1. How can the range of dissolving spittle be increased?
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  17. How can a vampire avoid destruction by direct sunlight?
  18. If my necromancer dies, do my animated dead stay under my control?
  19. Using TWO tower shields?

  20. Who gets to save against a telekinetic sphere, and what happens to those that do?

  21. What are the effects of using the Boomerang Ricochet feat on a Skiprock?
  22. Are there any rules for a Cleric to change his faith?

  23. Can spells with cumulative or instantaneous ongoing effects affect a creature multiple times?

  24. Do damage-over-time effects such as Melf's acid arrow or vitriolic blast stack with themselves?

  25. Can you trip multiple times with iterative attacks?

  26. Can a spellcaster choose to deal nonlethal damage with a touch weapon-like spell?
  27. What levels should the main characters from Overlord be?

  28. If a description in D&D 5e is lacking, is it valid to refer to an older edition?
  29. How many levels does the Weretiger template take to complete and why?

  30. What's wrong at our table and how do we fix it?

  31. Are there any feats that allow a non-barbarian character to use rage?

  32. How can I convince my DM that my diplomacy will work on his characters?

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  34. Exactly what parts of a weapon-like spell or ability are doubled with a critical hit?

  35. What are the armor limits for stone warden?
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  37. Performing actions while falling

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  39. Is there any way to protect NPCs from Emissary of Barachiel?
  40. Is the Saint, from Book of Exalted Deeds, broken?

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  50. Can brimstone blast's bonus fire damage benefit from bonus damage?

  51. Feats that use Concentration for a swordsage.

  52. Can a D&D 3.5e character be used without changes in 5e?
  53. Is there any way to move or carry but not be the "holder" of a Night Hag's Heartstone?
  54. Is there a spell that is a combination of "Gate" and "Transport"?

  55. How should I handle PCs using a humanoid creature for a living shield?
  56. Can invisibility be put in a glyph seal to get effectively free casting?

  57. If alter self is used to assume aquatic elf form, does the form get functioning gills?
  58. How do ectomancy spells from Ghostwalk interact with 3.5+PF material?

  59. How does a free-willed efreeti's wish-granting work?
  60. Are more detailed trail rations available?

  61. How much time does it take to take a move and immediate action when falling out of combat?

  62. Which sourcebook is "Unholy Vampire" from?

  63. Will save method for ambushes
  64. What are the exact dimensions of the 2012 premium re-release of the 3.5 core rulebooks?

  65. Is the saving throw bonus when carrying a Night Hag’s Heartstone optional or required?
  66. Does nerveskitter consume the swift action in your first round of combat?

  67. Can you use a swift action and an immediate action on the same turn?
  68. Can I place a Handy Haversack inside of a Handy Haversack?

  69. Can create food & drink make soda pop?
  70. What about canny merchant's other information?
  71. Does Blade of Blood accept temporary hit points?

  72. Does Protection from Evil protect you from Suggestion?

  73. Do charmed people realise they were charmed after the end of the spell?
  74. Can a spell-mimicking invocation be used in lieu of an arcane spell for Spellblast and Greatreach eldritch essence invocations?

  75. Political house ready cash (cityscape)

  76. What's the term for a character who doesn't worship or pledge allegiance with any gods?

  77. Can an incorporeal creature charge through a corporeal creature's space?
  78. Do the rules speak to buying partially charged wands, one way or another?
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  91. Which familiars can I get with improved familiar?
  92. Are there magic items that grant a +1 bonus to an ability score?

  93. How can a level 1 ninja cause a foe to lose its Dexterity bonus to AC?
  94. Can the creator of a magic item take control of it from the person using it?

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