1. Evil Campaigns:How to explain the difference between being evil and being a jerk?
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  37. If an eidolon's fly speed derives from its land speed, would increasing its land speed cause its fly speed to increase too?
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  39. What are the effects of STDs?

  40. Does the Aegis Customizations option Hardened Strike count as a Virtual Feat to gain Greater Unarmed Strike?
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  86. Does a broodmasters Eidolon's number of attacks limit weapon usage as well?

  87. In combat situations would one eidolon with 8 feats be more useful compared to 8 eidolons with one feat each?

  88. How to approach the GM to tell them that they are a bad GM
  89. GM is ruling Psychic casting (Thought/Emotion) as same as Somatic/Verbal.

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