1. Is a feat that allows one more swift/immediate action per round balanced?
  2. Can a warlock ready an action to shatter an incoming arrow?
  3. Can Unchained Monks using Unarmed Strikes benefit from combining Flurry of Blows and Two-Weapon Fighting?
  4. Wielding two weapons without "Two-Weapon Fighting" or "Dual Wielder"?

  5. Can the rogue repeatedly hide in combat to sneak attack the same enemy?

  6. Does rolling AC to oppose an Attack Roll impact game balance?
  7. Attacks for toothy half-orc bear shaman druid

  8. Help calculating attacks for UnMonk/Bear Shaman

  9. Is the Oracle Metal Scarf revelation a free attack?

  10. When attacking with Two-Weapon Fighting, can you break up your movement and attack a different target?

  11. Can a Battlemaster fighter get a bonus action on a crit when using riposte as his reaction
  12. (How) does obscuring mist affect the caster inside it?

  13. Can an enemy facing someone with the Sentinel Feat and a Glaive move 5' then disengage?

  14. Can one enemy in a group get a surprise attack before battle?
  15. Is it possible to delay an action to a later initiative turn?
  16. Has anyone house-ruled a limited "charge" action that doesn't require a feat?

  17. What are the drawbacks of placing time limits on turns?
  18. What exactly is "manipulating an item"
  19. How does a mount from Find Steed act when unmounted?
  20. Using ranged weapons along with Air Genasi levitate ability

  21. How can TL3 basic combat be sped up?

  22. While just the neh-thalggu's mouth is corporeal can it be attacked normally?

  23. How to make combat more tactically interesting for me as a DM?

  24. How to make Fate combat fast & fun?
  25. What are 5e actions to dispatch a creature with the incapacitated condition from Hypnotic Gaze?
  26. How does one dispatch a helpless opponent?

  27. Synergy with Rage / Ranger’s Focus / Overhand Chop
  28. Does a sole natural weapon attack count as two handed when using power attack?

  29. What does "+6 to hit, Hit: 13 (2d8 + 4)" mean in a creature's stat block?

  30. Can a paladin use his oath spells multiple times
  31. How does deafness affect melee combat?

  32. What is the rogue level for a crocodile druid's sneak attack vs improved uncanny dodge?
  33. Is a 10 HP black pudding immune to slashing and piercing?

  34. Drawing and sheathing weapons as one item interaction
  35. How does time pass in combat?

  36. Can you throw a hand axe upwards over a wall and into a group of enemies?
  37. What's better? Attacking with rapier or two dagger attacks?
  38. Can a caster using Bigby's Interposing Hand still be attacked in melee?
  39. Overrun hoof attack for non-horse mount
  40. Is there a penalty for off hand weapons when NOT two-weapon fighting?

  41. Can a willing creature lower its damage reduction?

  42. Is the dragon fouling the horse-monster's attack?

  43. Does a Ranger with dual daggers and Two-Weapon Fighting make four attacks at full strength plus Hunter's Mark at level 5?

  44. Can I cast a spell and attack in the same turn?

  45. When is dual-wielding beneficial?

  46. Does ride by attack multiply damage like charge?

  47. Does Stag's Leap allow a Full Attack afterward?
  48. How does Vow of Peace weapon protection work?

  49. Does a Magic Staff count as a magic weapon?

  50. What happens if a creature is killed between its attack and damage rolls

  51. Does Merthuvial's BAB deduction apply before or after Divine Power sets BAB to level?

  52. Are there any ways to balance combat in WFRP 2nd ed.?
  53. How loud is combat? (How far away can you expect it to be heard?)
  54. How many psy powers can a psyker use each round of combat?

  55. How does shield bashing work?

  56. Can Dual Wielder be used with Tavern Brawler?

  57. What ways exist to consistently and reliably grant my allies advantage on the attack roll?
  58. Can Battle Master's maneuvering attack choose to move the Battle Master (self) who is using the maneuver?
  59. How to adjust Hoard of the Dragon Queen for a 1st-level party?
  60. Why did saving throws return in D&D 5E?

  61. Can I use extra attack as the bonus action to improved war magic to get 2 hits and a spell?
  62. D&D 5e and "Theatre of the Mind" in combat
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  64. What do I do when the enemy has an AC higher than 20?

  65. Can a PC target the monster with the highest initiative?

  66. Is there Touch AC and/or Flatfooted AC in 5th Edition D&D?

  67. Saving against secondary effects of poison
  68. Does the Monk's Flurry of Blows trigger mark retribution?

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  80. When can I make a perception check to detect new enemies entering a combat?

  81. Can massive damage knock out rather than causing instant death?

  82. Can I drag someone off a cliff while I have him grappled?

  83. Can a Thief disarm an enemy using Sleight of hand as a bonus action?

  84. Does performing bardic music while in a threatened square provoke an attack of opportunity?

  85. Can I attack with Bigby's hand while grappling someone with Bigbys hand?
  86. Do you cause Sneak Attack damage on all Natural Attacks?

  87. How do I get an idea of the number of rounds encounters are expected to take?
  88. Can I cast multiple Battle Magic spells in one 12 strike rank round?
  89. Do I add my ability modifier and Sharpshooter to lightning Arrow?

  90. How does a Chivalry & Sorcery battle actually get resolved?

  91. For Druid 2/ Sorcerer 4 "midfielder", is the feat Polearm Master, Dual Wielding, Charger, or Savage Attacker most damaging in combat?
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  100. Large Two-handed Weapons Penalties