1. Can a Sorcerer protect their friend from Web by using Careful Spell?
  2. Prevent abuse of Wand of Detect Magic?

  3. Can a short rope used with Rope Trick create a “safe space” during combat?
  4. Do the rules on counterspells make it possible to virtually ensure your spell is always cast?

  5. Can I cast darkness on an object, then turn it off and on during a round of combat?

  6. Freedom of Movement and Power Word Stun

  7. How many wizard spells can I cast?

  8. How to balance wish?

  9. How to halve the damage on a succesful saving throw?

  10. Can you cast spell while using "Polymorph" with sorcerer's "Subtle Spell"

  11. How many sorcery points does twin spell use when copying a spell cast with a higher level slot?
  12. How many attack/damage rolls when using Twinned spell?

  13. anyone know of a list of spells for the arcane archer's imbue spell ability

  14. Detecting Modified Memories
  15. Can Dominate Person be used for interrogation?
  16. Is spell attack bonus added to hail of thorns?

  17. How many times can the effect of Hail of Thorns be activated?

  18. Sorcerer with a spellbook

  19. Can a Simulacrum gain temporary hit points or regenerate an arcane ward?

  20. Can a caster prepare extra cantrips?

  21. What happens when you cast fireball under water?

  22. Pearl of Power in lower slots

  23. Does casting Aid stack?

  24. Illusory Reality and Phantasmal Force: Can I make things only I can see real?

  25. Glyph of Warding with touch effects
  26. Can an invisible creature use its gaze attack?
  27. Do the greater and normal versions of a spell stack in Pathfinder?
  28. Does Antimagic Field suppress Vow of Poverty?

  29. Does Reverse Gravity affect creatures with Flight?

  30. Invisibility - When is something "On Person"? (Borderline: interaction with other creatures / World)
  31. What are the different methods to destroy a projected image?
  32. Can a Wizard's familiar be dispelled or banished?
  33. How does Empowered Evocation work with Magic Missile?

  34. Does Dispel Magic end the spell for everyone affected or just the target?
  35. How does telepathy work?

  36. Can you use Shrink Item on a living creature?

  37. Does Detect Magic reveal the presence of a Wizard?

  38. Can I counter an Antimagic field with Dispel Magic?
  39. Can a multi-class Bard/Wizard write spells known from Bard, into Wizard spellbook?
  40. Can creatures affected by Imprisonment cast spells?

  41. Can I combine Mythic Contingency with Mythic Limited Wish

  42. Why does "Emergency Force Sphere" not appear on the Sorcerer/Wizard spell list?
  43. Can a caster tell when there's a thin sheet of lead blocking detect magic?

  44. Is a caster aware of a thin sheet of lead blocking detect magic?

  45. Can you create an illusion of empty space?

  46. When wish is used to emulate a spell, what is the casting time?

  47. Can the 5 years of aging caused by casting the wish spell be avoided or reversed?
  48. What happens if you try to counterspell a spell cast by a projected image?

  49. Can the simulacrum of a transmuter create its own "transmuter's stone"?

  50. Can the simulacrum of a fighter recover HP with "second wind"?
  51. How can one animate a clone of an enemy to fool a Living Vault?
  52. Does the Nap spell allow a Psionicist to fully recover PSP?

  53. Subsequent castings of Genesis to expand the demiplane, is the growth sudden or timed?
  54. Can Wands trigger the effect of "Insightful Divination"?

  55. Fabricate + Epic Ignore Components = Creation?

  56. Do you "suffer stress" even if you use a wish from an item?

  57. Does it matter which incarnation of a target's body is used for a second resurrection?
  58. What happens to the book after a creature is released from Scribe's Binding?

  59. Are undead and creatures immune to charm excluded from the HP count of Sleep?

  60. If a caster has several clones lying in wait, can they choose which one to revive into?

  61. How to encourage casters to expend spellslots?

  62. Is my monk/wizard multiclass house rule overpowered?

  63. Does a Feral Tiefling's Vicious Mockery damage go up as normal?

  64. How does spellcasting from class features affect a Tiefling's racial spellcasting?

  65. Reducing the size of a Fey Player Character

  66. Meteor swarm and mechanics confusion for its effects
  67. Can I cast the "Find Familiar" spell on behalf of another character and would that prevent me from using the find familiar spell on myself?
  68. Is the amount healed for multiple-target healing spells rolled per person or once for all of them?

  69. Is there a means to summon a treant?

  70. Can I Alter Self to look like another creature type?
  71. Clarification on the Phoenix Bloodline Sorcerer's Mantle of Flame Ability
  72. Can Animate Undead be used on the same corpse multiple times?

  73. Is it possible to bring undead back to life?
  74. Which spells trigger the second benefit of Shield Master?

  75. Is Leomund's Tiny Turret of Sneak Attacks feasible?

  76. Can divine magic users learn arcane spells from a spellbook?

  77. Does the enlarge spell stack if it is cast multiple times?

  78. When you cast alarm, is the password also spoken?
  79. Can a Mage Hand take actions which, in turn, activate magical items?

  80. Can Mage Hand administer a healing potion during combat?

  81. Can these spells be cast one after another to create a tunnel?

  82. Exactly what creature types does Dominate Monster affect?

  83. Can a willing lycanthrope be True Polymorphed?

  84. When I die and leave a clone behind, is my bound weapon now bound to the clone?

  85. Does arcane ward come back after a polymorph?

  86. Can an Arcane Trickster copy a Wizard spell from a scroll into their "spellbook"?
  87. (How) does obscuring mist affect the caster inside it?
  88. can an arcane trickster use a spell scroll from the wizard spell list?

  89. Does Eldritch Researcher allows for +0 (or lower) metamagic?
  90. Does Grease at most just cause one round being prone?

  91. Is a druid hit by Feeblemind able to use wild shape?
  92. Can I use a spell with a casting time of "Bonus Action" as my action?

  93. How can an intelligent magic item cast the spells it knows without investing feats?

  94. Does Longstrider apply to other speeds?
  95. Can you cast Lighten Object or Shrink on Bag of Holding?

  96. Is there a way to increase a creature's size category twice?
  97. What exactly is "manipulating an item"

  98. Can a bard teach a wizard a spell?

  99. How does a mount from Find Steed act when unmounted?

  100. Is Expeditious Retreat essentially a spell to double your speed?