1. What is the maximum skill bonus that can be crafted into a magic item?

  2. How to get the maximum number of spells when given the choice of a rare magic item and one level?

  3. Using more than one spell on a scroll
  4. Can someone who's wearing a Ring of Water Walking be pulled underwater?
  5. Is there an item that gives a PC regeneration?
  6. Mathematically, is an AC+2 better than attackers having disadvantage?

  7. Are weapons and armor made of Mithral or Adamantine considered magical?
  8. What are the ability scores of an intelligent item using beast shape?
  9. What is the rarity of an Amulet of the Shield Guardian?
  10. How is a Heward's Handy Haversack better than a Bag of Holding?

  11. How much can an intelligent item with the fly ability carry?
  12. What creatures can cast spells from spell scrolls?

  13. What's the casting ability modifier of a scroll?

  14. Can Innate Spellcasters cast spells from scrolls?
  15. Does a Portable Hole break Dominate Person?

  16. Are spellbook spells copied from scrolls also single-use?

  17. What exactly are gauntlets?
  18. How can an intelligent magic lance change what type of weapon it is?

  19. Does the Daily Power of a Parrying Weapon have to be used with that weapon?

  20. Having a Book that automatically stores the knowledge of the owner/attuned?

  21. What, exactly, happens when boots of speed are activated under a slow spell?

  22. Is there a class feature that improves effective Caster Level of used magic items?

  23. Does a Page of spell knowledge allow a caster to use a magic device if both hold the same spell?
  24. Does a Monk's Martial Arts die replace all of a magic weapon's damage, or only the die portion of it?

  25. Do furious and greater magic weapon stack?
  26. What would happen to my Intelligence score if I am affected by Feeblemind and attuned to a Headband of Intellect

  27. What's an absorbing shield's saving throw DC?

  28. Can a character shadowstep, dimension door, or teleport away from sovereign glue?
  29. Can you store a Bag of Holding or a Handy Haversack in a Pathfinder's Pouch?
  30. Is this custom Bracers, Longarm correctly priced?
  31. Is a Sentient Weapon considered an ally for the purposes of Pack Tactics?

  32. What does the Necklace of Prayer Beads's 25% increase actually do?

  33. Guidelines on giving magical equipment to Animal Companions
  34. Is the rarity of this homebrew item appropriate?
  35. Can I increase my intelligence from a Headband Of Intellect?

  36. I'm having difficulty understanding the price of magic arms and armor special abilities
  37. Maximum effective enhancement bonus to Unarmed Attack

  38. Can I use a Bag of Tricks to break an Arcane Lock?
  39. Would 'Detect Magic' reveal spell scrolls?

  40. Broom of Flying questions
  41. Does Monk's Robe affect a Monk of the Silver Fist's gauntlet damage?

  42. Can I recall an Empowered by Empowered Magic (Su) Shocking Grasp with a Pearl of Power (1st)?

  43. Determining hardness and HP of magical items

  44. What's the nearest 5e implementation of Kratos' Leviathan axe?
  45. Sentinel Raven uses too much awesome magic

  46. Blue Dragon Mask and Blue Dragon Sorcerer interaction

  47. Does the DM have to give me magical weapons?

  48. How flexible is the Skin of Proteus?
  49. Is this 'Elven thrower' balanced?
  50. How to build a level appropriate adaptation of existing items

  51. Why do artifacts exist in the DM's Guide if you can't get them easily?

  52. How can Brigitte's flail from Overwatch be simulated?

  53. What is allowed (on a per round) basis for wand use?

  54. Do Dimensional Shackles block all kinds of teleportation, or only extraplanar teleportation?
  55. What damage does the manyfang dagger multiply?

  56. Psionic Items with Augmented Psionic Powers

  57. Is there an easy/quick way to look up certain magic items by the effects they have?

  58. Barbarian Battlerager Spiked Armor Damage Bonus via RAW?
  59. What does "using the instrument as the source of the spell" mean with instruments of the bards?
  60. Which is the better magic item effect, +1 to Int or +2 to hit?

  61. How to get a party member into a Bag of Holding or Rope Trick to break a Vampire's Charm?

  62. What spells can an Instrument of the Bards actually impose disadvantage on?

  63. Can a good cleric use a wand to cast an evil spell?
  64. Creative ways to resolve Robe of Eyes and a Basilisk's Petrifying Gaze

  65. Does using an Instrument of the Bards impose disadvantage on the saving throws against Compulsion?

  66. Does the Necklace of Prayer Beads allow two spells to be cast in a round?
  67. Are spells that exclude uncharmable targets considered as charm spells for the purpose of an Instrument of the Bards?
  68. Price list for magic items

  69. Does detect magic go through walls?
  70. Barbarian Battlerager Spiked Armor Damage Bonus balance issues

  71. How can I set up a long-range alarm for my fortress?

  72. How resilient is the Staff of the Magi?

  73. Does attacking with an enchanted weapon count as a magic attack?
  74. Can I prevent a turned concentration spell from working by just ceasing concentration?

  75. How can our warlock use the Staff of Defense?

  76. Use of the Pearl of Power?
  77. How to catch many Returning thrown weapons at once?
  78. Can you store spare vials of blood to refill a Blood Reservoir?

  79. Does either end of a Rope of Climbing fasten on command?
  80. Dealing with single character destroyed gear
  81. When does the bonus from a staff of power apply to the spell attack roll or saving throw in a Wizard/Druid multiclass?

  82. DC for Hat of Disguise if you are a spellcaster

  83. Calculating damage on a crit with an item's encounter power?
  84. If I scribe a scroll of a spell I know, and then give it to another caster, is it cast as a caster of my level or of the level of the one casting it?

  85. Does the Book of Exalted Deeds allow level 10 spell slots?
  86. How much do you heal with a Anstruth Harp's Cure Wounds

  87. In the "Buying Magic Items" downtime activity, can I roll on a more affordable table than my Charisma/Persuasion check would normally indicate?

  88. Can you effectively store an Air Genasi in a Bag of Holding?

  89. Can animal-like playable races wear shoes/boots?
  90. Can I recall a Magical Lineage Intensified Shocking Grasp with a Pearl of Power (1st)?

  91. Can I increase an ability score above 30?
  92. Ladle of candle making cost?

  93. How does Benefactor's Armor interact with powers that provide healing over time?
  94. Is there any way to move or carry but not be the "holder" of a Night Hag's Heartstone?

  95. Can invisibility be put in a glyph seal to get effectively free casting?

  96. Which languages are used for Spell Scrolls?
  97. Can a Mace of Disruption kill a Vampire with its ability?

  98. What happens when Daern's Instant Fortress expands into a space that's too small?
  99. Does breaking a magic item render it useless?

  100. Is the saving throw bonus when carrying a Night Hag’s Heartstone optional or required?