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  1. learn the name of an unknown language

  2. Do clothes count towards encumbrance?

  3. How does Inured to Undeath work with Tomb of Annihilation Death Curse?

  4. Are there any rules about species-specific weapons being limited at character creation?
  5. What are the Alchemy and Tinkering crafts?

  6. Is it OK for me to give my players' characters punitive backstories when they don't provide their own?
  7. How to give an Ooze an Intelligence score
  8. Can a Battle Master with Extra Attack do a Commander Strike when he throws a net?

  9. How do Elan Resilience, Aberrant Manifesting, and Overchannel Damage interact?

  10. Can a short rope used with Rope Trick create a “safe space” during combat?
  11. What is the most damage that can be done in a single melee attack?
  12. Smaller weapons as light weapons?

  13. Is there an established method for bringing a White Box D&D character through a grand tour of D&D?

  14. Does dealing 0 damage to a concentrating spellcaster require a saving throw?

  15. How does one infuse an AL campaign with a sense of time elapsing?

  16. What happens when a Ranger makes a Wild Shaped Druid into an animal companion?

  17. Can a Sorcerer protect their friend from Web by using Careful Spell?
  18. Do the rules on counterspells make it possible to virtually ensure your spell is always cast?
  19. Can you use a Spelljammer ship to get to Krynn?

  20. Is there an official way to effectively carry a holy symbol without breaking Vow of Poverty?

  21. Can I cast darkness on an object, then turn it off and on during a round of combat?

  22. Is there any deity whose worshipers are allowed to substitute a weapon for a holy symbol?

  23. If I peer into a bag of holding, what do I see?

  24. Freedom of Movement and Power Word Stun

  25. How can I speed up combat without seriously altering the rules?

  26. How does a spirit escape combat?

  27. Special AC and Wild Shapes
  28. Draconic Resilience and Wild Shapes

  29. Prevent abuse of Wand of Magic Detect?
  30. What can I do to make a campaign harder?

  31. How many wizard spells can I cast?

  32. How to balance wish?
  33. Discrepancy across FR products about Deadsnows
  34. Does blinding a monster neutralize its petrifying gaze?
  35. How does a DM deal with a PC with an abnormally high Armor Class?
  36. What happens when a Dog does something that is authorized by the Faith but against the law?
  37. Can a druid intentionally harm himself to gain balance?
  38. Player claims their wizard character knows everything (from books). Solutions?
  39. Advantages to fighting with a 1-handed weapon and a free hand?

  40. How to halve the damage on a succesful saving throw?

  41. Homunculus: worth it's own weight?
  42. When is it hammer time?
  43. How to deal with a know-it-all player in a Second Life–based freeform RPG?
  44. Is a feat that allows one more swift/immediate action per round balanced?
  45. Can you cast spell while using "Polymorph" with sorcerer's "Subtle Spell"
  46. How many sorcery points does twin spell use when copying a spell cast with a higher level slot?

  47. How many attack/damage rolls when using Twinned spell?

  48. Number of Rogue Talents at level 10?
  49. Does twinned spell work with magic missile?

  50. What are the exact dimensions of the 2012 premium re-release of the 3.5 core rulebooks?

  51. To what alignment belong psychic powers of telepathy, telekinesis and divination?
  52. Does an Oni-Blooded variant heritage Tiefling potentially get +4 Wisdom?

  53. Could a Wild Magic Surge be triggered by a Wild Magic Sorcerer using a Magic Initiate spell?
  54. anyone know of a list of spells for the arcane archer's imbue spell ability

  55. Detecting Modified Memories

  56. How can I build a self-propelled ground vehicle using the Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 edition magic rules as written?

  57. Can you trigger Wild Magic Surges with rituals?

  58. Can Dominate Person be used for interrogation?

  59. Is spell attack bonus added to hail of thorns?

  60. Help determining the CR of a "doppelganger" encounter
  61. Cleric spells using Holy Symbols as a focus requiring material components

  62. Running an Unstructured Narrative
  63. How many times can the effect of Hail of Thorns be activated?
  64. How to handle 16 players in a PVP focused campaign?

  65. Sorcerer with a spellbook
  66. How do variant racial heritages work?
  67. Does dealing zero damage still trigger all "when you deal damage" moves?
  68. Does Distant Spell work when casting through Familiars?

  69. How to deal with sniping spellcaster PCs?
  70. Is there an official 5e equivalent of the the Blinkback Belt from Pathfinder?
  71. Does having a bigger die pool mean you botch more often?
  72. Are there any ways to raise a character's saving throw DC past just ability score and proficiency bonus?

  73. Is it possible to interrupt spellcasting?
  74. What are some canon noble houses in 5e?

  75. Do Knowledge Skills require a Specialization?

  76. Does Dark One's Blessing Stack with itself?

  77. Can I apply Martial Arts Modified Weapon damage on Polearm Master Bonus attack?

  78. How do I make a tanky Monk?

  79. Can a Simulacrum gain temporary hit points or regenerate an arcane ward?

  80. What's the weapon this dragonborn has?
  81. Can a caster prepare extra cantrips?
  82. When does a flying creature start and end falling?
  83. Do you take damage from falling while wearing Winged Boots?

  84. Which is the better magic item effect, +1 to Int or +2 to hit?
  85. What happens when you cast fireball under water?

  86. Does current HP loss from HP maximum reduction count as damage?
  87. Pearl of Power in lower slots
  88. Does casting Aid stack?

  89. Which chapters of HotDQ are important to the overall plot of Tyranny of Dragons?
  90. Illusory Reality and Phantasmal Force: Can I make things only I can see real?

  91. Glyph of Warding with touch effects

  92. Can an invisible creature use its gaze attack?

  93. Do the greater and normal versions of a spell stack in Pathfinder?
  94. Does Antimagic Field suppress Vow of Poverty?

  95. Does Reverse Gravity affect creatures with Flight?

  96. Invisibility - When is something "On Person"? (Borderline: interaction with other creatures / World)
  97. Crystal Master and Vow of Poverty

  98. Are magic weapons and weapons considered magic for the purpose of overcoming resistances different?

  99. What are the different methods to destroy a projected image?

  100. Can a Wizard's familiar be dispelled or banished?