1. Can objects be folded or otherwise compressed to satisfy Mending's requirements?
  2. GM is ruling Psychic casting (Thought/Emotion) as same as Somatic/Verbal.

  3. Does Sacred Flame or Firebolt do more damage on average to a Shadow over an arbitrary but finite number of rounds?

  4. Can you cast catapult on Tenser's Floating Disk
  5. Clarification required between Spells Known and Spell Slots

  6. Can create food & drink make soda pop?
  7. Can you cast Mending on a single object multiple times?
  8. How does a free-willed efreeti's wish-granting work?

  9. Web spell clarifications

  10. How do creatures moving on the same initiative handle the effects of Sleep and Hypnotic Pattern?

  11. If I set multiple Alarms, can I tell them apart?
  12. Wall of Sand on Difficult Terrain

  13. Does Blade of Blood accept temporary hit points?

  14. Can a magical net be repaired and keep its properties?

  15. Can magic items let you cast spells with long casting times as actions?
  16. Can True Polymorph be used to create magic items?
  17. Can True Polymorph be used to transform someone into a shapechanger creature?
  18. Movement through "Wall of Sand"
  19. Break Enchantment v. Feeblemind

  20. Does the caster of an enchantment spell always know if the spell worked or failed?

  21. Do you remember what happened during Dominate Person?

  22. What happens when you cast dominate person on yourself?

  23. Can Dominated person/creature which receive no command remember they are being dominated?
  24. Is Dominate Person's telepathic link one-way or two-way?

  25. Does Protection from Evil protect you from Suggestion?
  26. Can a School of Enchantment Wizard use Instinctive charm against spell attacks?

  27. How do enchantment spells work with V/S components?
  28. Is Charm Person obvious?

  29. Do charmed people realise they were charmed after the end of the spell?

  30. Do any charm spells stop working when the caster is in an Antimagic Field?

  31. When does a target know it's under the effects of a charm/enchantment spell?

  32. Harm and Shield Other

  33. Would a cleric's domain ever preclude them from casting a general cleric spell?
  34. Can a spell-mimicking invocation be used in lieu of an arcane spell for Spellblast and Greatreach eldritch essence invocations?

  35. How can an illusion spell fool true seeing?
  36. Would a cantrip like firebolt count as an attack to be able to use Extra Attack?
  37. Where does incendiary cloud go?

  38. Can Phantasmal Force knock and hold someone prone?
  39. Can I use Silent Image as an adjacent enemy for Sneak Attack?
  40. What have designers said for why they made worn items fireproof?

  41. What is the best damage you can do with a 9th level Magic Missile?

  42. Can Bigby's Hand move creatures that are Grappled into the air?
  43. Does a creature grappling an invisible foe still get disadvantage on attacks against them?

  44. Most effective way to put enemies to sleep?
  45. What is the Spell Save DC for a Shield Guardian?
  46. Does the wish-granting Efreeti from an Efreeti Bottle suffer wish stress?

  47. Can Catapult be used on Delayed Blast Fireball?

  48. Does Extend Spell affect the duration of effects caused by spells?
  49. Can a Wizard polymorph low-level PCs into over-powered beasts?
  50. Can unseen servant "fly"?
  51. Are the attacks of a creature from "Find Steed" magical?

  52. How effective is Witch Bolt?

  53. Paladin's Find Steed was True Polymorphed
  54. Can control flames be used on a magically lit torch to burn a barn down?

  55. Can Moment of Prescience be applied to an initiative check?

  56. Does Instant of Power help a grapple roll?

  57. Is casting Create Demiplane (Any) from the Astral Plane a valid way to get a permanent demi-plane?

  58. Is there any practical way to magically summon/create a weapon and throw it in one turn?

  59. Divination Wizard vs Closed Envelope
  60. Does a concentration spell still require concentration when triggered by Contingency?
  61. Improved Pact Weapon spell attack + damage

  62. How Do Combat Cantrips Function Under Water?

  63. Does casting a spell from an item allow you to apply class abilities that are used when casting a spell?
  64. Effects of Command Spell "Sleep"
  65. Can a Paladin's Divine Sense ability detect good and evil through a portal?

  66. Is there a way to cast spells with a range of self on other targets?
  67. Can a Wizard prepare spells from other spellbooks?
  68. Can a hasted monster make the extra attack from haste along with their multiattack?

  69. Using Blight on a tree construct?
  70. Bonus Spell Explanation with Empower Spell Feat 3.5e
  71. Do emanation spell areas change the rules for spell range?
  72. Can a Wild Magic Sorcerer counterspell his own Wild Magic Surge?

  73. Hits Cap on multiple Spells

  74. Does an asleep creature (affected by Sleep spell) wakes up if entangled with Entangle spell?

  75. Where can I find a current list of touch-range spells?
  76. Can the Suggestion to "sleep" during combat *ever* be reasonable?

  77. Sorcerer Multiclass learning spells

  78. What's an emanation's point of origin?

  79. Does Mask of Many Faces / Disguise Self move with the target?
  80. Can certain classes replace cantrips with other spells when they level up?

  81. Can Divine Smite be stored in a Ring of Spell Storing?
  82. What happens if a sorcerer is hit with Disintegrate while he has turned into a potted plant?
  83. Possible to cast Mind Spike without breaking concentration?

  84. Does Absorb Elements give you resistance to damage from the triggering attack?
  85. Is a melee spell attack also a melee attack?
  86. What is the expanded spell list for warlocks?
  87. Need out-of-game solution for spell choice paralysis

  88. Levitate + Tiny Hut = airborne long rest?

  89. Does a character know that they are under the effect of Bestow Curse?

  90. Can you use Dispel Magic on the source of a spell (ie, the caster)?
  91. Does Finger of Death turn you into a zombie if it drops you to 0hp?

  92. Meaning of this example in the Sage Advice Compendium

  93. NPC casting Suggestion on PC: who decides it's reasonable?

  94. Can dispel magic end a conjure animals spell?

  95. Can you perform a reaction to somebody else's reaction?

  96. Flaming Sphere AOE

  97. Contradiction in spells between Adventurers League and DMG
  98. When Silent Image Is Disbelieved, Is It Transparent?

  99. For Ring of Spell Storing, when does Wild Magic Surge trigger?

  100. Are there any spells that can invoke multiple concentration checks?