1. What's the weapon this dragonborn has?
  2. Can a wild-shaped druid turn back to normal form and immediately attack?

  3. How are damage rolls defined?

  4. Is the Dungeon Magazine 4e Adventure List spreadsheet still available?
  5. If a power references your Speed, can it be your Flight Speed?

  6. Creature that should defend gods and prevent godhood
  7. Would you allow 4e races and classes into 5e games?

  8. Does Teleporting free you from restraining chains?
  9. What is the best way to determine Overland Speed?
  10. How do I make a D&D 3.5e veteran get used to the 4e roleplaying style?

  11. Does speaking Supernal result in communicating with everyone?
  12. How to convert a 4e boss to the 5e system?

  13. Untamed Berserker Style and Cleave hitting a solo enemy

  14. What are the correct stats for Ice Archon Hailscourge?
  15. Does the Battle Aspect utility power trigger the Cloak of Translocation's property?

  16. Why did Ed Greenwood and R.A. Salvatore dislike the Spellplague arc?

  17. How can a DM run D&D 4e combat as theater of the mind rather than a grid?
  18. Does "Grit" give temporary hit points for heals that say "as if you had spent a healing surge?"
  19. Do the Onyx Dog's temporary hit points disappear when the party takes a short rest?

  20. Do battlerager fighters gain extra temporary hit points from hitting with invigorating powers?
  21. Are temporary hit points able to make you concious?

  22. Does a natural 20 always succeed on a check or attack?
  23. How to alter monsters for "bounded accuracy"?

  24. How many times per round does Hero's Beacon affect Tiamat?

  25. Can unbelieving characters be resurrected in 4e Forgotten Realms
  26. Does the Monk's Flurry of Blows trigger mark retribution?

  27. Does Flurry of Blows count as an attack?

  28. How are some Essentials classes non AEDU classes?

  29. Does Sorcerous Blade Channeling allow to use Acid Orb or Dragonfrost as basic melee attack

  30. Can you place something living in a bag of holding?

  31. Heavy Blade Opportunity against two targets
  32. Barbarian Revenant Half-Orc: How to roleplay
  33. Taking 5th Edition D&D Spells into 4th Edition D&D

  34. What happens when a large creature stops squeezing in a space that they had to use squeeze to enter?
  35. What magic items and feats improve a Monk's attack bonus?
  36. Does the DM tell the players when a skill check can be used in a conversation?

  37. Can you dodge or is there a dodge check?
  38. Does WotC have an official contact address for rules questions?
  39. What is Intelligence vs. Reflex for in a Power when I'm already attacking AC?

  40. How can I avoid metagaming and conflicting narratives when presenting parallel stories to the same players?
  41. Can I invent a disease for the sake of my character's backstory?
  42. What does Deep Speech look/sound like?

  43. What is the D&D 4E encounter system?
  44. How does Drunken Monkey interact with Savage Demise?

  45. Are there any D&D 4e ritual card makers?

  46. How can I make sure my character is awesome enough?

  47. How to politely explain that a player's character doesn't fit the role as well as they think it does?

  48. Handling Languages in D&D, or is the Linguist Feat desirable?

  49. Where can I find Player's Option Hybrid Classes and Multiclass Feats?
  50. Does fighting from higher ground grant combat advantage?
  51. Changing Skirmisher Warlord into an Arcane Int Leader
  52. Can I use 4th edition Power (Spell) cards in a 3.5e game session?
  53. What should a PC expect when having an encounter with higher level monster?

  54. Good Miniature for a Dancing Weapon
  55. Rules for playing tiny characters

  56. Do same trained skills stack?

  57. Can creatures in the Monster Manuals make melee basic attacks?

  58. Summoning focus in 4e?

  59. Campaign is on hiatus. How do I keep it on life support?

  60. What race/class combinations would you like to see in pregenerated characters?

  61. Scaling for battles when the number of players is unknown?
  62. How do I run a game for a larger group?
  63. How do I handle treasure parcels?

  64. Is there a tested spell-research like mod for D&D 4e?
  65. What should be included in a standard 4E D&D encounter? How would this be written in the adventure?
  66. Converting a 3.5e Campaign (Shackled City) to a 4e Campaign

  67. How to build an interesting Dungeon that exists to kill the players?

  68. Tactics for Battle of Albridge

  69. Should the DM announce to the players they are in a skill challenge?

  70. Practical use of Masterplan in first time DM
  71. Free action/no action encounter power available to all players?

  72. What should I look out for, when scaling a late heroic published adventure for late paragon/early epic tier?

  73. Should rogues play stealth or tank on D&D?

  74. Is the AC for this Genasi swordmage correct?

  75. How do I use restful healing? (using encounter powers outside of an encounter)
  76. Can an Elemental Tempest Genasi switch between any different Manifestations when he uses an action point?

  77. Do fiery blood, Elemental Echo and Shocking flame stack?

  78. How can I get working wings for a Paladin Warforged in heroic tier?
  79. How does Concerted Effort scale?

  80. If the target of Final Rebuke ends the forced move in a square adjacent to a solid obstacle, do they take the extra damage?

  81. How does Resist work against 1 attack that deals 2 separate damage types?

  82. How many squares of light does a mundane lantern light up in 4e?

  83. How can I help the GM make investigation engaging for the whole party?
  84. Resource describing D&D 4e's World Records
  85. Where do the Master of Lore and Master of Spells Mage class features come from?

  86. How can I handle critical failure without slowing down the action?

  87. In an even fight, how many rounds does a typical monster need to drop a PC?
  88. Does a proning opportunity attack end movement in the square a creature was moving from?

  89. How to handle characters that are created for comedy, but are self-sabotaging, and difficult to DM?
  90. Knocking out NPCs
  91. Will using NPCs as allies overshadow my PCs?
  92. Creating a support Rogue

  93. Can Iron Dragon Charge be used each time, or only once?
  94. D&D 4E, Passive Perception or Passive Insight instead of rolling

  95. How to deal with the previous DM's broken homebrew items?

  96. Can Avenging Echo trigger multiple times per enemy?

  97. Does Resist All apply to different damage types from the same or different sources?

  98. How many hours to go from level 1 to 10 in a campaign?
  99. Can a character wear armour that he's not proficient in?
  100. What happens when a nemesis god is responsible for resurrecting your character?