1. Who was the first established mainstream hero type comic book character that either DC or Marvel killed off and left that way?

  2. Why didn't Amanda Waller consider Lex Luthor for her Task Force X project?

  3. Why does Team Flash always use a certain room for inter-dimensional travel?
  4. Can the Green Lanterns arrest people on planets?

  5. Why does Batman's mask always leave a gap to show his face?

  6. How fast can you fly with a Legion Flight Ring?

  7. Super Town, USA, Superman Comic
  8. Searching for a Batman comic where Batman had no dialogue and Robin and Alfred were the primary characters

  9. In what order should Justice League movies be watched?
  10. Where is the "Wonder Woman dancing" scene from?
  11. Is The Flash's physiology faster than normal humans?

  12. Is Batman in "The Dark Knight Returns" acting out of character compared to the "canon Batman"?
  13. Who is the Titans' benefactor

  14. Was the Three Jokers storyline ever explained?

  15. Were there any other options for taking out the plane?
  16. How is the audience of the Arrowverse spread amongst the 4 shows?

  17. Why does Green Arrow hate Batman?

  18. Is Green Lantern faster than Flash and Superman?
  19. Who was the man in the cave, Oliver left behind?

  20. Explain this reference to Luke Starkiller in The Flash

  21. Who are those heroes and gods in Justice League?
  22. Is there a reason why Marvel doesn't take action against DC (or vice-versa)?

  23. In Flashpoint, how does Barry vanish before his mom could be killed?

  24. Do either of these plot points in Batman v Superman have a precedents in comics?
  25. What is The Flash's suit made of?

  26. Is the Dark Knight trilogy part of the same "DC Cinematic Universe" as Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman?
  27. How does Nygma fake Stickley's suicide?

  28. What powers are shown on the Swamp Thing TV show?

  29. Why does Swamp Thing refer to himself as Swamp Thing?

  30. How does Supergirl hover or fly?

  31. What does Aquaman steal from the Batcave?
  32. What time period is "Batman: The Animated Series" set in?
  33. What is on the other end of the teleportation beam Steppenwolf uses?

  34. Why did Superman's body not decompose?

  35. When were replicas of Green Lantern's Power Battery and Power Ring first produced?

  36. Why did those plants and flowers start growing super fast?

  37. In which comic does Batman travel back in time to the night of his parents’ murder?

  38. Clark Kent captured by Aliens who think he's a typical Earthman
  39. Was this a callback or reference?

  40. Viewing requirements for Arrow S04E08 and The Flash S02E08

  41. Who is the "evil Batman" in Injustice 2?
  42. Could a recording be used to send Mister Mxyzptlk back to the Fifth Dimension?

  43. Does the Flash sweat when running?
  44. Wonder Woman: gods or aliens?
  45. Why did this pattern appear to Batman in Gotham?
  46. Did the Justice League poster intentionally use the same style as a graphic novel collection?
  47. What does the Joker say in Tim Burton's Batman (1989)?

  48. Spider-Man's Control, Batman's Fist

  49. In the Lego Batman Movie why did the writers choose the phrase "It takes a village"?

  50. Looking for an episode In the Batman Animated Series where Batman copies himself
  51. Has Batman ever successfully scared anyone straight?

  52. Was Rorschach's Pagliacci joke a real joke?

  53. Is the Vertigo (especially post-"Lucifer") continuity now completely separated from DC comics?

  54. Is Superman really super compared to other Kryptonians?
  55. Is the New Gods character of Seagrin ever explored beyond his first appearance, when he's already dead?
  56. Justice League: Team Composition

  57. Did we see when The Flash learned about Superman?

  58. What are the rules of time travel in Legends of Tomorrow?

  59. How, precisely, does the Joker dispatch Gambol in The Dark Knight?
  60. How could Batman see the parademons in his nightmare?
  61. Why was the axe in Justice League so special? What made it so?

  62. What is the first use of Arctic Breath in the DCEU?
  63. Who is this "character" who gets mentioned in Justice League?
  64. Why didn't a time wraith attack Eobard-Wells?
  65. What makes The Flash the fastest man alive?

  66. Roughly how many Martians are there?
  67. What was the artifact Etta is looking for in the epilogue of Wonder Woman?
  68. Is Superman always holding back?

  69. What's the deal with Music Meister?

  70. What is the relationship between Steppenwolf and Darkseid?
  71. What does the Cuckoo represent?

  72. What Hanna-Barbera cartoon is the 'Legion of Doom' from?

  73. Have the physical properties of Kryptonite been discussed?

  74. Did Ares bring Wonder Woman to him or did she accidentally stumble onto his location?

  75. Does Wonder Woman need to use her bracers?

  76. What happened to Rip Hunter's family in the end?

  77. Who was the speedster from the Flash/Supergirl crossover?

  78. Can I start Arrow from season 3 if I've seen Flash?

  79. Can Olivia Marsdin legally be president?

  80. Are Thea and Wally's hospital scenes supposed to be the same place? Or did they just reuse sets?

  81. Which of these stories are in the same continuity as Batman: The Long Halloween?

  82. What is the proper viewing order of the DC Animated Universe?

  83. Is this Bane pose inspired by comics?

  84. What is the time frame for Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises?

  85. By the end of the Batman Trilogy, how many people came to know the true Identity of Bruce Wayne?

  86. Wouldn't the use of WayneTech by Bane fully expose Bruce Wayne's identity as Batman?

  87. Why was Gotham city changed from a mostly fictional city to NYC in the Nolan trilogy?

  88. Has Wonder Woman ever gone rogue?

  89. How was Bruce Wayne able to reclaim control of Wayne Enterprises in Batman Begins?
  90. Why did no-one in the Nolan Universe suspect Bruce Wayne of being Batman?

  91. Does Lucius Fox reveal Batman's identity in The Dark Knight?

  92. Do we know what the Joker's third origin story would have been?
  93. How did Harvey Dent get away with punching a witness?
  94. Why aren't Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern in Justice League (2017) movie?
  95. Has Joker ever mentioned...Star Wars?

  96. Does Batman really love French onion soup?

  97. Is there a reason Harvey Bullock in Batman TAS violates the One Steve Limit?

  98. Batman TAS - Mudslide - Why didn't Batman let Clayface to turn back to normal

  99. Why are some villains in Gotham so much older than Bruce Wayne?
  100. Does Batman drop Jack Napier on purpose?