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  1. Is Light-speed a super weapon?

  2. How can the Klingons & The Federation exist in a close Alliance?

  3. Why does Krennic land so far away from the Erso farm?

  4. Why did the First Order land AT-M6s so far away from the blast doors?
  5. Can anyone identify this book/short story?

  6. Looking to identify a book please
  7. Seeking a game like Hunt the Wumpus but with graphics, RPG elements, and a balrog

  8. What's the name of the alien which had 4 boobs?

  9. Where did the AT-M6s and AT-ATs come from?

  10. Why didn't TPB let Poe Dameron in on the actual plan?

  11. Who was the real "Master Code Breaker"
  12. Who was the first established mainstream hero type comic book character that either DC or Marvel killed off and left that way?

  13. Has JK Rowling said anything further about the Knights of Walpurgis?

  14. Does “thrull” as in the name of the Magic: the Gathering creature type etymologically come from “thrall”?

  15. Which fuel is used by the Rebel cruisers in The Last Jedi?
  16. How could C-3PO see Luke?
  17. Why Does Samwise Gamgee Call Frodo Baggins 'Mr. Frodo'?

  18. What is the picture that the pilots touch in BSG?
  19. Did anyone choose to be sorted into Hufflepuff?

  20. Was Leonard Nimoy a vegetarian?

  21. Identification needed of 1970s/1980s childrens/YA show

  22. Help identify short story? 1950s - 1960s about two pals trapped on top of an oil tank

  23. Why are the losses to the First Order not acknowledged?
  24. For how long has Lorcan been frozen at the age 17?

  25. Book identification sought - childrens comic strip and text story book horror

  26. Are Hogwarts students allowed to go to other houses?
  27. Why did Hasbro's Combiner Wars Superion toy originally contain the Decepticon Dragstrip?
  28. Is there any more information about the additional female Death Eaters in the movies?
  29. What is a "Year" According to Starfleet?
  30. Fantasy book about an assassin turned investigator
  31. Can we identify all the characters in this Universe 113 poster?
  32. What color are B-Wing squadrons?

  33. Why do starships 'fall' when they blow up?

  35. Force Ghost creating physical lightning
  36. What is the meaning of Triquetra symbol on Mjolnir?
  37. Does Kylo Ren love Rey?

  38. Why didn't Amanda Waller consider Lex Luthor for her Task Force X project?

  39. What is the gold charm taken from the Millennium Falcon?

  40. Have we seen that item before?

  41. How long has Romanov been pacifying Hulk?

  42. Star Trek V: Sybok
  43. Did the 9/11 (World Trade Centre) attack happen in the Star Trek universe?

  44. Looking for a fantasy book about a girl with unexpected tattoos
  45. What happened to the Dragon-helm of Dor-lómin?
  46. Do dwarves always stop fighting when their leader is killed?

  47. Why does Jedi Force Ghosts let bad guys win if they have this superpower?

  48. Why didn't the Ministry know what went on in the graveyard?
  49. Surrendering rebel in Return of the Jedi wearing scout trooper armor?
  50. Book about a crew member staying on an alien planet and marrying an indigenous alien

  51. What does the Percy Jackson film rights cover?

  52. Who is Dobbu Scay in The Last Jedi?

  53. Was the mythology in "Moana" based on an established myth?
  54. How does Richard reconcile his belief in controlling your own life with the Master Rahl devotion?

  55. Star wars the last Jedi

  56. How this character is rescued after that fight?

  57. What are the standard, stock color schemes available for an “off-the-shelf” BB unit droid?
  58. Why did the male Pigeon say "The heart of a hawk" three times?

  59. What is Snoke’s guards’ armor made of?

  60. Are any Star Wars languages fully developed and learnable?
  61. Why was this manoeuvre not used earlier?
  62. Luke's neat "trick" at the end of Last Jedi, and consequences?

  63. Should Luke's lightsaber have given away his plan?
  64. Why were more ships affected than Snoke’s?
  65. Why did this item stick around so long?

  66. Which predictions of The Last Jedi: Darths & Droids Bingo were correct?

  67. Why did Snoke’s ship’s weapons arc like this? (in-universe explanation)
  68. Why did the bodies of the wargs that attacked the Fellowship in Hollin disappear?
  69. Why did Rodney say, "A Tic Tac wouldn't kill you"?

  70. Movie with crashed UFO and floor panels that light up (and kill the people standing on them)
  71. Why did Dr Gene punch Dr Mark?

  72. Who edited Dune?
  73. Protagonist can see auras with his inner eye, has to seduce antagonist

  74. Seeking children's record with American Indian story about a giant with a frozen heart
  75. Trying to find this book for years I know the book has a the title? And a (purple?) Flame

  76. When is a raven like an eagle? When it's on the Ravenclaw house crest

  77. Did Obi-Wan ever pay Han Solo? If so, where did he get the money?
  78. Why didn't Gandalf or Frodo Fly to Mount Doom?
  79. Book about apocalyptic event involving aliens

  80. What happened to Sirius Black?
  81. Seeking 1980s cartoon that had a gas that damaged or mutated robots

  82. Do we know the names of the vehicles/ships seen in The Last Jedi?

  83. What was the message Chewbacca told Rey he would deliver to Finn?
  84. Was there a reference to this common issue with the Sphero BB-8 in The Last Jedi?

  85. Can Force Ghosts Interact With the Physical Environment?

  86. Star Wars Tangibility of Trans-hyperspace

  87. Do Peter and Ender forgive each other in Ender's Game?

  88. Star Trek Enterprise and Discovery

  89. Was the "fleet chase" scene inspired by an older naval work?

  90. what anime is this character from? I don't have any clue
  91. radio play about crosstime-traveling bidet advertiser
  92. At what age does Pon Farr start?

  93. What was Bolas trying to do with the mana absorbed from the Conflux?
  94. How did bombs fall into the Dreadnought?

  95. Water from Rey to Kylo Ren... but how?
  96. Episode VIII: Luke's Power (Spoiler)

  97. What was the monster that got blasted while trying to attack Moana?
  98. Why didn’t Chewie dine? (in-universe explanation)

  99. Why does Team Flash always use a certain room for inter-dimensional travel?

  100. Can Force Ghosts go anywhere?