1. Why do Burnham and Tilly wear "Disco" shirts?
  2. Who is the most pervasive character in the Star Trek 'verse to cross all series?

  3. Why is Odo afraid of losing his ship?
  4. How were the planet (from orbit) special effects produced in the original Star Trek built?

  5. In Star Trek, which planet was 'forcibly relocated' twice by the scriptwriters?
  6. USS Enterprise name
  7. Why does Spock waste time explaining to Uhura why he is beaming down?
  8. Are the Borg aware of the Q?
  9. Aside from Stephen Hawking, were there any other "as himself" Star Trek cameos?

  10. Blonde Vulcans in Star Trek?

  11. Why did this Changeling become suicidal?
  12. Did the Vulcans have a "guide civilization", like they were to Humanity?
  13. What is Deanna Troi's accent?

  14. Did Roddenberry ever state that Star Trek was in any way influenced by naval "Hero captain" novels?

  15. Besides the famous captains, do we actually know anything any Admiral did to earn that rank?
  16. Why does the Changeling Dr Bashir allow the baby Changeling to die?

  17. How does the baby changeling transfer itself into Odo?
  18. Star Trek end credits blue glow

  19. Why is the battle bridge so rarely used in Star Trek?

  20. Why was there a death penalty for going to Talos IV?
  21. How to protect yourself from a Vulcan nerve pinch?

  22. Have any humans remained conscious after a Vulcan nerve pinch other than Khan Noonien Singh?

  23. Does James Kirk have any named superiors in Star Trek: The Original Series?

  24. Why does Data have to use a computer in Star Trek?

  25. How do humans dominate the Federation in Star Trek?
  26. Why was Terok Nor renamed Deep Space Nine?
  27. If Vulcans are telepathic, why don't they use it more for communication?

  28. Do any other TNG-era Romulans lack brow ridges?

  29. Are the Douwd related to the Q?

  30. When was Uhura Captain of the Enterprise?

  31. Are there starships in Star Trek that we know are named after women?

  32. Which Star Trek character has held the most official positions on screen?
  33. What ship models does Sisko have in his office?

  34. Why was it acceptable to provide the alternative timeline with trans-warp beaming equations/formula?

  35. Are there starships in Star Trek that we know are named after men?

  36. How was the Star Trek timeline officially established?

  37. In which episode was the time when Star Trek: TOS takes place set to the 23rd century?
  38. Was Castrodinium named after Fidel Castro?
  39. Why did they let Mudd go with so much secret information?

  40. Is there evidence to suggest that Admiral Cornwell and Lethe are the same person?

  41. Why is Chief O'Brien's rank so low when he is the senior engineer of Deep Space 9?

  42. Was Michael Eddington's development worked out from the time of his initial introduction?
  43. Why did some shows have their ships project shields really far out from their ships, but others really close?

  44. What's the first canon indication that Sulu is Japanese?
  45. How does Starfleet measure night and day aboard ships
  46. What's with the bias towards Japanese among the (few) East Asian officers in Starfleet?
  47. Can a holographic warp core breach destroy a real ship?
  48. Does Kevin Uxbridge use the turbolift?
  49. Why did McCoy need this person in particular to make his serum?
  50. How to reconcile the cashless human/Federation society with human traders and merchants

  51. The signing of the baseball in DS9 Take Me Out to the Holosuite
  52. Why is Harry Kim senior staff?

  53. How did Vulcans view half-human-half-Vulcan hybrids?

  54. Why did Q select an android and a half-betazoid in the trial against humanity at Farpoint?
  55. In Star Trek Deep Space 9, How did Benjamin Sisko see his dead wife again?

  56. Star Trek TOS Episode "City on the Edge of Forever", how many went down to the alien planet?
  57. What is the earliest instance of Spock being called "Dr. Spock"?

  58. The EMH had a son and it was a "long story". What happened?

  59. Αre there bathrooms on the Enterprise?
  60. Why didn't Voyager do more to prepare for the Krenim?
  61. Why did Khan try to destroy the ship?

  62. Do we ever see a 23rd Century Starfleet Officer with facial hair?

  63. Were there any Vulcans serving on the Enterprise D?
  64. What exactly was Spock doing that caused his death?

  65. Why is the Neutral Zone pictured as an ellipsoid in the Kobayashi Maru test in Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan?

  66. How did Khan and his people survive on a planet with no food for twenty years?
  67. Could Data have floored Khan with a single punch?
  68. When did Khan meet Chekov prior to The Wrath of Khan?

  69. Enterprise Chain of Command
  70. What did the crew do in their spare time on the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) from the original series?
  71. What species or individuals can restore life?

  72. Was William Shatner really a jerk in the 60s, 70s, and 80s?
  73. Do the Borg ever lie?
  74. Why does the aluminium need to be transparent?

  75. Can the Star Trek transporter separate two people who were in close proximity?

  76. Are the Xindi-Aquatic the only sentient water-breathing aliens in Star Trek?
  77. What are all the jokes on the DS9 Promenade Directory?

  78. Why did DS9 need a Science Officer (pre-wormhole!)?

  79. Did the Federation have any large starbases orbiting other planets?

  80. Did Gene Roddenberry actually hate that the test orbiter was named Enterprise?

  81. Did Shatner not attend the Enterprise shuttle unveiling?
  82. Did Starfleet ever have an Enterprise-class of starship?

  83. Why didn't Sisko et al. check Lisa's numbers?

  84. Which actor has portrayed the most distinct roles in the Star Trek universe?

  85. Did the USS Olympia go forward in time?

  86. Why did they need a water tank to transport the humpback whales back to the future?

  87. What exactly happened at the end of Voyager: "Endgame"?
  88. Do we ever see the full Promenade directory on screen in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine?
  89. What was the probe in Star Trek 4?
  90. Are there any other sentient species on Earth in the Star Trek universe?
  91. Why did the Discovery Crew treat this character as an enemy?

  92. Why do other races refer to us as humans?

  93. When Did Vulcan Naming Convention Change?

  94. What is the largest ship in the Star Trek Universe?

  95. How did Trills get the idea of putting symbionts inside themselves?

  96. How could Edith Keeler have been hit by a car if she wasn't there?

  97. Why would they say in Star Trek TOS Day of the Dove it was dangerous to beam intra-ship?

  98. Why did Sarek marry another human after Spock's mother died?

  99. Why is Worf's son Alexander known by the last name of Rozhenko?

  100. Was Terok Nor the main administrative facility during the Bajoran Occupation