1. Clarification on Otiluke's Resilient Sphere vs Gelatinous Cube

  2. What is the most damage that can be done in a single melee attack?
  3. Is there an official way to effectively carry a holy symbol without breaking Vow of Poverty?

  4. Is there any deity whose worshipers are allowed to substitute a weapon for a holy symbol?

  5. Freedom of Movement and Power Word Stun
  6. How can I build a self-propelled ground vehicle using the Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 edition magic rules as written?
  7. When does a flying creature start and end falling?

  8. Does current HP loss from HP maximum reduction count as damage?

  9. What are the different methods to destroy a projected image?

  10. Can a caster tell when there's a thin sheet of lead blocking detect magic?

  11. Is a caster aware of a thin sheet of lead blocking detect magic?

  12. What is the difference between a Spear and a Trident?

  13. Is an item under a spell's effect magical or nonmagical?

  14. Which spells trigger the second benefit of Shield Master?

  15. Is there a limit to the number of magic rings a character can wear on one hand?
  16. Is a critical failure on a natural 1 a rule or house rule?
  17. Can I circumnavigate an unexpected swift action disadvantage when leveling up battle herald?

  18. How much damage do torches used as improvised weapons do?
  19. Does a petrified creature need to eat or drink?

  20. Is a Dragonwrought Kobold a True Dragon?

  21. What rules say that summoning undead evil, and what rules say why?

  22. Ghost Equipment and Vow of Poverty

  23. What is the source defining what is RAW?

  24. Can you maintain a grapple while on a moving mount?

  25. Can verbal spell components be fulfilled by sign language (or by a silent language)?

  26. Do weapon enhancing spells let them hit incorporeal opponents?

  27. When is each skill used when searching for hidden objects like traps?
  28. Are any solar medicine charms effective against Final Viridescence?
  29. I want to mount a T-Rex
  30. How does deafness affect melee combat?

  31. On abilities that depend on the value of damage caused, do we account for the target's resistances?
  32. Does Enlarge Person(Non-Mythic) have a maximum size

  33. Can Clerics be Death Domain and Neutral?

  34. Can Siege Weapons trigger Sneak Attack and other weapon-based class features?
  35. Does this cheesy character concept violate RAW, and if so how?

  36. Does a good cleric still have evil spells on their spell list?

  37. How many Opportunity Attacks can a PC take during a round?
  38. Is it possible to fail an ability check on purpose?

  39. Improving base Fortitude for early ur-priest entry

  40. What is considered a "sword"?

  41. Do you need a mark on a silent commlink to be able to see icons on it?
  42. Would Gust of Wind affect a Vampire in Gaseous Form?
  43. Does ki count as magic for the purpose of an antimagic field, or is it only fluff?
  44. How much should NPCs charge for spells cast as services to PCs?

  45. Can a Dragonfire Adept use Metabreath feats?

  46. Can You Fire A Loaded Crossbow as a Reaction?

  47. Can a character drown in liquids designed to heal?
  48. How does the Diviner's Portent ability interact with Advantage and Disadvantage?

  49. Can these Gifts be used together for a supersonic Swara?

  50. Glibness vs sanctuary

  51. Does the pathfinder Myrmidarch Magus archetype use ammunition when he uses ranged spellstrike?
  52. What are the base saves for a 15HD dragon with 12 monk levels?

  53. Share Transmutation on inanimate objects

  54. What is the benefit Kitsune have over other Fera when learning Gifts not on their lists?

  55. Did I interpret Wall of Fire ruling correctly?
  56. Dimension Door and Spell Combat
  57. PC cleric lost holy symbol - what now?

  58. Is failing Faerie Fire's dexerity save neccessary for a creature to be given advantage against?

  59. Animate dead command communication. How does it work?

  60. Did the designers intend that you need only carry the Cloak of Charisma to get the bonus?

  61. Incendiary cloud: why do we use concentration?
  62. How does a Hunter command his animal companion to use Skirmisher Tricks?

  63. Can Polymorph be used to give a druid new Wild Shape forms?

  64. Do ability score improvements apply to a druid's wild shape?

  65. Is there an official rule that the minimum damage can't be negative?

  66. Is there a mistake in the shadow illusions example?

  67. Is a player character required to use its Extra Attack when Charmed using Crown of Madness?

  68. When applying a template, are a creature's saving throws recalculated as its new type if not explicitly mentioned in the template?
  69. Is there any rule preventing the ghost of a slain creature from existing while its animated skeleton exists?
  70. Does Maximize Spell affect created effects?

  71. Is death from old age contingent upon creature type or the specific creature?

  72. Are Aasimars of alternate heritage required to be the typical alignment?

  73. Does move silently offer full attack?

  74. Why is the Pillar of 1,000 Arrows a CR 2 trap?
  75. Can Thieves' Cant be understood without a level in Rogue?

  76. When a sorcerers bloodline states they can change a spell's element, what happens to extra effects?

  77. Can you be tripped by an AoO while standing up?

  78. What is the ending type and subtype of this creature?

  79. Are Spells "Attacks" that Mesmerists can damage boost?
  80. Does Human Guise render me humanoid?

  81. Can Minor Illusion look like a creature, or look like me?
  82. Sentinel Raven and the incapacitated condition (Is the warlock's raven clingy ?)

  83. Can a Medium titan fighter wield a Huge bastard sword?

  84. Rules as Written, How Many Grenades Can a Ysoki put in their Cheeks?

  85. How does Windrider interact with polymorph?
  86. Can I swap the ability for a skill check?

  87. The Stack'O'Mounts
  88. What happens when an entangled, glued character is bull rushed?

  89. How does the Stealth versus Perception check work in combat?
  90. What are the limits of Mage Hand Legerdemain?

  91. How does Extra attack interact with multi attack?

  92. Can you usefully have two Boots of Speed enchantments on the same item?

  93. Is what is involved in the attack ever clearly defined for the purposes of critical hits

  94. Bead of karma on character with multiple caster classes
  95. How is the magic weapon level of Javelin of Lightning decided?

  96. Can you use Smite from Visage of the deity with a ranged weapon?
  97. Do Soul Manifesters (by RAW only) have the ability to advance a meldshaper class they formerly possessed?
  98. Falling from low heights; how does 1d6 per 10ft round up/down?
  99. Explain to me this benefit of the steadfast boots
  100. Does Grim Harvest trigger when my minions kill something?