1. Does the Crew/Cast Love Captain Kirk and Not Shatner

  2. Anyone know an actor that played an Admiral on Star Trek that was also a CFO for Shelby Cars?
  3. Are there any societies that had warp capability and then lost it?

  4. Why does Commodore Decker have a different insignia on his uniform?

  5. Did Spock ever mention or allude to his foster sister?
  6. Did the 9/11 (World Trade Centre) attack happen in the Star Trek universe?

  7. Why did Amanda Grayson marry Sarek?
  8. How Did Spock's Parents Meet
  9. What is I Am Spock About

  10. By what mechanism are lasers meant to destroy an entire planet?

  11. Why was Admiral "Dr." McCoy inspecting Enterprise-D?

  12. How can the Klingons & The Federation exist in a close Alliance?
  13. What political system does Star Trek's Federation operate under?

  14. Was Leonard Nimoy a vegetarian?

  15. What is a "Year" According to Starfleet?

  16. Star Trek V: Sybok

  17. Star Trek Enterprise and Discovery
  18. At what age does Pon Farr start?

  19. Was Star Trek the first television series with a vegetarian character?

  20. How fast can Spock read?
  21. Why didn't the Enterprise refit's nacelles glow?

  22. Why would Troi be allowed to play poker?

  23. Female uniforms and colored panties in Star Trek TOS
  24. How was Dr. McCoy cured of this disease?
  25. What consequences were there for Kirk in the TOS episode "A Private Little War"?

  26. In Star Trek III, why does David not regenerate like Spock?
  27. What was Saavik implying by this question?

  28. Answering Star Trek Back
  29. Any Jeffrey Nordling appearance in Star Trek The Next Generation?

  30. What happened to Spock Prime in ST: Beyond?

  31. Are Starfleet vessels allowed to travel freely in Klingon space?

  32. Why is the ship named USS Discovery?
  33. Why would the Borg keep drones' assimilation profiles?

  34. Why is the Star Trek 2009 reboot called a reboot?
  35. In the Star Trek 2009 movie, did they travel back in time or did they travel to an alternate universe?

  36. Why did they let Mudd go with so much secret information?

  37. What does Q mean when he says "In a manner of speaking"?

  38. Kor, Voq and the Blood Oath
  39. Does Commander Chakotay have a first name?

  40. Does the Enterprise-D bridge have a top window?

  41. Is Starfleet Order 24 feasible?
  42. Why doesn't Lorca want Michael Burnham to go to the Klingon ship?

  43. Does General Order 24 really exist?

  44. Does using Ripper in Star Trek Discovery violate the prime directive?

  45. Why did the Enterprise go on her mission?

  46. How did this character return to the ship in Star Trek: Titan: Sword of Damocles?
  47. How did Worf pay for Yridian's information?
  48. In which Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes did Patrick Stewart not appear?
  49. In which episode did Worf's say his famous phrase about humanity?
  50. Was V'ger responsible for the creation of the Borg?

  51. How did Tom Paris come up with this warp to miles-per-second estimate in The 37s?

  52. Why does the computer have a human female voice?

  53. Is it normal for the captain on a Starfleet vessel to personally enter coordinates prior to a jump?
  54. In Star Trek Discovery why can't Saru triangulate their position from the stars?

  55. Is there evidence to suggest that the Klingons employ the augment virus as a subterfuge technique in Star Trek Discovery?
  56. What is the flash of light produced when the Enterprise goes into warp? Why don't other ships produce the same effect?

  57. Story Identification: Star Trek TOS novel about planet where technology doesn't work

  58. Does Data smell?

  59. Is there a Star Trek audio book read by Brent Spiner?
  60. Why don't the scanners pick up Harry's ship inside the Space Whale?

  61. How did Kirk manage to get Captaincy of the Enterprise despite just graduating from Academy?
  62. In Star Trek Discovery "Into the Forest I Go" is the Klingon ship arriving at Pahvo cloaked?

  63. Why does Captain Lorca care about scattered pockets of negative mass?
  64. From which Star Trek TNG episode/movie has this famous facepalm image been taken?

  65. Which episode is the "double facepalm" image macro from?
  66. Are there any other sentient species on Earth in the Star Trek universe?
  67. If Klingons hadn't been seen in 100 years, how could they have murdered Michael's family?

  68. Why do Vulcans have pointed ears?

  69. Why is "Romulan is a dirty word in the writers’ room" for Star Trek: Discovery?
  70. Why didn't Spock take a shuttle to Vulcan in "Amok Time"?
  71. Why can Discovery transport the tardigrade at the end of the show when at the start the shielding prevented them?

  72. In Star Trek Discovery why are they able to beam out Admiral Cornwell later - but not able to detect her earlier?

  73. Does only one John de Lancie Q exist in the multiverse?

  74. How do civilians get a ship in the Federation?
  75. How do civilians react to the Federation's wars?

  76. Could a starship's impulse engine reactor produce enough energy to power the warp drive?

  77. Could the original or other Enterprises' saucers separate?

  78. Why did Quark have different skin coloration around his eyes?
  79. Can the Klingon Mind-sifter be used to alter a person's memories?

  80. Why is there a prominent cadet on Discovery?

  81. Is there evidence to suggest that Will Decker is on board the USS Discovery?

  82. Was There Ever an Official or Canon Retcon or Explanation For the Eugenics Wars?
  83. Why was Vulcan shown with moons in Lethe?

  84. Can Galaxy-class starships eject their warp nacelles?
  85. During Star Trek TOS - how many starships were there in all of Starfleet?
  86. Is there an explanation for the use of tapes in Star Trek?

  87. During Star Trek TOS - were there only 12 Constitution-class starships in all of Starfleet?
  88. In Star Trek Discovery, is it 3 hours warp from Pahvo to Starbase 46 or 12 hours?

  89. Why does Michael Burnham not regain her insignia badge when she joins The Discovery?

  90. Was the Nimitz-class a predecessor of the Miranda-class?
  91. Why and how did the Star Trek Universe evolve to a cashless/commerce-less society?

  92. Why was Benjamin Sisko given command of DS9 given that he has a foul temper with poor emotional control?
  93. Why would they say in Star Trek TOS Day of the Dove it was dangerous to beam intra-ship?
  94. What was the purpose of what happened to Trip in the last episode?
  95. Why don't they just replicate ships instead of build them?

  96. Why didn't Star Trek TNG explore the mirror universe?
  97. What's the most money actors earned for Star Trek in each era?
  98. Did the Klingons join the Federation?
  99. Is Stamets calling Tilly 'Captain' an error due to the effects of the spore drive connection?
  100. Why does Harry's time-watch disappear after using it on Discovery, but didn't disappear before when he used it to rob the bank?