1. How rare are magic items, and how much should I be handing them out?

  2. Prevent abuse of Wand of Detect Magic?

  3. If I peer into a bag of holding, what do I see?
  4. How do the PCs' magic items factor into challenge ratings?

  5. How can I build a self-propelled ground vehicle using the Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 edition magic rules as written?
  6. Is there an official 5e equivalent of the the Blinkback Belt from Pathfinder?
  7. Do you take damage from falling while wearing Winged Boots?

  8. Which is the better magic item effect, +1 to Int or +2 to hit?
  9. Pearl of Power in lower slots

  10. Are magic weapons and weapons considered magic for the purpose of overcoming resistances different?

  11. Can Wands trigger the effect of "Insightful Divination"?
  12. Do you "suffer stress" even if you use a wish from an item?

  13. Does the Adventure League PHB+1 rule also apply to received magical items?

  14. How does accidental activation of a command word work?
  15. What is a "spellcaster" for the purpose of magic item attunement?

  16. How does Eldritch Conduit for Rogues Work?

  17. How do Boots of Speed affect other movement rates?

  18. What can a Fighter do to ensure scrolls are cast successfully?

  19. How much should this homebrew ioun stone cost?

  20. Does using an Animated Shield count as 'wielding a shield' for Unarmored Defense?
  21. Can a Mage Hand take actions which, in turn, activate magical items?

  22. Can you wear two rings of protection and gain both their benefits?
  23. Is there a limit to the number of magic rings a character can wear on one hand?
  24. Can an Arcane Trickster copy a Wizard spell from a scroll into their "spellbook"?

  25. can an arcane trickster use a spell scroll from the wizard spell list?

  26. Can a Bag of Devouring empty an ocean?

  27. For magic items that give the user an ability boost (Str, Dex , etc), why is the first day (24 hour) benefit counts as "temporary"?
  28. Can you cast Lighten Object or Shrink on Bag of Holding?
  29. Will I take acid damage if I used Ring of Water Walking to walk across a pool of acid?

  30. Can True Polymorph be used to create magic items?

  31. How does temporary magic item attunement work?

  32. Can you store scrolls loose in a handy haversack?
  33. How can I move a Sphere of Annihilation and keep up with AL adventures?
  34. What does it mean that ranks from a Headband of Vast Intelligence don't stack with yours?

  35. Does SoP have a magic item similar to ring of ki mastery/pearls of power/runestones of power for spell points?

  36. If a spell cast from a Spell Scroll is Counterspelled, is the scroll consumed?
  37. How can a character create a Spell Scroll?

  38. Belt of Giant's Srength with Manual of Gainful Exercise

  39. Command activated items of negative energy ray or Repair light damage
  40. Creature with no classes activating a scroll
  41. Can an intelligent item multiclass outside of the Intelligent Item class?
  42. Determining item ability scores for an intelligent item from the book of Eldritch Might

  43. How does belt of giant strength interact with wildshape?
  44. Can someone flying with winged boots/boots of flying carry someone?

  45. Do Boots of Speed affect jumping distance?

  46. Are there rules for Intelligent Items with Class Levels?

  47. How can I make my rapier more powerful?

  48. Can one cast Shield from the Staff of Defense as a Reaction?
  49. Do wands provoke attacks of opportunity?

  50. Can a monk's unarmed strikes be enchanted?
  51. Can you shape a wand or rod like a gun?

  52. Fire damage required for nuclear fusion

  53. Can magical items have more than one command word?

  54. Ioun Stone (amber spindle) stacking

  55. What exactly is Helm of Brilliance's "a sword of flame" power?
  56. How to move my item slots around

  57. Do you suffer fall damage while inside a Bag of Holding?
  58. Can a Bag Of Holding destroy a Sphere Of Annihilation?
  59. What happens to magical properties and spells on arrows when using arrowsplit or a splitting bow?

  60. Can you use Wand of Wonder underwater?

  61. What is the cost of magic armor for large creatures?

  62. Do scimitars and rapiers count as swords for the magic items in the 5E DMG?
  63. Regaining Lost Spell Levels from Multiclassing
  64. Do furious and greater magic weapon stack?

  65. PC ate a necklace of fireballs bead. How dead should they be?
  66. Monster CR adjustment based on item outside its treasure allotment
  67. What is a Bag of Devouring's Storage Capacity for Living Creatures?
  68. Does the figurine's owner being a higher level increase the figurine's power?

  69. How do Damage Immunity and Vulnerability work together?

  70. What happens when Daern's Instant Fortress expands into a space that's too small?

  71. Psionic Items with Augmented Psionic Powers
  72. Can a necklace of fireballs be used as ammunition?

  73. Making dumb "smart" bullets
  74. Does sovereign glue work underwater?

  75. How much damage does a +2 Flaming dagger do?

  76. Continuous or command word false life item?

  77. Can a character drown in liquids designed to heal?
  78. Can a healing belt be used to heal oneself or only others?
  79. Is a homebrew item which gives disadvantage to all targets of spell once per day balanced?
  80. Can Anchoring Arcana be used with Rune of the Eldritch Knight?

  81. What is the interaction between a lich's phylactery and effects that dispel or suppress magic effects?

  82. Can you wear a robe over armor?

  83. Why do pluses on vanilla weapons and armour cap at +3?
  84. Intelligent items: what special purposes are possible?
  85. Can a dimension door that's cast from an item be used for Dimension Agility feats?

  86. Oathbow conditions with Arcane Archer archetype's arcane shots

  87. How many times would you need to take master craftsman for both weapons and armor?

  88. Is an item increasing spell save DC balanced?

  89. Without a magic item economy, what is gold for?

  90. What level is used in Metamagic magic item cost calculations?
  91. Horseshoes of zephyr and difficult terrain

  92. Did the designers intend that you need only carry the Cloak of Charisma to get the bonus?

  93. Cost of adding magic weapon abilities

  94. Was the Keen weapon enhancement cost ever altered or subject to errata?

  95. Can I swap my cantrips known for new ones from scrolls?

  96. What are a magic item's saves?

  97. Do the Onyx Dog's temporary hit points disappear when the party takes a short rest?

  98. Can we Disassemble the Mask of the Dragon Queen?

  99. Would an Antimagic Field set off a Sphere of Annihilation?

  100. How close to spells are infusions?