1. How do I figure out how many proficiencies I get at level 1?

  2. What creatures are optimized for delivering messages?
  3. Do ability modifiers grant a bonus to your saving throws?

  4. How much weight can an Aarakocra carry when flying?
  5. How can my players even have a chance at resolving this Tomb of Horrors puzzle?

  6. How do hit dice affect my attacks?

  7. What are the motion and weight capacities of a rope of climbing while unattached?
  8. Does a controlled mount share its rider's turn?

  9. Can I cover a spellcaster's mouth as a grapple attack?

  10. Is there any practical way to magically summon/create a weapon and throw it in one turn?

  11. Can control flames be used on a magically lit torch to burn a barn down?

  12. Are the attacks of a creature from "Find Steed" magical?

  13. Rogue using Dual Wield and Sneak Attack

  14. Divination Wizard vs Closed Envelope

  15. Does a concentration spell still require concentration when triggered by Contingency?
  16. Player Character got jailed and may not be able to play next session, what to do?

  17. Can a monster use Shapechanger to take any form, or just one unique form?
  18. How fast is travel in the Ethereal Plane?
  19. What is the farthest someone can travel in 8 hours without teleporting?
  20. Are there Statistics Blocks for Warlock Patrons?

  21. Do Grapple attacks against Blinded creatures automatically succeed?

  22. What is the difference between Ability Checks and Saving Throws?
  23. Improved Pact Weapon spell attack + damage
  24. How Do Combat Cantrips Function Under Water?

  25. Does casting a spell from an item allow you to apply class abilities that are used when casting a spell?

  26. What magic items can a Shield Guardian use?
  27. How can I make a linear adventure feel like it's not linear?

  28. Effects of Command Spell "Sleep"

  29. What is the proper use of initiative for a cautious encounter?

  30. Can a Paladin's Divine Sense ability detect good and evil through a portal?
  31. Are there specific rules about which races can mate with each other?
  32. Can a wolf mount grapple?

  33. What monk features are disabled whilst wearing armor?
  34. When does a hidden opponent that is attacking become visible?
  35. Is there a way to cast spells with a range of self on other targets?

  36. Half-orc cavalier, A lance seems rather un-orcish, Alternate item?

  37. Can the Staff of Magi explode when it recharges?

  38. Can druids Wild Shape into creatures other than beasts?

  39. What is the "+1 rule" for Adventurers League?

  40. Is Polearm Master with Sentinel unbeatable in a duel?

  41. Does not having flight nerf a warlock's familiar?

  42. Can a Wizard prepare spells from other spellbooks?

  43. Constitution vs. Damage for Long Death Monk
  44. Can a hasted monster make the extra attack from haste along with their multiattack?
  45. What weapons and armor can a Shield Guardian use?

  46. Can beasts benefit from magic items?

  47. Using Blight on a tree construct?
  48. Has the Halfway Inn outside of Evereska ever been detailed in a published adventure?

  49. What actions can a surprised PC with the Alert feat take against Hidden opponents?

  50. How do you calculate difficulty of an encounter with an NPC/Monster (CR as opposed to Charcter Level) ally in the party?
  51. Dragonborn Sorcerer of Dragon Bloodline Origin
  52. Can my Dragonborn gain more breath weapon uses per short rest?

  53. Permanently animating objects

  54. How to add only attack bonus to a homebrew magic weapon?

  55. Is there any way to remove Surprise?

  56. Can a Wild Magic Sorcerer counterspell his own Wild Magic Surge?

  57. Effects of awarding extra skill proficiency for high intelligence score

  58. Does an asleep creature (affected by Sleep spell) wakes up if entangled with Entangle spell?

  59. Are Legendary monsters in the Monster Manual ever able to be defeated?
  60. Where can I find a current list of touch-range spells?

  61. What is the maximum number of attacks a single character can make themselves during their turn?

  62. Can the Suggestion to "sleep" during combat *ever* be reasonable?

  63. What AL Treasure Tier is a trained mount or an exotic pet beast?

  64. If I have Extra Attacks, when can I decide which one is a sneak attack?

  65. Can you get Sneak Attack with any weapon as a Swashbuckler?

  66. Is it possible to have two familiars?

  67. Sorcerer Multiclass learning spells

  68. How would changing critical hits like this affect my game?

  69. What are the consequences of removing the potential for critical hit extra damage on spell attacks?

  70. Does the Flyby trait apply when starting on the ground next to an enemy?

  71. How can giving skill checks critical fails and successes affect game balance?

  72. Should a paladin's alignment align with the alignment of their deity?
  73. Is a Gorgon's Petrifying Breath a poison attack?

  74. Can a rider move using his mount, attack from his mount, then have the mount dash away?

  75. Do reactions interrupt their triggers or not?

  76. How does removing crit damage for divine smite and sneak attack affect balance?
  77. Does Mask of Many Faces / Disguise Self move with the target?
  78. Can certain classes replace cantrips with other spells when they level up?

  79. How do I know which printing of the PHB I have?
  80. Creative Arm Replacement Options

  81. I created a magic item for one character and another character took it
  82. Should the Sage Advice Compendium be considered a 1st party resource?

  83. Can Divine Smite be stored in a Ring of Spell Storing?

  84. A player rolled very bad stats, how to make sure they still enjoy the game?

  85. Can an Acrobatics skill check reduce falling damage?
  86. What happens when you defeat a shadow demon?

  87. Can a Mystic use more than one discipline in the same turn?

  88. How to determine cause of death when Death Saving Throws fail due to an attack rather than a roll
  89. Are Death Saving throws a cause of death that triggers Finger of Death zombification?
  90. What happens if a sorcerer is hit with Disintegrate while he has turned into a potted plant?

  91. Possible to cast Mind Spike without breaking concentration?

  92. Does Absorb Elements give you resistance to damage from the triggering attack?

  93. Is a melee spell attack also a melee attack?

  94. How can I write and compare these formulas using Anydice?

  95. Can War Priest and Precision Attack both be used on the same attack?

  96. Help with Continuing Storm King's Thunder after the campaign is finished

  97. What is the expanded spell list for warlocks?

  98. Need out-of-game solution for spell choice paralysis

  99. Levitate + Tiny Hut = airborne long rest?
  100. Does a character know that they are under the effect of Bestow Curse?