1. Can you use the Inferius spell on any corpse, or just on dead people/witches and wizards?
  2. Did Voldemort's cave automatically spawn Inferi?

  3. Do Inferi need to be victims of the commanding wizard?
  4. Why is the Magical world kept hidden from the Muggle world?
  5. Is there much performance fiction in the British magical world?

  6. What does a wizard do if he loses his wand?
  7. Looking for a specific Harry time travel fanfic

  8. Can a wizard Accio (Summoning Charm) the Elder Wand?

  9. Which body coordinates Ministries of Magic across the globe?
  10. How would a witch/wizard repair Hogwarts?
  11. Can wizards lift and move very heavy objects with magic?

  12. How did Snape come to know so much Dark Magic before Hogwarts?
  13. How did Voldemort get his body back?

  14. If you were to attempt to kill Voldemort, would that destroy one of his horcruxes?

  15. Can Muggles see ghosts? If so, what measures are taken to prevent that?

  16. What exactly did the Death Eaters Jr. do for Snape?

  17. Why did Nagini die, even though she was a Horcrux, while Harry didn't?

  18. When did Wormtail become a Death Eater?

  19. When did Voldemort decide to recruit Severus Snape?
  20. Why did Harry not question finding out Snape was a Death Eater?
  21. Why COULD Harry see Thestrals following Cedric Diggory's death?
  22. Why couldn't Harry see Thestrals at the end of Goblet of Fire?

  23. Did Draco Malfoy sexually assault Hermione Granger?
  24. Godfather, Sirius Black - Dogfather as well?
  25. Can Ministry officials Apparate inside Hogwarts?

  26. What happened for them to ban Apparition in Hogwarts?
  27. Harry Potter dramione fan fiction

  28. Do British Muggle laws apply to the British wizarding world?
  29. Why couldn't Dobby just tell Harry what was going on?

  30. Is there any (canon) evidence of Sirius Black being gay?

  31. Why didn't Dumbledore, or Harry, just summon animals to drink the Emerald Potion?

  32. Why did Dumbledore tell Harry he had a choice about whether to get on a train?

  33. Was Albus Dumbledore the member of the Wizengamot during the late 1920s?
  34. Fan fiction where Harry Potter is wrongly sent to Azkaban

  35. Harry Potter series

  36. How can it be that wizards Apparate into Hogwarts in the trailer to Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald?
  37. Is it possible to lose or gain magic blood?
  38. Couldn't anyone defeat Voldemort if they destroyed all of his Horcruxes?
  39. How do the Death Eaters fly?

  40. Why are birds and snakes easier to conjure than other creatures?
  41. Can the Elder Wand be duplicated?

  42. Why didn’t the Hogwarts faculty find the Chamber of Secrets?
  43. Why did Dumbledore dismiss not saying Voldemorts name to Harry?

  44. Why didn't Dobby just steal the diary?

  45. Prisoner of Azkaban

  46. Why didn't Harry use the Summoning Charm to retrieve the Marauders' Map in GoF?
  47. Is there any more information about the additional female Death Eaters in the movies?
  48. In what ways does The Cursed Child contradict established Harry Potter canon?
  49. In Harry Potter, what is the ultimate source of magicians and magic?
  50. When is a raven like an eagle? When it's on the Ravenclaw house crest
  51. Is it against the law to break someone's wand?

  52. Why was Harry Potter not sent to Azkaban?

  53. Grindelwald was arrested at the end of Fantastic Beasts, so when did Dumbledore fight him?

  54. Plot explanation. Why was one vanishing cabinet at Hogwarts and the other at Borgin and Burke's?

  55. Why doesn't reparo work with certain items?

  56. How Fast do Spells Travel in the Harry Potter Universe?
  57. In Harry Potter, can you physically touch someone talking to you through the Floo Network?
  58. Why do heads in fires look flame-colored when Floo Network fires are green?

  59. Why did Pettigrew wait 13 years to return to Voldemort?
  60. Who are the other Hogwarts ghosts?

  61. Why did Mrs Weasley use tongs?
  62. Do eclipses have an effect on the efficacy of potions?

  63. Who/what is the dying infant-like creature in the limbo King's Cross, around the end of Deathly Hallows?
  64. Did they check the ticket anytime in HP?

  65. Why aren't wizards in Kings Cross obvious?

  66. In the Harry Potter universe, are snakes magical creatures?

  67. Who created the pensieve?

  68. Why did the Ministry of Magic not cover up the deaths in the Riddle family?
  69. Are there non-squib wizards/witches who work 100% in muggle world?
  70. What happens if you let go of a portkey?
  71. Why didn't Hermione use her Dittany on Dobby when he was dying?

  72. Would Voldemort see his diary self as a threat?

  73. Why didn't Sirius write to Dumbledore to let him know that Harry saw Bartemius Crouch sneaking in Snape's office on the Marauder's Map?
  74. How do they keep getting the Quaffle back so quickly?

  75. Why didn't Sirius give Harry the mirror earlier?

  76. What would you do if you were Headmaster or Headmistress of Hogwarts?

  77. What is the point of the Mirror of Erised?
  78. Finding a Harry Potter fanfic

  79. HP Fanfic: HP finds a Peverell brother alive in underwater tomb

  80. Why was Albus Severus sorted into Slytherin?

  81. Why didn't Dumbledore ask the house elves to search for the Chamber of Secrets?

  82. Can the Killing Curse be used to commit suicide?

  83. How do Dementors recognize the escaped prisoners?
  84. How long does a Polyjuice transformation last after death?

  85. Are underage wizards also sent to Azkaban?
  86. Do wizards know an Animagus when they see one?
  87. Was there a saxophone in the orchestra at Yule Ball in Harry Potter?

  88. What was James Potter's animagus form?
  89. How did Crookshanks know how to stop the Whomping Willow?

  90. Can the invisibility cloak hide inanimate objects?
  91. How can invisibility cloaks be seen?

  92. Why did the Minister of Magic execute Dumbledore's will?
  93. Would Voldemort's Taboo Spell Trump the Fidelius Charm?
  94. What other Harry Potter related writings has Rowling written?
  95. Are there any other male Gryffindors named in Harry's year, beyond the main five?

  96. Why did Voldemort kill a piece of his own soul when he tried to kill Harry Potter?

  97. Wizard sickness
  98. How did the Drink of Despair refill itself?

  99. Why did Dumbledore say that Dudley had been mistreated by the Dursleys?
  100. Why did Hermione smell grass in the Amortentia?