1. Story identification: Short story about a man turning into a (monstrous*) vampire
  2. Scientist uses time travel to free wife from his career

  3. Name of a short story from a "Years best Sci-fi collection"
  4. Man stranded on alien planet, dies alone, alien creatures under water
  5. Short story about a dissident tortured and brought back to life multiple times

  6. Old short story with multidimensional being/monster

  7. Looking for author of short story about mechanical cow on space station
  8. Short story about a man who rediscovers long-division. Not "Feeling of Power"
  9. Graphic Novel, early 90s, multiple fantasy/scifi stories
  10. A man works as an alien negotiator - the aliens are pacifist haystack creatures. Man's old rival shows up. Lots of cool cultural alien stuff

  11. Short story about a scientist and his "dwarf world"

  12. Looking for a short story in which an alien visits earth using ftl after a sub-light interstellar probe visits their star
  13. Identify a horror sci-fi story where a mad scientist creates grotesque creatures by combining genes from human and animals
  14. Help identifying short story about people never leaving their own house/room
  15. Alien meets president. The only thing the alien says is that the alien fleet will be there soon to wipe out the humans

  16. Looking for a short story about a dystopian future where the surface world is perpetually stuck in traffic and the rich live underground
  17. Title of short story of newly discovered color

  18. Name of a Short Story about a courtesan and space officer
  19. Short story where humans on a colony ship from Earth are overtaken by advanced Earthlings?
  20. Subtle time-traveling 'tourism' short story involving Lincoln's assassination

  21. I’m looking for a short story about time travel to the viking age by atomic bomb
  22. Looking for science fiction short story author wrote a series about 'gates' - teleportation devices

  23. Story of a warring planet that sends out a colony ship

  24. Trying to identify short story about the second ice age
  25. Short story regarding aliens who come to Earth to answer a question humanity has
  26. Short story about pilot escaping aggressive aliens
  27. I am looking for a Sci-fi short story, about a woman that finds a lonely alien left on Earth
  28. Humorous time travel short story about a man's dealings with other versions of himself

  29. Short story where a missionary preaches to an alien species that communicates via differences in chemical concentration
  30. Short story about a boy who makes a virtual girl and updates her A.I as he grows up
  31. What short story has astronauts studying Neanderthals on a planet with an imminent volcanic eruption?
  32. Short story about a man and a boy waking up and being the only people in the world

  33. Old sci-fi short story where protagonist is the lone survivor of a space passenger vessel that crashes on a semi-hostile planet?

  34. Scifi short story where all citizens are armed (golden age)?

  35. Looking to ID a short Sci-Fi Story about a science team eating plants on alien planet

  36. Short story: Man travels through time, meets four incarnations of himself

  37. Short story about surfing a monster wave on an alien planet; probably 1960s or '70s

  38. Looking for a short story about a boy meeting himself from another dimension, infectious needle shaped alien life forms, and interdimensional travel

  39. Story about school children who turn into animals in a garden

  40. Government investigating home library of missing inventor
  41. short story about crime free future and a suicide device
  42. short-story audio. A Cook (narrator) (sounded exactly like Paul Giamatti) on a ship traveling at light-speed

  43. Short story about a psychic awakening his true potential
  44. Looking for a science fiction short story about an inventor who creates a perpetual energy motor
  45. What short story had a man visit the future and meet mermaids evolved in the wake of nuclear tests?

  46. Anyone know the title of a sci-fi short story where man becomes a plant
  47. Short story - Genius children raised in institution, invent many things and isolate themselves in time bubble

  48. Short story about humans landing on a planet met with human-like aliens

  49. What classic SF story involved intelligent dogs being the secret masters of humans?

  50. Man wakes up too soon and scene isn't set

  51. Short story about a person using a barrow to put stones into the sea. Maybe by Le Guin?
  52. Short story where the planet's terminator line is central. Someone stranded on the planet(?)
  53. Story where a (child?) protagonist gradually explores lower decks of generation ship?
  54. Story ID: Guy with daily anterograde amnesia. Female doctor becomes expert on it. Attempt to cure him fails

  55. A short story about a frozen-state man
  56. The evil, repressive government is trying to stop the heroes! For a very good reason, it turns out

  57. SF short story about a person who realized that everyone around is sleeping/dreaming

  58. Short horror/SF story where a farmer contacts an underground kingdom while digging a well?
  59. A story about a Giant Alien Blob/Mass chasing a space ship
  60. Knight paying lady back for playing with his life
  61. Short story where a god wanted to die

  62. Story where the number 3 is the monster?

  63. Short story 50’s or 60’s. A space freighter cook driven mad by ketchup!

  64. Need help finding a Short Story about a repairman who fixes organic robots, unaware he has traveled to the past
  65. Juvenile/youth fantasy short story about a book with a dragon that emerges to eat the owner(s)?
  66. Short story where a doctor wakes early from hyper sleep and slowly cannibalises the rest of the crew?

  67. Identify a story where man wins right to pilot first rocketship by disabling Warning Indicators

  68. Looking for a short story with two gay (?) guys in an end of the world scenario, one sells the other out
  69. Name of a sci-fi short story about time travel
  70. Short story where random things and building start fading away, from the viewpoint of an old man

  71. Story identification: boy goes into multiple comas but wakes up in reality during them
  72. 1970's- 1980's children's SF anthology (British?) identification

  73. Short story about a precognitive person that is unable to say how to stop an alien invasion?
  74. Short story search: reverting back to primitive language

  75. Bullied boy given immense powers by an alien race who destroys the human race

  76. Story ID: A man who suffers from blackouts hires a husband and wife detective team to follow him when he's in his fugue state
  77. Story Identification: Maybe Poul Anderson?
  78. Sci-fi short story or novella that ends with Earth being abandoned, humans now living in L5 colony and/or other worlds?
  79. Short-story about a post-apocalyptic future that is only revealed at the end

  80. Story Identification: Sci-fi love story, where love is dictated by a computer

  81. 3 short stories—mother and son trapped in cave for years, published in 1980's

  82. Looking for a short story where a guy travels through time in the London underground
  83. Wiped from Memory

  84. Identifying a story similar to Black Mirror "Christmas Special" episode
  85. Title of a short story where an old man completely eliminates all trace of a young woman's existence

  86. Short story similar to Under the Dome

  87. Short sci fi story - A doctor (probably) and a prisoner in Mayan (probably) times have visions of each other's lives

  88. Letter from Ilya

  89. Short story told from vegetarian alien's POV observing astronaut behavior, including laughter
  90. Older short story where man is convinced by God to take his (God's) place?
  91. Time travel short story told entirely as a monologue

  92. Looking for Bolo story where farming tractor Bolo uses pesticide on aliens

  93. Title and author of a Bolo short story featuring lost outpost and dormant Bolo

  94. Trying to identify a short story in which aliens turned an entire city block into a spaceship

  95. Black cat, lonely path, grim ending?

  96. Story where a virus is turning people "better"
  97. searching story: men in 'tank' living in VR are waken up because of new Ice age coming
  98. Identify a short stories book, about 30+ years old
  99. Short story or poem from Omni magazine about a swashbuckler whose best friend turns out to be an alien?
  100. Short story about giant alien insect building a man-suit