1. Smaller weapons as light weapons?
  2. How do I make campaigns take place over months or years of in-game time without it being boring?

  3. If I peer into a bag of holding, what do I see?
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  7. Help determining the CR of a "doppelganger" encounter

  8. Running an Unstructured Narrative

  9. How do variant racial heritages work?
  10. Is there an official 5e equivalent of the the Blinkback Belt from Pathfinder?

  11. Pearl of Power in lower slots

  12. Glyph of Warding with touch effects

  13. Do the greater and normal versions of a spell stack in Pathfinder?
  14. What are the different methods to destroy a projected image?

  15. Can Unchained Monks using Unarmed Strikes benefit from combining Flurry of Blows and Two-Weapon Fighting?

  16. Can I combine Mythic Contingency with Mythic Limited Wish

  17. Why does "Emergency Force Sphere" not appear on the Sorcerer/Wizard spell list?
  18. What happens if you try to counterspell a spell cast by a projected image?

  19. What happens to the book after a creature is released from Scribe's Binding?

  20. In what source books do hybrid and base classes appear?
  21. Which of the Arcanist's features lets it swap out its prepared spells?

  22. Can Wealth be used as a guide to what things a PC could own at a given level?

  23. How would an attended object (a corpse) make a saving throw?

  24. How does accidental activation of a command word work?
  25. Is DR/- better than DR/magic?

  26. How can a land-based Druid have a Shark (or aquatic) animal companion?

  27. DR stacking for alternate rules where armor brings DR

  28. Do Alternate Racial Traits count toward my character's Trait limit?

  29. Penalties involved in movement scenario

  30. How does the Shaman True Spirit Ability for Nature Spirits apply to a Lvl 17 Spirit Summoner
  31. What happens if a character gains natural weapons they already have?

  32. Can Animate Undead be used on the same corpse multiple times?
  33. How do Pathfinder Archetypes with abilities that scale work?

  34. What are the penalties for the feat chain Weapon Focus(Shuriken)-Point Blank Shot-Rapid Shot-Two Weapon Fighting-Twin Throw?

  35. Attacks for toothy half-orc bear shaman druid
  36. How does Eldritch Conduit for Rogues Work?
  37. Help calculating witch attack with prehensile hair
  38. Help calculating attacks for UnMonk/Bear Shaman
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  40. How much should this homebrew ioun stone cost?

  41. Can an Alchemist use a launching crossbow with their bombs?
  42. Attract powerful creatures to kill then animate
  43. When you cast alarm, is the password also spoken?
  44. Can I Selectively Apply Precise Shot?

  45. Can these spells be cast one after another to create a tunnel?

  46. Touch/Reach Optimizing Build Ideas
  47. Can an intelligent clockwork creature wind itself?
  48. Is the Oracle Metal Scarf revelation a free attack?
  49. Which light barding provides the best protection per ACP?

  50. Unicorn Divine Bond Mount for a Paladin: How do I get one?

  51. Does Eldritch Researcher allows for +0 (or lower) metamagic?

  52. Can I circumnavigate an unexpected swift action disadvantage when leveling up battle herald?
  53. Can you use Fencing Grace and Weapon Versatility together?

  54. Does a Sorcerer using Variant Multi-Classing rules gain the bloodline arcana?

  55. How does bed rest effect Unchained diseases?

  56. For magic items that give the user an ability boost (Str, Dex , etc), why is the first day (24 hour) benefit counts as "temporary"?
  57. Can you cast Lighten Object or Shrink on Bag of Holding?

  58. What are the drawbacks of placing time limits on turns?
  59. Are there volcanic forest elves in Golarion?

  60. How to convert Pathfinder's positive/negative energy effects to 5e?

  61. What are the mechanics for large scale combat?
  62. What does the percent after spell-like ability mean?
  63. What are the CRs for diseases used in traps, and how are they calculated?

  64. What is the range for energy blade?
  65. If a character has access to both Arcane Pool and Arcane Reservoir, how do they Interact?
  66. Detecting doppelgangers on a large scale
  67. Calculating the Spell Resistance benefit of a summoned creature with the Celestial Template

  68. Is there any way to add weapons to a Fighter's Weapon Group
  69. Does Mythic Magic Missile bypass Chthonic Steel's protection against Magic Missile?

  70. Do non-rank skill bonuses in linguistics grant bonus langauges?
  71. Can the alchemist adventure during their mummification process?

  72. Do Ranged (Thrown) weapons benefit from natural reach?

  73. Can you store scrolls loose in a handy haversack?

  74. Best bane weapon for Rise of the Runelords
  75. How does SoP focus use work?
  76. Benefits for eating good food

  77. Do arcane Discoveries count as feats?
  78. Cooking and Morale Bonus

  79. At what level of evil does a paladins smite start to work?

  80. When clerics wear armor, do they suffer from arcane spell failure?
  81. What rules say that summoning undead evil, and what rules say why?
  82. If a spellcaster can wear light armor without suffering ASF, how does mithral medium armor work?
  83. Is teleportation circle two-way?

  84. What mechanical effects might accompany having only one hand?

  85. How does a PC recover missing body parts?
  86. Can someone explain why brewing low level potions at higher levels is so costly?
  87. Will these low-level sorcerer spells and abilities stay useful for a high-level Pathfinder rogue?
  88. Does extra reservoir increases my arcanist's daily points forever?
  89. How many doses does brewing potions create?
  90. What does it mean that ranks from a Headband of Vast Intelligence don't stack with yours?

  91. Can you increase the amount of potions made per day with the following?

  92. Premade wizard: Attack bonus on Quarterstaff unclear
  93. If a penalty is reduced past 0, does it become a bonus?
  94. Would Chain Lightning that strikes an image from a Mirror Image spell be able to continue the arc to a different target?

  95. What is that thing?

  96. Can a Kineticist dismiss their own infusion-modified blasts with a standard action in the same way as dismissible spells?
  97. How can a necromancer create vampires?

  98. Complications from Adding a Magic Attribute?

  99. Does the feat allied spellcaster stack with itself?

  100. Can you use any combat feat with any weapon you choose as part of your favorite weapon group for a Weapon Champion Archetype?