1. Who *exactly* can draw the Sword of Gryffindor out of the hat?
  2. What 'spell' inflates Aunt Marge?
  3. Why did Griphook stop working at Gringotts Bank?

  4. Is using a friend's wand better than using a stranger's wand?

  5. The meaning of the word 'Horcrux'
  6. Marvolo Gaunt's Wife

  7. Wouldn't Snape's Dark Mark have given Voldemort's return away?

  8. Does Mr. Ollivander make custom wands?
  9. First dramoine then drarry
  10. Why did Snape want the Dark Arts job?
  11. How did Montague Apparate into the Hogwarts bathroom?
  12. Why didn't the Trace work in Goblet of Fire?

  13. How was Moody captured?

  14. Exactly When was Mad-Eye Moody Captured?
  15. Why did the Death Eaters not try to destroy places protected by the Fidelius Charm?

  16. Does the Fidelius Charm keep out owls, cats, elves?

  17. Harry Potter family tree

  18. Time Turner Problem - See Yourself
  19. In Harry Potter where do Honoria Dumbledore and Araminta Meliflua Black fit on a family tree?

  20. Would Neville Longbottom Have Survived If Voldemort Had Marked Neville For Death Rather Than Harry?
  21. Would Voldemort have lost his powers if he hadn't made so many horcruxes?
  22. Who are the other members of the Slug Club in Slughorn's photos?

  23. Why was Buckbeak considered as belonging to Sirius?

  24. With which spell did Harry Potter kill Voldemort?
  25. Where Is the Hufflepuff Common Room?

  26. Has JK Rowling said anything further about the Knights of Walpurgis?

  27. Did anyone choose to be sorted into Hufflepuff?
  28. Are Hogwarts students allowed to go to other houses?
  29. Is there any more information about the additional female Death Eaters in the movies?
  30. Why didn't the Ministry know what went on in the graveyard?

  31. When is a raven like an eagle? When it's on the Ravenclaw house crest

  32. What happened to Sirius Black?
  33. Why did Harry's father emerge before his mother in HP and the Goblet of Fire?

  34. What is the counter-curse to Sectumsempra?
  35. Why Voldemort kept using AK spell in final duel after 2 previous attempts failed?

  36. Did JK Rowling originally plan to pair Fred and Hermione?

  37. Why did Ron and Hermione fight after the Yule Ball?

  38. Why is the Ministry empty when Harry gets there in Order of the Phoenix?

  39. What are dwarfs in the Harry Potter universe?
  40. How on Earth did the Dursleys get off "The Rock?"

  41. Who does Albus Potter marry?

  42. Has Snape ever given points to Gryffindor?
  43. Was Voldemort's name ever used as a swear word?

  44. What does the cover art of Cursed Child mean?

  45. How Did Tom Riddle Get His Memories Into the Diary?
  46. What do wizard children do before attending Hogwarts?
  47. Why didn't Quirrell tell Snape about Voldemort?

  48. Did Barty Crouch Jr.'s soul split after killing a spider?

  49. Are there any more free elves in Harry Potter?
  50. How many times Harry Potter movies didn't follow books?

  51. Why were Dumbledore and Ron so angry at Harry?
  52. Where do Harry and Ginny live after the events of the books?

  53. What does it mean to be the Keeper of Keys at Hogwarts?
  54. Looking for a Harry Potter fanfic where Harry and Katie Bell have sex

  55. How did the Weasleys afford a new wand for Ginny (or anything else for that matter) in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?

  56. Does the wizarding world have a concept of loans?
  57. Does Gringott's Wizarding Bank pay interest on deposits?

  58. Is Harry a virgin?

  59. How could Krum use the Cruciatus Curse in HPGoF?
  60. Why doesn't either side in the Wizarding War use Felix Felicis?

  61. While in hiding, why did they have to apparate on the top step of Grimmauld Place entrance (and not directly inside)?
  62. Why didn't Newt Scamander just release the Thunderbird the moment he arrived in New York City?

  63. How often does one have to take the Elixir of Life?

  64. Why did Dumbledore make it less difficult to get to the Sorcerer's Stone?
  65. Do Continental European schools have more students than Hogwarts?
  66. Could Voldemort have died a natural death with his horcruxes intact?

  67. Can any magic besides the Sorcerer's Stone or Horcruxes delay death?
  68. Can house-elves be ordered to kill?

  69. What would happen if Voldemort ordered a snake to kill Harry for the first time?

  70. Why did skilled wizards use He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named?
  71. Is the Sorting Hat a not-Dark version of a Horcrux?

  72. Why did the Killing Curse rebound on Voldemort at the end?

  73. Was Lucius Malfoy actually going to kill Harry Potter?
  74. What did Harry's party mean

  75. Are Any of the Twelve Uses of Dragon's Blood Known?

  76. Is the Sorting Hat a Horcrux?

  77. Are the Hogwarts founders dead?
  78. How many of Trelawney's prophecies have come true?

  79. An example for a wise witch or wizard from Ravenclaw

  80. Can a horcrux hold the souls of two different people?
  81. What is the job of a Hogwarts Headmaster/Headmistress?
  82. What changes have been made to Hogwarts throughout the series?

  83. Is Avada Kedavra the only way to kill a wizard in a one-on-one duel?

  84. How was this character killed without Avada Kedavra?

  85. Why doesn't everyone use Avada Kedavra?

  86. Looking for a Harry Potter fan fiction set during the time of Deathly Hallows

  87. Why they chose specifically those victims in the second round of the Triwizard tournament chosen?

  88. What was one of the inspiration sources of Harry Potter?
  89. Was the term 'final' a misnomer for the Gryffindor-Slytherin match in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban?

  90. Why didn't Voldemort create a Horcrux with a Gryffindor heirloom?
  91. What was Dumbledore's original wand made of?
  92. Why is Hagrid's face obscured in the memory recollection in Tom Riddle's Diary?

  93. Was Stan Shunpike really working for Voldemort during HBP?
  94. Was Lily the sole reason for Snape being cold hearted and callous in general?
  95. Can wizards and witches be Obliviated?
  96. Looking for a Harry Potter Fanfiction where Harry cleans things when he is stressed
  97. What is Peeves' story?
  98. Is there any source saying Voldemort and Bellatrix had affairs?
  99. Do animagi get to pick their animal?

  100. What was the exact shape of Harry Potter's scar?