1. Why does Spider-Man's suit have this feature in Homecoming?

  2. How does Ego know what a celestial is?

  3. Which power source was Dr. Selvig talking about?
  4. What is the meaning of Triquetra symbol on Mjolnir?

  5. How long has Romanov been pacifying Hulk?

  6. Can anyone explain what the Grandmaster's expressions following this line are supposed to mean?
  7. How long have the Inhumans inhabited the moon in TV show?

  8. Why were the Asgardians willing to entrust the Aether to its new owner?
  9. Is Aether really an Infinity Stone?

  10. How is this character on Clairvoyant's side?

  11. How can Tina Minoru’s timeline be reconciled?

  12. What did the letter from Peter Quill's mother say?

  13. In the MCU, who created the technology surrounding the Infinity Stones?

  14. Was Thor unworthy during "The Avengers"?
  15. How long was Doctor Strange in training under the Ancient One?

  16. About Heimdall's hair
  17. Can it be safely assumed that the MCU sorcerers in Doctor Strange could, with enough time and practice, master each of the six infinity stones?
  18. David Liebermann's surveillance cameras

  19. What is the difference between Marvel's Ultimate universe (Earth-1610) and the Cinematic universe (Earth-199999)?

  20. How did the Hulk actually reach Sakaar?
  21. In the Avengers movie what exactly was Loki's plan for the Chitauri?

  22. Why Are Loki's Eyes Blue in The Avengers?

  23. How did Hulk and his Quinjet end up on Sakaar?
  24. Why does Drax call them Harbulary batteries?
  25. Who created Rocket in the MCU?

  26. Is Loki younger or the same age as Thor?
  27. What was Hydra's plan for dealing with The Hulk?
  28. How did humans know about Thor and Loki?
  29. Who saved "Scrapper 142"?
  30. What powers did the Black Sky have?

  31. Does the multiverse exist in the MCU?

  32. What did Tony Stark do at MIT other than study?

  33. In Thor: Ragnarok, why did they cut Thor's hair?
  34. Why did Thor make Mjolnir look like an umbrella?
  35. Is Thor more than an Asgardian?

  36. Why did Thor get himself captured?
  37. Why wasn't Loki imprisoned on Sakaar like all the other slaves?
  38. What are the viewing prerequisites for Thor: Ragnarok?
  39. How long was Hulk actually on Sakaar?
  40. What was S.H.I.E.L.D's role in Bruce Banner's Origin story in the MCU?

  41. Did Rhodey get in trouble for the Stark Expo attack?

  42. Which Stark developed the stealth tech used in S.H.I.E.L.D. Quinjets?
  43. What is the Hulk's hammer in Thor Ragnarok made out of?

  44. What was the poem that Thor was reciting while in the chamber with Korg?
  45. Significance of glowing throne at the end of Marvel's Inhumans

  46. How exactly does the Thor vs Hulk fight end in Thor: Ragnarok?
  47. Are the realms different dimensions or different planets?

  48. In Thor: Ragnarok , why doesn't Hela use a spaceship to get to other worlds instead of relying on the Bifrost

  49. Is there an objective answer to who "the strongest Avenger" is?
  50. Why does Nick Fury say that Loki's staff is powered by the Tesseract?
  51. How long until the rights of Marvel characters that 20th Century Fox own revert to Marvel Studios?

  52. Where did the Iron Man suits come from in Age of Ultron?

  53. Why does Ego need help sleeping?

  54. Why did Ego need to return home every now and then?
  55. What is the reference Captain America understood?
  56. Why did Bucky Barnes ask "What did I do?"
  57. What is the difference between Harold, Elektra and the leaders of the Hand?
  58. Why is there a lady putting flowers on Tony Stark in India?

  59. How could Ego know what humans are before he has met another life form?
  60. How can Captain America's shield make any sound?
  61. Why would Peter's celestial abilities be tied to the existence of Ego's planet?

  62. Does the MCU version of Mjolnir carry the "Whosoever holds this hammer..." inscription?
  63. If Mjolnir was made for Thor, why is Hela seen using it in Thor: Ragnarok before it was even given to him?
  64. Did Loki steal the Tesseract, again?
  65. In Thor: Ragnarok, where were the mighty Asgard armies?
  66. Why was Thor dominated by a simple electric net?

  67. Is Thor: Ragnarok the first time we've seen this happen to The Hulk?
  68. Does time move faster on Sakaar?

  69. In the MCU, what can kill Thor and what cannot?
  70. Is the Dr. Strange post credits scene the first to appear in a later movie?

  71. Was Odin also the reason why Thanos hasn't invaded the Earth?

  72. What are all the other treasures in Odin's treasury?

  73. Who is the giant wolf Fenris?

  74. Is this an easter egg to Sherlock in Thor Ragnarok?
  75. What was the meaning of the mid-credits scene in Thor: Ragnarok?
  76. What was Surtur's ultimate fate?
  77. How does Mjolnir determine 'worth'?

  78. Where is Lady Sif during Ragnarok?

  79. Why didn't Tony Stark die immediately after having the Arc Reactor removed?

  80. Was Mjolnir ever used for building something?

  81. Can Iron Fist's fist shatter Wolverine's claws?
  82. What comic books exist in the Marvel Movie Universe?

  83. How did Loki escape?

  84. How big is Ego's brain?
  85. Prior to the spell cast on Mjolnir, did Thor control lightning on his own?

  86. Does being worthy negate the weight of Mjolnir?

  87. How did Hawkeye know that the Tesseract was able to open portals before he saw it?
  88. Is there any significance to the patterns of Bifrost Landing sites?
  89. Why are the Asgardian troops so bad?
  90. Why did Marvel choose to recast Bruce Banner in Avengers?

  91. Is this supposed to be a Little Prince reference by Ego?

  92. Why did Ego kill Peter's mother?
  93. What prevented Ego from saving himself?
  94. Did Peter's mother know that Ego was not human?

  95. Who is depicted in the statues on the Grandmaster's Palace in Thor: Ragnarok?
  96. Could the Bifrost Bridge be used to "extract" someone from a secure location?
  97. Can Bifrost Bridge be operated without Heimdall?

  98. How was Kaecilius able to break through Doctor Strange's time magic?

  99. Did Civil War and Ragnarok happen at the same time?
  100. What’s up with Hela’s portal?