1. Is a feat that allows one more swift/immediate action per round balanced?

  2. Could a Wild Magic Surge be triggered by a Wild Magic Sorcerer using a Magic Initiate spell?
  3. Can you trigger Wild Magic Surges with rituals?

  4. Can I apply Martial Arts Modified Weapon damage on Polearm Master Bonus attack?

  5. Does Antimagic Field suppress Vow of Poverty?
  6. Can Wands trigger the effect of "Insightful Divination"?

  7. Fabricate + Epic Ignore Components = Creation?
  8. Does the Dungeon Delver feat still provide resistance to traps once they're revealed?

  9. What is a "spellcaster" for the purpose of magic item attunement?

  10. How to make sense of having one's passive Perception better than the active one? (e.g. when one takes the Observant feat)
  11. Can I shoot an enemy through a keyhole or small crack of a door with sharpshooter?
  12. Which spells trigger the second benefit of Shield Master?
  13. Is there an official feat that gives expertise for weapons?

  14. Passive Perception vs Active Perception Dnd 5e

  15. Can I Selectively Apply Precise Shot?

  16. Can an enemy facing someone with the Sentinel Feat and a Glaive move 5' then disengage?

  17. Does Eldritch Researcher allows for +0 (or lower) metamagic?

  18. Can you use Fencing Grace and Weapon Versatility together?

  19. Does Sentinel's opportunity attack trigger when I shove someone?

  20. Can Magical Artisan apply to Extraordinary Artisan to reduce further all item creation costs?
  21. How is the "Lucky" Feat affected by Advantage/Disadvantage?

  22. War hulk mighty swing with the Knockback feat

  23. Can I use spell slots to cast the spell granted from the Fey Teleportation feat additional times?

  24. Is it possible to make sure the enemies never get close enough to make a melee attack?
  25. Do arcane Discoveries count as feats?

  26. Can the UA ranger's animal companion get a feat instead of an ASI?

  27. Ghost Equipment and Vow of Poverty

  28. Does extra reservoir increases my arcanist's daily points forever?
  29. Does the feat allied spellcaster stack with itself?

  30. Can a spell caster use vital strike with touch spells?
  31. Are spells learned from Feats considered to be associated with your class?
  32. "Special Epic Cohorts" explanation
  33. Does Sentinel work against creatures who can avoid Opportunity Attacks?

  34. Can a Tunnel Fighter Polearm Master hit the same incoming enemy twice?

  35. Can the cantrips gained from the Dragonmark Feat be cast multiple times?
  36. Does a sole natural weapon attack count as two handed when using power attack?
  37. Can you meet a feat requirement by casting a spell?

  38. Can a mounted fighter with a Lance and another weapon benefit from the Dual Wielding feat?

  39. Does the 3rd benefit of the Sentinel feat combine with reach weapons?

  40. With how many of his buddies can a meldshaper share his soulmelds?

  41. Are Monks automatically proficient with everything considered a 'Monk Weapon'?

  42. How does Arcane Strike scale with multiclassing?

  43. Can Warlock with the Polearm Master and War Caster Feats cast Eldritch Blast as an Opportunity Attack while wearing a shield, RAW?

  44. When I walk towards an enemy and get within 10 feet, can I make an opportunity attack with Polearm Mastery and a reach weapon?
  45. When a creature needs to hide only during some of its movement, how fast can it move?

  46. How do the Master Alchemist feat and the Instant Alchemy special ability interact?

  47. Could you combine the effects of Shield Master (feat) and Protection (Fighting Style)?

  48. Is the feat Whip Mastery applicable to scorpion whips?
  49. Does Flames of Phlegethos interact with Elemental Adapt if you rerolled a 1?
  50. Can Sentinel interrupt an enemy's attack?
  51. Crossbow Expert + Mobile Feat

  52. Is there anything that can maximize sneak attack damage dice?

  53. Can a Psicrystal be used with Ectopic Form?

  54. How can I get Pack Flanking on a non-Hunter character?
  55. Would quick draw and combat reflexes allow you to make attacks of opportunity with sheathed weapons?

  56. Apostle of Peace committed murder willingly. Now what?

  57. Mage Slayer vs Hold Person

  58. What does the "Raging Blood" feats first sentence mean?

  59. Can non-Paladins have a dragonnel steed?

  60. Regaining Lost Spell Levels from Multiclassing

  61. Does treating a weapon as "light" mean it cannot benefit from feats like power attack?
  62. How to infuse someone with a soul
  63. Does the figurine's owner being a higher level increase the figurine's power?

  64. What is the earliest level that the Touchstone feat can be taken?

  65. Does Alter Self-ing into a human grant a bonus feat?
  66. Untamed Berserker Style and Cleave hitting a solo enemy

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  68. Replacing scribe scroll for a wizard

  69. How does Vow of Peace weapon protection work?
  70. Can Dragonborn use Breath Weapon more than once per rest?

  71. How unbalanced is it to hand out Feats/ASIs in place of Magic Items?

  72. How important is it increase primary ability scores quickly to 20 to remain at "party level"?

  73. When is ASI better than Dual Wielder?
  74. Gaining the Verminfriend feat

  75. Are there official guidelines on 5e feat creation or modification?

  76. Which feat Combo can give the most number of ranged attacks?
  77. Can a leshay employ Power Attack with its leshay weapons?

  78. Can I pick the Produce Flame spell with the Spell Sniper feat?

  79. How does Savage Attacker interact with Great Weapon Fighting style?
  80. What about canny merchant's other information?
  81. I am neither a Wizard, nor a Warlock. How can I get a "full-featured" familiar?
  82. Can a dimension door that's cast from an item be used for Dimension Agility feats?

  83. Does Dual-Wielder require to have Two-Weapon Fighting as a prerequisite?

  84. Can Dual Wielder be used with Tavern Brawler?
  85. How many times would you need to take master craftsman for both weapons and armor?
  86. Is there a way to reduce the slot required for innate spell?

  87. Can I get the bonus AC from Dual Wielder when I have a shield and Tavern Brawler?

  88. Tunnel Fighter & Polearm Master : Indefinite Attacks of Opportunity?

  89. Does Keen Mind feat allows a Wizard to have prepared all his spells?

  90. To What Extent Can The Keen Mind Feat Replace a Wizard's Spellbook?

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  98. Optimizing feats for a control halfling bard

  99. Other feats that add CHA to saves like Steadfast Personality?

  100. Does Endure Sunlight protect a vampire against Sunburst and its relatives?