1. Can unarmed strike work with a rogue's sneak attack?
  2. Can a Half-Elf have Drow Ancestry?

  3. What is the best 1-level multiclass to improve the AC of Wild Shape?

  4. How do the PCs' magic items factor into challenge ratings?
  5. Can a Sorcerer protect their friend from Web by using Careful Spell?

  6. Can a Battle Master with Extra Attack do a Commander Strike when he throws a net?

  7. Prevent abuse of Wand of Detect Magic?

  8. How does Inured to Undeath work with Tomb of Annihilation Death Curse?

  9. What are the Alchemy and Tinkering crafts?

  10. Can a short rope used with Rope Trick create a “safe space” during combat?

  11. What is the most damage that can be done in a single melee attack?

  12. Does dealing 0 damage to a concentrating spellcaster require a saving throw?

  13. How does one infuse an AL campaign with a sense of time elapsing?

  14. What happens when a Ranger makes a Wild Shaped Druid into an animal companion?
  15. Do the rules on counterspells make it possible to virtually ensure your spell is always cast?

  16. Can I cast darkness on an object, then turn it off and on during a round of combat?
  17. Freedom of Movement and Power Word Stun

  18. Special AC and Wild Shapes

  19. Draconic Resilience and Wild Shapes
  20. What can I do to make a campaign harder?

  21. How many wizard spells can I cast?
  22. How to balance wish?

  23. Discrepancy across FR products about Deadsnows
  24. Does blinding a monster neutralize its petrifying gaze?
  25. How does a DM deal with a PC with an abnormally high Armor Class?
  26. Player claims their wizard character knows everything (from books). Solutions?
  27. Advantages to fighting with a 1-handed weapon and a free hand?

  28. How to halve the damage on a succesful saving throw?
  29. Homunculus: worth it's own weight?

  30. Can you cast spell while using "Polymorph" with sorcerer's "Subtle Spell"
  31. How many sorcery points does twin spell use when copying a spell cast with a higher level slot?

  32. How many attack/damage rolls when using Twinned spell?
  33. Does twinned spell work with magic missile?

  34. Could a Wild Magic Surge be triggered by a Wild Magic Sorcerer using a Magic Initiate spell?

  35. Detecting Modified Memories
  36. Can you trigger Wild Magic Surges with rituals?
  37. Can Dominate Person be used for interrogation?

  38. Is spell attack bonus added to hail of thorns?

  39. Cleric spells using Holy Symbols as a focus requiring material components

  40. How many times can the effect of Hail of Thorns be activated?
  41. Sorcerer with a spellbook

  42. Does Distant Spell work when casting through Familiars?
  43. How to deal with sniping spellcaster PCs?

  44. Is there an official 5e equivalent of the the Blinkback Belt from Pathfinder?
  45. Are there any ways to raise a character's saving throw DC past just ability score and proficiency bonus?

  46. Is it possible to interrupt spellcasting?

  47. What are some canon noble houses in 5e?
  48. Does Dark One's Blessing Stack with itself?

  49. Can I apply Martial Arts Modified Weapon damage on Polearm Master Bonus attack?
  50. How do I make a tanky Monk?
  51. Can a Simulacrum gain temporary hit points or regenerate an arcane ward?
  52. Can a caster prepare extra cantrips?
  53. When does a flying creature start and end falling?
  54. Do you take damage from falling while wearing Winged Boots?

  55. Which is the better magic item effect, +1 to Int or +2 to hit?

  56. What happens when you cast fireball under water?
  57. Does current HP loss from HP maximum reduction count as damage?

  58. Does casting Aid stack?
  59. Which chapters of HotDQ are important to the overall plot of Tyranny of Dragons?
  60. Illusory Reality and Phantasmal Force: Can I make things only I can see real?
  61. Does Reverse Gravity affect creatures with Flight?
  62. Invisibility - When is something "On Person"? (Borderline: interaction with other creatures / World)

  63. Are magic weapons and weapons considered magic for the purpose of overcoming resistances different?
  64. Can a Wizard's familiar be dispelled or banished?

  65. How does Empowered Evocation work with Magic Missile?

  66. Does Dispel Magic end the spell for everyone affected or just the target?

  67. Does Detect Magic reveal the presence of a Wizard?

  68. Can the Grave domain's Spare the Dying cantrip still be cast as a regular action?
  69. Can a multi-class Bard/Wizard write spells known from Bard, into Wizard spellbook?
  70. If you have a focus for your spell casting do you need to pay materials?

  71. Can creatures affected by Imprisonment cast spells?

  72. Champion's challenge large creatures range

  73. Can a caster tell when there's a thin sheet of lead blocking detect magic?

  74. Is it against RAW to allow an Enlarged/Oversized net to restrain a Huge creature?

  75. Can you create an illusion of empty space?

  76. When wish is used to emulate a spell, what is the casting time?

  77. Can the simulacrum of a transmuter create its own "transmuter's stone"?
  78. Can the simulacrum of a fighter recover HP with "second wind"?

  79. Do you "suffer stress" even if you use a wish from an item?
  80. Are undead and creatures immune to charm excluded from the HP count of Sleep?

  81. Are Blastlocks not Special?
  82. What is the difference between a Spear and a Trident?
  83. Will this PC always be more powerful than the others?

  84. How to encourage casters to expend spellslots?
  85. Is the old "Linear Fighters Quadratic Wizards" problem still around in 5e Basic?

  86. Does the Dungeon Delver feat still provide resistance to traps once they're revealed?
  87. How fast does fire spread?
  88. Is my monk/wizard multiclass house rule overpowered?
  89. What are the downsides to multi-classing?
  90. What year is it in Forgotten Realms during Tomb of Annihilation?
  91. Wielding two weapons without "Two-Weapon Fighting" or "Dual Wielder"?

  92. Does the Adventure League PHB+1 rule also apply to received magical items?

  93. Can you apply multiple net effects to a single target?
  94. What is the point of having a different skill for Persuasion and Deception?
  95. Just what are the differences between Spellcasting and Pact Magic?
  96. What is a "spellcaster" for the purpose of magic item attunement?

  97. Can I combine Martial Arts and Horde Breaker?

  98. When do I use active vs passive perception?
  99. How to make sense of having one's passive Perception better than the active one? (e.g. when one takes the Observant feat)

  100. Does passive perception supersede active perception?