1. When does a hidden opponent that is attacking become visible?
  2. What weapons and armor can a Shield Guardian use?

  3. What actions can a surprised PC with the Alert feat take against Hidden opponents?

  4. Is there any way to remove Surprise?

  5. What rules allow you to crush a sufficiently small target?

  6. How can a disarmed foe be prevented from recovering the item?

  7. With Extra Attack, can you bite twice in Wild Shape?
  8. How much damage does a weaponless skeleton do?

  9. How can a level 1 ninja cause a foe to lose its Dexterity bonus to AC?

  10. When restrained or unconscious do you lose your dex bonus to ac
  11. Can a player polymorphed as a hydra grapple a foe with each head?

  12. Black pudding: Dissolve on attack, or on hit?

  13. In 13th Age, how many attacks of opportunity can a character make in one round?

  14. How to make Fate combat fast & fun?
  15. Combat with Shadow Jaunt and Shadow Stride

  16. How does great cleave interact with grapple

  17. Can you use a limb that is constricting an enemy to make an attack on another enemy using the improved grab ability?

  18. Does Constrict take a standard action to use?
  19. What moves do spellcasting enemies use in Dungeon World?

  20. Will save method for ambushes

  21. Brontotherium Stat block Missing Damage

  22. How does a mount from Find Steed act when unmounted?

  23. How many unarmed strikes can a Monk make between Flurry of Blows and Martial Arts?
  24. How many spear/pike wielding enemies with Polearm Master feat can attack a single incoming enemy?

  25. How did D&D end up so focused on fighting, when its inspirations weren't?
  26. How does using Speed Factor initiative affect the speed of play?

  27. How to assign the order and sequence of multiple out of turn reactions along with the turn’s proper actions?
  28. Are there specific rules for dual-wielding/two-weapon attacks in Infinity RPG?

  29. Is 5th Edition D&D combat faster than in 3.5 at low levels?
  30. How to make combat more tactical?

  31. Does the Prone or Restrained condition invoke Advantage for other special melee attacks like Grapple?

  32. How to resolve surprise and "instant actioning" initiating combat

  33. Can a spellbreaker immune to conjuration be attacked by summoned monsters?

  34. Since advantage and disadvantage caused in a heavy obscured area cancel out, what effect does it have in combat?

  35. Is the extra damage die from Orcish Fury affected by crits?
  36. How can I balance encounters with a party consisting of a sorcerer, monk, rogue, and fighter?
  37. Can you ready action a Ranger Hunter's volley class ability?
  38. Can a creature using a movement ability that "does not cause AoO" forfeit the protection and draw the AoO?

  39. Entangling Vines/Plants and False Appearance
  40. Mechanics of moving and acting in a completely dark environment

  41. Can you attack a specific creature while blinded during combat?

  42. How does battle map combat work in darkness and heavily obscured areas?
  43. How does one spread attack damage across low hit point creatures with a level 3 fighter?
  44. Can a dire wolf's Bite action knock a huge creature prone?
  45. How does one spread attack damage across low hit point creatures with a level 3 rogue?

  46. Can a Goblin boss redirect attacks to non allied goblins?

  47. How to describe combat between NPCs, the Dungeon World way

  48. How long does it take to communicate with “trained” mounts?
  49. Can you use the Great Weapon Master feat on an opportunity attack?

  50. Can any attack action trigger Flurry of Blows?

  51. Do you have disadvantage when attacking a small or tiny creature?

  52. Can a Mageknight that selected Time Shift as her Spellsword ability make as many attacks with Relentless Pursuit as she has Spell Points?
  53. Is XP from solo kills during combat shared or not?
  54. Can an Aasimar use a Lance one-handed while flying?

  55. How do I deal with OP super-soldiers in my Game of Thrones campaign?
  56. What happens to a help action when the character receiving help is incapacitated?
  57. What is the effect of abstaining from armor/weapons/common gear?
  58. How do I scale up reach when designing a larger monster?

  59. Missing players don't spend daily resources
  60. How many psy powers can a psyker use each round of combat?

  61. How to track persistent area effects with TotM?
  62. How do I use minions effectively?

  63. Would a familiar be detected by a mummy lord in its lair? If not would this plan work to kill it?
  64. Is a hand free to use a Gloves of Missile Snaring reaction if you used a bow during your last turn?

  65. When being Unaware ends after surprise round?
  66. Does a ranged attack around a corner incur cover penalties?

  67. Should a PC get XP for assisting outside of combat?
  68. Downtuning lethality in Savage Worlds
  69. Does potion use as a bonus action speed up or slow down combat?
  70. Overcoming high (stacking) resistance skills with ranged weapons
  71. What ways exist to consistently and reliably grant my allies advantage on the attack roll?

  72. The Littles Go To War

  73. Does Sickening Radiance require the target to use their movement to deal damage?
  74. Can you cast a spell before Initiative has been rolled?
  75. How do the dual wield feat and versatile weapons interact?

  76. Can an area of effect spell cause damage to the same target multiple times a round?

  77. Does each "strike" of a multiattack require a new attack roll?

  78. How do I calculate the chance to hit a given AC?

  79. How does a gelatinous cube's special ability engulf work?

  80. Are there any ways to increase weapon attack bonuses, besides, perhaps advantage?
  81. My starting players miss a lot against enemies

  82. Is a feat that allows one more swift/immediate action per round balanced?

  83. Can a warlock ready an action to shatter an incoming arrow?

  84. Can Unchained Monks using Unarmed Strikes benefit from combining Flurry of Blows and Two-Weapon Fighting?

  85. Wielding two weapons without "Two-Weapon Fighting" or "Dual Wielder"?
  86. Can the rogue repeatedly hide in combat to sneak attack the same enemy?

  87. Does rolling AC to oppose an Attack Roll impact game balance?

  88. Attacks for toothy half-orc bear shaman druid

  89. Help calculating attacks for UnMonk/Bear Shaman
  90. Is the Oracle Metal Scarf revelation a free attack?
  91. When attacking with Two-Weapon Fighting, can you break up your movement and attack a different target?

  92. Can a Battlemaster fighter get a bonus action on a crit when using riposte as his reaction

  93. (How) does obscuring mist affect the caster inside it?
  94. Can an enemy facing someone with the Sentinel Feat and a Glaive move 5' then disengage?

  95. Can one enemy in a group get a surprise attack before battle?
  96. Is it possible to delay an action to a later initiative turn?

  97. Has anyone house-ruled a limited "charge" action that doesn't require a feat?
  98. What are the drawbacks of placing time limits on turns?
  99. What exactly is "manipulating an item"

  100. Using ranged weapons along with Air Genasi levitate ability