1. Must I pick the higher die when I roll with advantage?

  2. Can a Goblin boss redirect attacks to non allied goblins?

  3. Can you ready actions?
  4. Aid another bonus type?

  5. Can you store spare vials of blood to refill a Blood Reservoir?

  6. Does a Flowing Monk's Redirection Interrupt an attack, or does it resolve after it?

  7. Can I buy a masterwork component?
  8. Encounter Distance RAW

  9. Booming Blade: Initial damage is what damage type?
  10. Are there any rules for a Cleric to change his faith?
  11. Do I have to actually cast a spell to store it in a Glyph of Warding?

  12. What qualifies as "speak to a humanoid alone" for the purpose of Words of Terror?

  13. Does ki count as magic for the purpose of an antimagic field, or is it only fluff?

  14. Can animal-like playable races wear shoes/boots?

  15. Does a petrified creature count as an object?

  16. How is the Fiery Burst feat targeted?
  17. Can I make a melee attack with a ranged weapon?
  18. Can a Mace of Disruption kill a Vampire with its ability?

  19. War Caster opportunity attack spell clarifications

  20. Can you use a readied action to act on a different round?
  21. What is the most damage that can be done in a single melee attack?

  22. Is there a way to make an Attack of Opportunity at 1000 ft+?
  23. Is Charm Person obvious?
  24. Can I use Silent Image as an adjacent enemy for Sneak Attack?

  25. Political house ready cash (cityscape)

  26. Can Catapult be used on Delayed Blast Fireball?

  27. Will a Readied Attack hit someone mid-fall (less than 500 feet)?
  28. Does the Snap Shot feat allow AoOs outside of Threatened range against the target of Greater Trip?

  29. Does this cheesy character concept violate RAW, and if so how?

  30. Rogue using Dual Wield and Sneak Attack
  31. Is it possible to have two familiars?

  32. Sorcerer Multiclass learning spells
  33. When to indulge in murder?

  34. Possible to cast Mind Spike without breaking concentration?

  35. What counts as channeled energy for this tiefling ability?

  36. When Silent Image Is Disbelieved, Is It Transparent?
  37. Battle Harness Armor vs Disembodied Hand familiar vs Avalanche Hurler U12

  38. Do you have to be the ritual leader when creating an ally spirit?
  39. Being prone with multiple movement speeds

  40. Stacking Wild Shape and Shapechange

  41. Can these Gifts be used together for a supersonic Swara?
  42. Does paralysis prevent actions that don’t require movement?
  43. Route to Divine Spell Immunity?

  44. How great is the Purifying Power of Purify Food and Drink

  45. Are humans living creatures? By the rules, that is?

  46. Can the heal spell (and other positive energy effects) work on constructs?

  47. Can a Paladin end a Dominate Person/Monster Spell on themselves with Cleansing Touch?

  48. What reaction is available to all characters in general, regardless of class and race?
  49. Does Wholeness of Body automatically cure Infernal Wounds?

  50. What does it mean to not have a skill as an eidolon?
  51. Can I exclude specific animals from Locate Animals or Plants cast?
  52. Is Filth Fever a DC 11 or DC 12?

  53. How to disguise a Devil as a Human

  54. Arcane Hierophant and Familiars

  55. Can the vampire's Kiss interrupt a frenzying vampire?
  56. Are there any limits to what can be a cohort?
  57. What actions are free actions? Especially when Shaken?
  58. Can monk move between his extra and bonus attacks?
  59. Do you need a Ranger's Feral Senses to have positional awareness of invisibile creatures?
  60. Do the rebuilding/retraining rules from PHB II allow "bootstrap" qualification, creating legal characters that could not be made without these rules?
  61. Ability Scores bonus spells and metamagic feats

  62. How can you gain selective protection from Sending?

  63. How do these skills, qualities and power stack if at all?
  64. When do Lair Actions occur?

  65. In what circumstances does Mithral Armor count as one weight category less, and when does it not?

  66. Can a Goblin boss make you hit yourself?
  67. Creating a Fortress that Allows Owner to Scry, but Blocks Others
  68. How does maintaining a Concentration spell work?
  69. Can defeating a character with magic also destroy their carried items?
  70. Language discrepancy between SRD and PHB
  71. Is the "half your speed" used in standing from prone your normal speed, or current speed?

  72. Is there any way to gain skill unlocks early?

  73. Is Freedom of Movement hampered from actually working to escape a grapple?
  74. How Many Grenades Can a Ysoki put in their Cheeks?
  75. Does an armorist need to pick "bound fang" more than once?
  76. How does the Blind-Fight feat interact with the Murky Eyed flaw?
  77. How do Magic Jar and Death Ward interact?
  78. How can one obtain an adamantine weapon?
  79. Does the Defensive Duelist feat work when wielding ranged finesse weapons?

  80. Polymorph Ending in Forcecage

  81. Becoming an Undead under your own control, other than the Lich, Ghoul and Wight

  82. Can True Polymorph create rare inks?

  83. Can True Strike grant advantage to Witch Bolt?
  84. Throwing a weapon as an improvised weapon

  85. Does Sickening Radiance require the target to use their movement to deal damage?
  86. Awarding Downtime Days Using Rules-as-Intended
  87. Can an area of effect spell cause damage to the same target multiple times a round?
  88. Does current HP loss from HP maximum reduction count as damage?

  89. When does a flying creature start and end falling?

  90. Is there any sort of mechanical reason to use a trident over a spear?

  91. Is the ethical necromancer still viable in 5e?

  92. How does the feat Ranged Pin work?
  93. Is there an official way to effectively carry a holy symbol without breaking Vow of Poverty?
  94. Is there any deity whose worshipers are allowed to substitute a weapon for a holy symbol?

  95. How can I build a self-propelled ground vehicle using the Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 edition magic rules as written?
  96. What are the different methods to destroy a projected image?

  97. Can a caster tell when there's a thin sheet of lead blocking detect magic?
  98. Is a caster aware of a thin sheet of lead blocking detect magic?

  99. What is the difference between a Spear and a Trident?
  100. Is an item under a spell's effect magical or nonmagical?