kanata?
  44. What species is Maz Kanata?

  45. Why did Luke have his father's lightsaber?
  46. Why do capital ships in Star Wars engage at close range?

  47. Are there other female stormtroopers?

  48. Can the new AT-M6 resist against the Snowspeeder tactic?

  49. By what mechanism are lasers meant to destroy an entire planet?
  50. Why did the First Order land AT-M6s so far away from the blast doors?

  51. Is Phasma the only Chrometrooper?
  52. Why is Snoke so rich?

  53. Who was the real "Master Code Breaker"?

  54. Mark Hamill's attitude toward "The Last Jedi" and Luke

  55. Why did the Clone Troopers switch sides in Star Wars?
  56. Luke's neat "trick" at the end of Last Jedi, and consequences?

  57. Why did Snoke’s ship’s weapons arc like this? (in-universe explanation)

  58. Why did this item stick around so long?

  59. What happened to Captain Phasma?
  60. Is Light-speed a super weapon?

  61. Why does Krennic land so far away from the Erso farm?

  62. What's the name of the alien which had 4 boobs?
  63. Where did the AT-M6s and AT-ATs come from?
  64. Which fuel is used by the Rebel cruisers in The Last Jedi?

  65. Why are the losses to the First Order not acknowledged?
  66. What color are B-Wing squadrons?

  67. Why do starships 'fall' when they blow up?
  68. Force Ghost creating physical lightning

  69. Does Kylo Ren love Rey?

  70. What is the gold charm taken from the Millennium Falcon?

  71. Have we seen that item before?

  72. Surrendering rebel in Return of the Jedi wearing scout trooper armor?

  73. Star wars the last Jedi

  74. How this character is rescued after that fight?

  75. What are the standard, stock color schemes available for an “off-the-shelf” BB unit droid?

  76. What is Snoke’s guards’ armor made of?

  77. Are any Star Wars languages fully developed and learnable?
  78. Should Luke's lightsaber have given away his plan?

  79. Why were more ships affected than Snoke’s?

  80. Did Obi-Wan ever pay Han Solo? If so, where did he get the money?

  81. Do we know the names of the vehicles/ships seen in The Last Jedi?
  82. What was the message Chewbacca told Rey he would deliver to Finn?

  83. Was there a reference to this common issue with the Sphero BB-8 in The Last Jedi?
  84. Can Force Ghosts Interact With the Physical Environment?
  85. Star Wars Tangibility of Trans-hyperspace

  86. How did bombs fall into the Dreadnought?
  87. Water from Rey to Kylo Ren... but how?

  88. Episode VIII: Luke's Power (Spoiler)
  89. Why didn’t Chewie dine? (in-universe explanation)
  90. Can Force Ghosts go anywhere?
  91. The first order Gorilla Walkers Star Wars

  92. Is Adm. Holdo's hair dyed?

  93. Was Rose selfish or unhinged?

  94. Why was C3PO's memory wiped, but not R2D2's?

  95. How much time passed between Clone Wars S3E04, S1E22 and S3E10?

  96. What was the darkness under Luke Skywalker's island?

  97. Were the porgs rotoscoped puffins?

  98. Why were these items on the Millenium Falcon?

  99. What is the biggest display of power through the Force in Star Wars?
  100. What was offered to Rey?