1. What is this text near Iron Man's rockets?
  2. Who is depicted in the statues on the Grandmaster's Palace in Thor: Ragnarok?

  3. How fast were Bucky, T'Challa and Steve running in Civil War?

  4. Where did Rocket's repair tool come from?

  5. How can Deadpool the movie make direct reference to mutants?

  6. What happened to The Bulletin’s digital archive?

  7. Can anyone explain what the Grandmaster's expressions following this line are supposed to mean?

  8. Which Marvel TV episodes are related to the MCU movies?

  9. How was US government able to collect Vibranium out of Wakanda given Wakanda was so protective about it?

  10. What happened to Wakanda in Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D?
  11. Why does Drax call them Harbulary batteries?
  12. Does time move faster on Sakaar?

  13. Does Jabari tribe also have Vibranium mines and tech?

  14. Who are the characters in the opening montage?
  15. How long do the Bifrost landing marks stay?
  16. Is Avengers: Infinity War the first part of a two-part story?
  17. Did Hulk and Valkyrie have sexual relationship on Sakaar?

  18. Why was T'Challa allowed to become Black Panther before the challenge?

  19. In the Hulk movies, why don't they make him talk?

  20. How did Black Panther have enough funds in dollars?

  21. What did Earth’s timeline look like for Fitz and Enoch?
  22. In Captain America: Civil War, did Bucky's arm become less powerful?
  23. Why do the people in MarvelVerse dislike X-Men more than other superheroes?

  24. How do the residents of Attilan speak English?

  25. Why was there a goodwill mission in "Civil War" if Wakanda was always in shadows?
  26. How did Thor get electrified by the implant that was attached to his neck?
  27. How does T'Challa have the spirit of the Black Panther during Civil War?
  28. What happened to Okoye's car?

  29. Does Thor's power come from Asgard?

  30. How and when does Howard Stark die?

  31. Why did Odin turn into sparkles?
  32. Is Vision really worthy?

  33. If Mjolnir was made for Thor, why is Hela seen using it in Thor: Ragnarok before it was even given to him?
  34. Why did Killmonger bother with the museum?
  35. Who was this character with Killmonger?

  36. How is MCU Hulk voiced?
  37. How do K'un Lun and Kamar Taj relate?
  38. When did Hulk get so intelligent?
  39. What happened to Odin's treasures after Ragnarok destroyed Asgard?

  40. Can Iron Man's robots (or JARVIS) lift Mjolnir?

  41. Who got a lip tattoo in Black Panther?
  42. Did Groot's memory survive?

  43. Why aren't we getting Hulk sequels in MCU?

  44. What is the meaning of Triquetra symbol on Mjolnir?
  45. Is Fury still a Colonel?
  46. Who saved "Scrapper 142"?

  47. What was May's plan with Agent 33?

  48. Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel?

  49. How did Wakanda got so wealthy and technologically advanced?

  50. Is Shuri more intelligent than Tony Stark?
  51. Why can't Doctor Strange make Thanos fall forever?
  52. Where is Wakanda in the MCU?

  53. Why did Thanos plan the Chitauri invasion when he only needed Tesseract?

  54. Who are the "princes" that Hela refers to?
  55. What was Black Panther's ring doing?
  56. What are Luke Cage’s notable weaknesses?

  57. Can the Heart Shaped Herb be regrown?

  58. Which characters have been recast within the Marvel Cinematic Universe

  59. Is there an objective answer to who "the strongest Avenger" is?
  60. Did Thor actually pulverize Sokovia with brute force?
  61. How long have the Inhumans inhabited the moon in TV show?
  62. Does the multiverse exist in the MCU?

  63. Police in Bucharest
  64. What happened to Vanko's legs in Iron Man 2?
  65. Who are the MCU directors, producers, and actors in this photo?
  66. What purpose did the hologram technology serve in Civil War?

  67. What is the beverage Thor is about to drink near the end of Thor: Ragnarok?

  68. What was Tony Stark doing in India?
  69. In the MCU, who created the technology surrounding the Infinity Stones?
  70. How strong are Asgardians?
  71. Can Hela be killed?
  72. How, if at all, was Thor unaware of Hela?
  73. How did Valkyrie get to Sakaar?
  74. How much power does Iron Man's Mark 42 suit need?

  75. What are the horns of freedom?

  76. Why would Coulson want Daisy to take this position?

  77. Are Yondu's new fins earlier versions of his original fin or are they newer versions?

  78. Asgard (the planet) is flat! So, is it natural or artificial?
  79. Why didn't Thor show concern for His friends?
  80. Did Loki steal the Tesseract, again?
  81. Why did Rhodes' back get broken?
  82. What is the green beverage that Stark makes for the Avengers?

  83. How did Korg start the revolution which succeeded in overthrowing the Grandmaster in the end?

  84. Do the Asgardians have healing devices, magic, or potions?

  85. What was the poem that Thor was reciting while in the chamber with Korg?

  86. Do any of the Avengers know that Agent Coulson is alive?

  87. Where does Captain America live?
  88. Which year does Spider-Man: Homecoming take place in?
  89. How is Gamora this strong?

  90. How can Tina Minoru’s timeline be reconciled?

  91. Homecoming : How did Spider-Man get web-fluid back in his web-shooters?

  92. In Thor: Ragnarok , why doesn't Hela use a spaceship to get to other worlds instead of relying on the Bifrost

  93. How exactly does the Thor vs Hulk fight end in Thor: Ragnarok?

  94. When and how did Luke Cage own his bar?

  95. Do Kilgrave's commands have to be given verbally?

  96. Why wasn't Loki imprisoned on Sakaar like all the other slaves?

  97. Is Banner missing the tooth that Hulk lost?

  98. Is Thor: Ragnarok the first time we've seen this happen to The Hulk?
  99. Who bought the Avengers Tower?

  100. Why did Marvel choose to recast Bruce Banner in Avengers?